Quick Update February 11th

Quick Update February 11th

More than half the development team is out with the flu this week and we’re doing the best we can to keep up with our milestones. As a result of this, and the fact that we’re two weeks into our current sprint, there’s not a whole lot to talk about in this update. We also had a tv crew visit the studio today, which was pretty cool but it also disrupted our workflow for a little while.

We’re currently working on our next patch which among other things contains the crafting skill gains which we weren’t able to include in the last patch. We didn’t make it because the crafting skill gains involve new development and need more testing since they affect several systems.  In the upcoming patch we’re also adding the fishing boats and we’re fixing the tower screams which are annoying indeed.

We’re also working on getting stats in the meditation system. These will be added after this patch since they need more testing and balancing. These should add a new dimension to the meditation feature and we’re in a hurry to implement them, but we also want to get them right.

Darkfall’s new information interface, a feature we’ve been working on for a long time, will come out next month. We’ve briefly talked about this in previous activity reports, it’s a  system which will give you a detailed information overview having to do with a great many activities like politics, clan activities, vendor information etc. We’re planning to do a Spotlight soon on this new feature collection, where more information will be shared.

Work on the new GUI is progressing and the current functionality is being cloned to the new framework as a first implementation step. This is something that we’ve been working on for a long time, and is highly prioritized since we’re not happy with the current GUI functionality and performance. It’s a huge task, and it takes time.

The events team is planning the next Darkfall event, one that has to do with the lore.  There will be more information on this in an upcoming Spotlight. We’re also approaching Darkfall’s 2nd year anniversary and we’re working on something special for Darkfall’s loyal players.

Implementation of our new website and a new forum layout and functionality is underway. This should improve the site’s functionality by a lot. This time we’re taking a much more active role in the design and development of this website, rather than outsourcing it like we had done with the current website which we aren’t very happy with.

Our next sprint presentation happens next Friday where all the development teams get to present their work. We should have a lot more to talk about then.

Thank you for reading

43 Responses to Quick Update February 11th

  1. Jeff Terry says:

    Increase stat gains besides just meditation. Thanks.

  2. Good fast patches. This is great.

  3. Martin Erber says:

    looking forward for the new UI!!!
    @ Jeff, i think you mean the basis attributes..yea they need a little fix but atm the skill gain is alot better than in the beginner days. I am not for the option that a girl/guy can max the sats in less than 3 month.. we will see in the next expansion alot of hard changes for all.. magic/meele/archery/crafting areadesign racespezic skills / arac clan nerf / wardec changes / more items(weapons/armor boni system/more ships/more siege weapons)

    like the devs say…DF will get another Gameplayfeeling


    on the other hand we need a little hotfix for the newclanbanksystem, a instant change option for this isnt good in my eyes for df… ClanbankChanges is a Political Change and this need more than a instant options…atm its better for defenders (siege..nutcup) and backstabbers during trades…

    look forward! DF becomes to one of the best online games

    • Jeff Terry says:

      I guess you’re not playing the same game I am. I’m at high 50 stats, took me 5 months to get there and I don’t even put a dent in people that have max stats. That’s broken seeing how if I want max stats, I need to afk swim/macro every single day which I can’t do because I have other shit to do.

      Regardless of my opinion, the population is low simply because most people want to have decent characters by 1 month. You can’t even have a decent character until 75 or so stats so yea… either macro/afk swim or don’t fucking play. And that’s why only 2k people play this 2 year old game.

      • not tru, i also play 5 months and have str & vit & quickness at 90+ so you just should consider doing more usefull things with ur time, istead of fishing go kill some mobs…. it not a game for the layzie

        • Jeff Terry says:

          not everyone can afk swim 24/7 like you do. You’re right though – to be competitive within 5 months, you have to be logged into darkfall 24/7 and macro/afk swim. In other words, if you dwell in the basement, have no life, are a virgin, etc. you’ll be competitive in 5 months. Thanks for the info bro.

          • Wow…way to toss it out there like a petulant teenager man. “I’m not the best therefore the game is broken and unfair and you’re all losers because I can’t hang with the big kids.” Get over yourself, dude.

            My 3 month character, *some* stats in the 40s and without 2h mastery, will take an end game PvP-er to 60% before I go down. And my clanmates finish him off. Sometimes they even pick my bloody ass up off the ground before I die. Get over your superhero fantasies and try some teamwork. Enough with this entitlement shit.

      • Shane Stout says:

        are you kidding? ease of uberness is the reason i left my game and came to Darkfall. i LOVE the grind… i like the fact that it takes LOTS of work to become strong. what i dont like is the imbalance.. it just somehow seems wrong that someone with 100 everything is allowed to run up and gank someone with 20 everything…

        the only system i’d like to see implemented is a skill balance check limiting who the vets can pick on. this would not only make the game more enjoyable for the new players (less constant running for a tower), and make pvp better for vets as they’ll have challenging fights instead of one hit kills with very little valuable loot.

        a change like this would also limit the amount of abuse on the alignment system, as it would be more difficult for blues to go on killing sprees due to the difficulty in finding a red with comparable stats to fight.

  4. some things.

    - Add a delay of 2-10 minutes to changing bank policies to prevent/reduce risk in trading
    - add a way, like the KoS list, that allows someone to be added as a “friend” that allows them to enter/use the city without towers or bank limits break them. (Friend to the clan that is)

    other then that, good fixes, some overdue, but fixes for issues are great. it’s a shame we are not hearing a single word about prestige classes (cancelled i assume?) or about the changes to the world, like a preview vid of the finished lands with the new sounds. juicy bits keep people eager.

  5. Put a TIMER on the entering a dungon portal DAMN IT!!!! 2 years and still no simple fix…. whats wrong with you people, you put it on opening a chest why not on entering a portal…. Would fix so many problems with people crashing when being attacked…..

    If you login and try to use the portal you should also loose your shield when the timer starts!

  6. Ayn Sheron says:

    very liked the patchs and news lately.
    good work Adventurine.
    good rest to your development team (flu).

  7. Styrr Lol says:

    I could almost fap to such a news, seriously.

    Also, the “actual” darkfall website sucks hairy rotten balls.
    I mean, it should be more like every other MMO’s website. Display news, twitter feed (Ok, that’s optional), more like … a merge between this blog and the darkfall’s website.

  8. Ferdi Ters says:

    i agree with these good suggestions

    - Add a delay of 2-10 minutes to changing bank policies to prevent/reduce risk in trading
    - add a way, like the KoS list, that allows someone to be added as a “friend” that allows them to enter/use the city without towers or bank limits break them. (Friend to the clan that is)

    also please for god’s sake bring diversity to the game and more things to do.

  9. Fucking awesome work guys, sorry to hear you have not been well. take some echinacia or something and get back to the grind. thank you for the recent changes to the game, best changes yet.

  10. I think AV is doing great, but its just a flu :P ah well. Keep it up, I look forward to stuffs

  11. Kevin Zapp says:

    Yeah crafting skill gains! I thought I must create another 1000 lowlvl swords

  12. Excellent update, I hope you guys over there get better soon.

    And I’m flabbergasted at the recent string of awesome patches you guys have come out with recently, especially this most recent one.

    Keep up the good work Aventurine, you have no idea how excited I am about the future of this game, and you’re constantly moving in the right direction.


  13. Sean Guerra says:

    Just give me races change plz :)

  14. James Dooney says:

    Wow AV, you’ve really changed a lot.

    Keep up the great work!

  15. If all this goes through, Darkfall is gonna get awesome.

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  17. Marcus Dalla says:

    Housing spots! Please!

  18. Very Awesome news, I can’t wait for fishing boats to be added, would love a little teaser pic!

  19. Brian Kuhn says:

    Keep up the great work, and keep communicating with us. Small, frequent updates are good, keep them up!

  20. Shane Stout says:

    for the record… those frightening sounds coming from the towers.. actually provide me with some comfort and relief. its nice to know precisely when someone got too careless. there are a couple spells that make the same noise though, could simply give those spells new sounds.

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  25. Ferdi Ters says:

    what do you mean with Vendor information? if it is that players can make vendors in clan cities thats awesome news.
    and about the point system, you can make a castle for each race or race ally on the middle map maybe? and rvr wars between them and collecting points or something that will give rewards at the end.

    and please make that if you choose fire magic you cant use water magic or something like that you cant use water50+ spells in school. we need diversity. for this you need to reduce knockups from fire magic. you can add many more magic schools maybe and this fire water restrictions wont mean too much for vets.

    • Jeff Terry says:

      +1 game does need diversity for sure. Some magic schools should be disabled when you have certain schools for example necromancy or witchcraft, not both. Obviously witches brew might need to be moved to another magic school or something. But diversity is definitely needed…

    • I wouldn’t mind seeing some kind of skill cap that forces players to make decisions about which skills they will use and others that they won’t. A major boon to a game like this, which Ultima Online saw benefit from, is a system that incentivizes player-collectives by forcing them to make hard decisions and specialize. This is, admittedly, considerably harder to balance. Considerably.

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