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Update March 15th

As work continues on quite a few ongoing tasks, today we would like to share with you some specifics about low level magic as well as some information on balancing magic in general. Minor Incantations is a mixed intelligence and

Update March 9th

Tasos and a couple other team members are attending GDC, checking out the latest developments in the industry, so we have prepared a short update for you. Another sprint has been concluded and the teams have progressed on their assigned

Update March 2nd

Implementation of the Market System continues. The developers have paid close attention to your feedback on this feature both in favor or against it and they do understand some concerns about the courier system.

Update- February 23

As we mentioned last week, our sprint was concluded and good progress was made on all tasks assigned to the teams. This week the teams held their meetings and laid down the schedule and tasks for the next 3 weeks.

February 17 Update

Our sprint was concluded today and progress has been made on the tasks we spoke about in the previous updates. The teams will have their individual meetings on Monday to decide on the tasks for the next 3 weeks.

Update February 10th

This past week we’ve been conducting interviews to fill various positions which should lessen the need for most of our key people to need to handle multiple tasks, and this way they can focus more on their core competencies.

January 27th Update

The sprint meetings took place the last couple of days and the teams have their work assignments for the next three weeks.

January 13th Update

After the holidays and following the conclusion of our business deals, we're looking to make a lot of changes around here.

Holiday Update Dec. 23, 2011

Business discussions which had consumed some of us have concluded very well. They have to do with investment in our projects; other discussions have to do with Darkfall in Asia, others with other local versions, distribution and publishing. These give

Darkfall 2.0 visual test

We made a short video from visual evaluations of the Darkfall 2.0 world from the first stable playable version of the game.