Development and Darkfall 2.0 update.

Development and Darkfall 2.0 update.

We do notice the anxiety on the forums concerning development progress, timing of Darkfall’s re-launch, speculation about a wipe between Darkfall and the re-launch, and our spotty communication as of late. We’ll start addressing these topics here today:

Darkfall 2.0 development progress:

What we referred to in the past as Darkfall 2010, or Darkfall Arena, are just a small fraction of what  Darkfall 2.0 is about. We’ve already spoken about some of the major ways Darkfall 2.0 is different than Darkfall and that it is in fact a new game. There is also much more to say that we haven’t presented yet. After 3 expansions, 2 siege system revamps and 60 major content updates, we decided that we need to do things from scratch to satisfy the thousands of great ideas, suggestions, criticisms coming from the community, and to properly implement the lessons learned by us since Darkfall’s launch. We’ve managed to develop this new game, while maintaining and working hard on the current Darkfall version, and we’ve recently reached the point of having a stable playable version. I’ve attached the first screenshot we took from this playable version. You can see the normal mapping on the terrain and on the water and a glimpse of the new lighting system.  We’re working on a few more things before we can also show you a first video from the new game, and this is coming very soon.

Remaining development work, without going into any details right now, consists of:

  • New apparel creation
  • audio work completion (environmental themes, music, special effects). I have to say that the new sound and music system are simply awesome.
  • Game Balancing
  • Work on the new crafting system
  • Work on new mechanisms related to the economy and the marketplace
  • Engine related work having to do with animation system improvements, network code, normal mapping, tools, etc.
  • New Interface work and implementation
  • Work on the Magic system
  • Completion of Monster works
  • Completion of Quests
  • Remaining work on new Skill system and new skills
  • Warfare, new concepts
  • New Weapons, integration and balancing
  • Remaining Worldbuilding tasks
  • Beta Organization
  • Launch procedures
  • Various marketing activities

The remaining work is fully broken down and documented and supported with a clear timeframe that we’ve all signed off on so at this point we know exactly when we’re done with the development and when we can launch the beta version. We’ll explain more about the development and Darkfall 2.0 new features in subsequent updates.


All the talk of a new game, brought up speculation about a wipe and this is something we have addressed twice already. We explained that whether we wipe or don’t wipe, the game is so different that it’s of little significance. You should not think in terms of the current version of Darkfall when it comes to Darkfall 2.0. We have not made a decision yet and we’re evaluating several different scenarios that we will discuss with you. Darkfall 2.0 is a new game, however, it is also the new chapter of Darkfall.


Aventurine has been in a state of limbo for the past few months business-wise while we’ve pursued and have been pursued by new business. This is coming to a close. We are in the final stages of cooperation with several partners on several major fronts. Localization for several territories, publishing, funding, co-development, etc. In the next few weeks  we should conclude with the major points and should be able to make announcements concerning our new agreements. It has been an incredibly busy but exciting time for the company and for the future of Darkfall.


We understand that the above may seem vague, and one may feel that we’re far off from any developments. In fact, real progress has been made on every front except on communication.  Aventurine’s and Darkfall’s developments have been bound by non-disclosures. It has been difficult to share new information about anything without worrying we might affect these developments. We apologize for this, however we have been working very hard both on the current and on the new game, the results should be obvious soon enough, we also intend to make up for this gap in our communication. We also need your feedback, your cooperation, and your support on many different levels, so we will be setting up structures to work with those of you who are interested in participating.

What’s next: We’ll address the current version of the game, what’s coming next, and the exciting endgame to come. We’ll speak more on the remaining development tasks and explain the new features of Darkfall 2.0.  As I mentioned earlier, we intend to release a small video from the playable version of the game. We’ll explain more and ask for your feedback on the issue of your current character’s status in Darkfall 2.0. We’ll also reveal the timeframe for beta, more information on Darkfall 2.0, and our estimated launch date for the new game. All this will happen as soon as possible and disclosure is dependent on the conclusion of our business, which should be partially within December, and other parts within January.

Thank you for reading.

102 Responses to Development and Darkfall 2.0 update.

    • Tasos, Im one of the early followers from before launch. My best days with DF was in beta, launch, and the recent free weekend.

      Do us a favor and re-enable skill gain (dubbed down a bit) and phat loot (not dubbed down that much). It made the game waaay more fun and it was populated!

      As a long follower, I can read between the lines very easily and you shouldnt underestimate what us long-term guys know cause we have been here for 5+ years and we know you guys pretty well when it comes to DF decisions and changes. I do programming and some game development on the side and I know that when you got a wall of broken/inefficient code, you start from scratch so I get it.. I too wouldnt announce a wipe in your shoes, but were not stupid. Just do what you got to do and make the last days of DF 1.0 as fun as they can be.

      Ive been playing for over 8 months and I have never been on a Man of War and other ships as well. I havent even been on siege vehicles or used a siege cannon.. Its because its too much of a grind to do and only big clans have them when I dont enjoy big clans.

      So please. Bring back some sort of fun temporary system. Do it for your loyal fans. My name on forums is Daimyo.

      • Ruby Rhod says:

        Complete BS or just a lazy moron.

        If you want a population and great advertisement, then sure … until 2.0, raise the skill gains and loot and all the other pussy player wetdreams, BUT if you want serious people to return with great play and all the rest … just take the game back to how DF was at its initial launch and make it TOUGH to skill and TOUGH to pvp and pve and it will be sweet.

        Sandbox’s AREN’T WoW and other mass populated games but meant to be hard, skill oriented and a BITCH when you lose.

        Can’t wait for 2.0


    • not sweet. more of the same BS. they still skirt around a wipe or not. Im not playing the game if i dont that my efforts today may be gone in as little as a month or even 6.

      i character is half done at this point. im working skills. why would i bother to keep paying to do that if it wont matter soon?

    • Terry Waites says:

      YOU HAVE TO WIPE!!!!!!!!

      If you dont wipe people will not come back..plain and simple..myself included along with shitloads of others..



  1. Happy to hear there is a playable version, sounds like we may actually get DF 2.0 by q2 2012. After this reply I am assuming that there will be a full wipe, I’m not going to bother with any long term goals anymore. I just hope my character name is reserved in 2.0 and we get a BUNCH of free game time.


    PS: The text above is green, trust me.

  2. LOL, 2 more years is my guess.

  3. Lee Joyner says:

    Looks like more of the same to me, unfortunately. Glad for something, but that picture was a waste of time, except for the water. Again, more vague promises, mentioning working on things they said were completed over a year ago.

    Sigh, oh well.

    • So they get better ideas and decide to implement them. So they are expanding their company by making business agreements. I’ll wait for a completed Darkfall 2, regardless of how long it takes, before I accept a half-ass “because you wouldn’t stop bitching about releasing it” version. Get over it, child.

  4. Nice.
    However, are you guys aware of the delay on the servers???? Are you going to make a statement about that?

    Thank you.

  5. Alex Olszowy says:

    He is telling people not to fucking worry about the wipe. If there is a wipe they will most likely fix it by giving people who played a certain amount of time how ever many skill points is needed.

  6. Not sure if you realize, but your current game on max graphics looks a load better than the Screen shot you posted.

  7. So if you happen to have 50+ millions of gold in your bank you shouldnt care about getting it wiped because it will be a new game.

    whats the new currence gonna be, apples and oranges ?

  8. *Keeping an eye out for structures to work with those of you who are interested in participating*

    I would be interested.

  9. From this update I still don’t get wat will be the fate of Darkfall 1 and characters on it. Is it worth playing or not?

  10. Josh Freitas says:

    Hopefully they’ll put the new server back on the west coast of the US so the rest of the world who have to play on it arent stuck with super shit ping and have to watch players and mobs rubberband all the time…

    Other than that same spin as always – how many times do we have to see that “new interface” item appear on the todo list. It was said to be complete last year, then it was being researched, then it was complete again and now its still to be done…. not filling me with any confidence what so ever.

  11. I’m sorry for beeing a bitch, but I’ve still never seen sails with rough/sharp edges all over. ;)

  12. Adam Westman says:

    Great information, as you said, what’s with the wipe shouldn’t be an issue anymore, it’s a new game and apart from what ppl wrote about gear / currency being lost, it shouldn’t be an issue since current skill levels have little to no impact on the future.

    About the screen, love the new water and lightning effects.
    Think you should take a look at FxAA, that should fix the jaggy edges visible on the boat.

    How will the physics and falldamage system work in the new version?

    Will collision be handled differently so that terrain abuse will no longer be an issue?

    Also, will there be more NPC:s in Darkfall2 not just hostile / mobbs and quest-givers / vendors? Even tho it’s cool to say that it’s all player driven, having a few NPC:s around cities and gathering areas are great ways to make the world feel alive.

    There are many static walking and talking npcs in other games, and they add allot to the mode. When people speak in Darkfall it’s through clan/alliance and rarely public. Thus you never feel like people passing by are actually there… Just another hostile mobb that I interact with.

  13. Adam Westman says:

    A secondary note, add spherical harmonic to the equation so that normals facing away from the sky shade it darker and those towards the sky shade it more towards that!!

  14. From what I gathered there is going to be a wipe because its is a NEW GAME.

  15. Thank you for the update. Look forward to hearing more

  16. soooooo, just keep paying me house tax and playing skyrim i guess then

  17. Mark Temby says:

    I want to make this perfectly clear Tasos.

    The only information I care about at this stage is your strategy for how to handle a wide range of pings in a full loot pvp game. To date this has not been clear. In fact, your tactics have been destructive in terms of creating a loyal customer base. The move of the US server without warning was abysmal.

    You can create the best pvp game ever, but I am not going to experience it with 300 ping.

    You will not get any further feedback, cooperation or support from me until your strategy for managing ping is made clear.

    You either have to a) better distribute your servers to reduce ping (and be open and honest about it beforehand) or b) change the game mechanics so that someone with a high ping is not unfairly disadvantaged.

    I look forward to reading more about this topic from you.

  18. Chris Elder says:

    Smoke and mirrors, magic man.

  19. Roamin Fool says:

    It occurs to me that one easy way to appease the people worrying about the wipe question would be to say that even if there is a wipe the stats of your current char will be refunded in meditation points for your 2.0 char. I personally don’t care about a wipe at this point. More importantly I will need to be convinced that DF 2.0 will actually be worth playing since the game in its current state hasn’t been worth my time or money for months.

    I like a lot of the ideas AV talks about, but so far the execution has been lackluster. At this rate I am beginning to think that Elder Scrolls online will be more likely to actually exist, launch sooner and be the better game.

  20. Greg Martin says:

    If I log in and find all this new glitz on top of the same ol same ol, will be very dissapointed.

    Hopefully they upgrade the whole clan interface to give us better info on our own roster like the impossable to provide last logged in date, and multiple clan bank assignments to finally seperate the valuables and not be forced to have a stupid clan bank alt.

    Ping is a big deal, 200+ is sad, but its when people are getting 30 that even for people hitting 100, dealing with the difference can be frustrating.

    And content, damn content, not more to kill or places to go, but an actual reason to go do it the first place has been totally missing form this game. Completion of Quests better live up to the idea of a game to play.

  21. thing is, anyone of the above posters believe anything mentioned by the biggest troll forumfall has ever given birth to?

  22. Josh Gould says:

    thats kind of like saying “shit runs up hill” sometimes yer just wrong.

  23. Jamie I says:

    I’d be interested to know if you’ll be improving security in towns, It’s rather frustrating to be randomly killed by people while you’re banking or just passing through what should be a relatively safe area, watch them loot you casually and then just stroll off. It also means that many people I’ve tried to get the game have left. It’s one thing to have an open rules world, it’s another when it’s taken too far, people lose interest, and it’s no longer fun because you don’t actually get the chance to do whatever you want, you’re too busy replacing your gear and running back to where to were going.

    Isn’t the point of it so that people can do whatever they want in in an exciting and dynamic world? That doesn’t happen if certain people can just take that whole experience away.

  24. Eric Gayman says:

    Tasos just tell them you decided to not wipe the game, but that possibility is always on the table if they keep making forum posts about it. End of problem :P

  25. More pillow talk, you never fail me Tasos.

    That screenshot has enough incorrectly rendered objects to make me think its not from a ‘playable’ anything.

    If you guys are going to go full Duke Nukem at least put up believable screenshots.

  26. You know, guise, if you made more than one blog update a week, it would kind of be OK for you to postpone what you have to say.

    But you don’t.

    And we, as a community, feel left off.

    And that makes us extremely sad.


  27. Another Bullshit update that says nothing. Some people would rather not redo their characters. No matter if it took 3 minutes to get to the level they are right now. If it’s not going to make a difference, why bother?

  28. About the wipe: DF2 cant be THAT different. We are talking about skills, gold, houses, mats, cities,etc. We are talking about a reshape of the world, reorganizing of skills. I doubt you will change the core mechanics, a rewrite of the code is not a NEW code.
    So my advise is to step up and say: we will shut down this server, you will have new chars and this is a wipe or…we will port the old chars into a new world, parts of your in game resources will be ported,etc.

    • This. Until they say something like this, I’m not coming back!

      • Why are people hung on up on the wipe issues? Think of darkfall 2.0 like any other MMO expansion were everything you have before the expansion becomes useless and you have to rebuild from basically scratch. Besides, its pretty obvious that DFO 2.0 won’t get launched any time soon and from what I can tell from the recent updates and what not AV is actually moving the game into a good direction. TBH, I’m more interested in their business plans/opportunities because it sounds to me that AV is gearing up for a massive (in relative terms) influx of cash.

  29. Shane Stout says:

    1. he said that they’ll be more ‘communicative’. lets hope for at least one blog a week. it would be nice also if they’d update the information on the launcher, some of it shows from march of 11 or earlier.

    2. at this point im curious NOT about the wipe, but how they plan to compensate everyone FOR the wipe. I’d be happy to see everyone start at 0 again. but fear that if it happens they will offset the new balance by giving “gimme’s” and catering to the complaints of lost coins, or lost experience, or lost ‘im a badass’. if they wipe it should be complete, total, and unforgiving and WITHOUT any sort of apology or ‘make up’ attempt. face it guys, if the playing field is going to be even, it has to be completely even.

    3. city protection has always been an issue. noobs have been forced to attempt to stay within tower range due to the stupidity of griefers. i still contend that there needs to be some sort of better protection for noobs. i agree that if you’re at the bank, in an npc city, nobody should be able to touch you regardless of ‘war dec’ or any other excuse. banks should be safe as well as npc merchants.

    4. they need to implement some sort of system to prevent ‘farming’ of city nodes. something like only being able to hit a node within tower range once within 24 hours. you’d be amazed how many times i run through a starter city and see some vet decked out in full plate standing side by side with an ALT farming nodes, and the poor noobs have no way of finishing the wisdom quests because of it.

    5. the recent rash of packet hacking, lag switching, radar usage, and archery desynching, is something i hope they’ll be able to control with 2.0. it amazes me to no end that 12 people can report someone for an illegal hacking type activity with proof via fraps, screenshots and ‘during the act’ gm reports, and the player(s) are still in the game the next day.

    6. any new ‘testing’ should include current ACTIVE accounts, not just a select few. i would also be happy to ‘participate’ in the testing.

    7. server locations, everyone knows that ping is a major concern for the game. the recent mistake of a free weekend has caused ping and server lag to be cata’clysmically horrible. its not a question of where to put ‘the server’. they placed it in the appropriate place for the game base. what they need to do is equalize the game so that the player in australia with 300 ping has no difference or disadvantage to game play when compared to or pitted against the player that lives a block away from the server. i’ve lost gear many times because my ping is much higher than “the other guy”. its an issue that needs to be addressed.

    8. they need to hire more GM’s or figure out some way of monitoring the game for cheaters/hackers. its my honest opinion that darkfalls biggest downfall, has been the exploiting/hacking client base and more strict rules for violators are needed.

    9. im tired of seeing the spammed messages of gold sales, etc etc on all channels. get rid of the gold farmers that are taking nodes from regular players and if you dont want to kill them off because of subscriptions lost, at least restrict their advertising to the ‘trade’ channel as it should be and implement some system to keep them from farming in cities.

    10. harvesting nodes… its strange to me, that things like selentine and other rare ores have such ‘random’ drop rates. one of the most commoly used ores, selentine, is so rare that the price for it is three to four times the cost of other rares, yets its the most ‘needed’ ore. there should be a ‘pyramid’ of drop rates instead of the ‘random’ drops for these ores. the ore needed to make dragon and infernal armors, or rank 60 and higher weapons should not be easier to get than the ore required for ‘rank 1′ armorsmith/weaponsmith mastery items. if its a ‘mid range’ armor, the drop rate should be mid range. for ‘rare armor’ types, the drop rates for ores and mats should be ‘rare’.

    11. cheese, why is it that you can only get cheese from goblins, and that only ‘noobish’ players can obtain said cheese when its an ingredient to one of the best and longest lasting cooked foods? either expand the menu to include more options of available cooked foods or make the ingredients more easily obtainable. the ‘grave’ rate of goblins to higher level players is not as consistent as with lower level players. beside, why give the griefer vet community another excuse to lurk in noob areas? dragon milk cheese anyone? cheese by the way may seem to be a cheesy topic, but, its only ONE example of horrible drop rates. sorta like selentine as mentioned earlier. balance needs to be put in the game.

  30. Matt Goebel says:

    Adam Westman you stupid fuck. You dont get it do you? Try playing for 2 years farming monsters and killing stuff to stack up your loot and bank so that you can live comfortably then you WILL give a crap if the servers are wiped. So sick and tired of these 4 month people saying how great it is to wipe and its totally fine. No its not totally fine. I’m a veteran. I started in Europe server and saved my gold and worked hard for were i am. It matters and i worked hard long hours for where my toon is today. A wipe is a total insult. Even more of an insult coming from a twink 4 month player who has no clue what working for your money means. You might as well go occupy wallstreet with your bullshit.

    • I have played this game for three years and my bank if full of good stuff, but i dont care about a wipe.
      Personally i hope they will wipe everything because i dont want people that have played darkfall to have a advantage in darkfall 2 just because 100 people on the server is cry babies.
      And its a “new” game as they said, i dont see any point of not wiping.

      • Keep support for Darkfall 1 and release Darkfall 2 as a separate game? Not sure how realistic that would be but leave those who “worked hard” for their loot to their own devices if they wish, and when 98% of the server makes the switch for a competitive Darkfall, we’ll see how they feel with all that loot. It isn’t competitive in Darkfall as is for anyone but the most tenured veterans and to think that Darkfall should accept that as okay for any reason is foolish.

        Besides, if they improve Darkfall 2 properly, it won’t be about grinding like hell for years to get an insurmountable advantage.

  31. Yep, he is gonna wipe. Even with all the vague shit.

  32. Hahaha, what a bunch of horseshit >8P
    I’m so glad I gtfo of this, now I can just watch the show.

  33. Remaining development work, without going into any details right now, consists of:

    New apparel creation
    audio work completion (environmental themes, music, special effects). I have to say that the new sound and music system are simply awesome.
    Game Balancing
    Work on the new crafting system
    Work on new mechanisms related to the economy and the marketplace
    Engine related work having to do with animation system improvements, network code, normal mapping, tools, etc.
    New Interface work and implementation
    Work on the Magic system
    Completion of Monster works
    Completion of Quests
    Remaining work on new Skill system and new skills
    Warfare, new concepts
    New Weapons, integration and balancing
    Remaining Worldbuilding tasks
    Beta Organization
    Launch procedures
    Various marketing activities
    IM kind of curios what has actually been done if you have all that still on the TO DO LIST.

  34. And again and again and again NOTHING NEW.
    However, the official confession that their communication is shit is a step forward.

  35. Ruby Rhod says:

    may as well make df free and all x4 again … it just died in the game(for real, im there now) because of this post. thanks for being truthful about what you have yet to do. that took nerve. if you can do it in less than one year, wow.

  36. Tim Little says:

    if a wipe isn’t that big of a deal then you should give people the option to start a new character or not.

  37. U added EMBM on water and calling it new lighting system? it`s not even funny, list of TODO is telling that you did nothing about Darkfall 2.0 this years…
    And please do something with hackers in your “game”

  38. Thanks for the update AV. I still laugh at your wipe dodge though.

    What you need to clarify is this: Is it worth it right now for players to continue to develop their characters. There are loads of skills I want to level up. There are many things for me to do in order to accomplish that (farm, etc). If we know what the wipe is about, we will be able to continue playing. If we don’t, we dont really want to play your game. No point in playing if our skills wont mean anything, our items wont mean anything, and it’s quite possible our characters will be gone so our time wont mean anything.

    I don’t care if you wipe the servers or whatever it takes to progress forwards with a game. I do care about the time leading up to that date, which is still very far away from the looks of it.

    • Shane Stout says:

      i agree, is it worth it to continue focusing on our characters right now or should we wait for 2.0 ???

      my vote is that they should make the game free to play for existing subscriptions until 2.0 is released since it appears that all of our current skills will be useless.

      • i will answere you question, but first. Its a stupid question.

        it is worth playing the game if it is fun.

        its nor worth playing the game if its not fun.

        play the game as it is now, it dosnt matter what will happen later aslong as you have had fun.

        And plz Adventurine wipe the shit out of darkfalll :)

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  40. The game is so different that wipe is of little significance?!?
    - Are you kidding me?

    We worked for years to get to where we are now and to earn what we have now. The brave players that keep playing are working for something. This is a friggin RPG for us. Do you realize that we worked hard and we are emotionally attached to the things we own and our skills/stats?

    I have 4 large villas and guest rooms. They are located in Ehetil, Three Pirates, Harjik and Khalbun. This didn’t come for free and I also have a very good character that I sacrificed real life things to build up. I also have a bank that I saved and nurtured through months and years of PvE.

    Do you know that I did it for the future just as much as I did it for the moment? I’m not only a PKer. I’m a builder and a gatherer as well. I like to stay proud of myself and what I’ve accomplished through the thousands of hours I’ve spent in this game.

    I respect Av for keeping economy and money sinks so well in check that now almost 3 years after launch things have not inflated like mad. That’s despite the very competitive nature of this game.

    I honestly like Darkfall and I keep supporting this game with 4 subbed characters for many months now. I use them as banks in PvE, as banks extra for PvE resources, as equipment holders during sieges or asset destruction, as miners and as buffers.

    I play Darkfall because I enjoy it, but I can’t say I haven’t thought about quitting. At least for a while. My houses have made me stay. My good bank from so much PvE makes me enjoy the game as well. And the journal that states at the very top Celiah Ailey #1 in PvE and #2 in all time PvE. That makes me proud as well.

    You need to break it down and understand what keeps people playing. Quite often it’s how much they’ve invested in the game, the status they’ve fought for in countless hours. I can say that I’ve spent years on building up me and what I’ve got in Darkfall. It baffles me and it hurts my feelings when you can write in your blog post that it is of little significance.

    If you wipe my bank and take my houses. If you take away my character’s skills/stats. I will NEVER trust you again. NEVER. You will have the worst reputation of all MMORPG development studios with me. Worse than SoE for what they did to SWG. I will never say a single positive thing about you again and I will hold a grudge for more than 10 years. I don’t care how amazing you think Darkfall 2.0 is going to be. If you take away what I’ve so carefully accumulated and fought for with my teeth and my nails in this grim and wretched survival-of-the-fittest simulator, then I will NEVER forgive you. I hope you understand me. And I hope you understand how your fans will feel.

    Right now you’re fighting for subscribers to stay alive as a company. There are loyal people playing here who like the game and like you. Love and hate are two very close things. You’ve got some of the most hardcore individuals attached to this game. It takes a certain mix of personality to be a fan of this game. You need to be stupid, but strong enough to keep playing and you need to find ways to enjoy yourself. It doesn’t come easily to those who have made it work for themselves and even people that quit and come back ultimately feel this way because the game HAS disappointed all of us. So don’t you disappoint those who have stayed through all of this disappointment and still found purpose and happiness.

    • there will be a bank wipe, that i can almost say for sure.

    • Well put, but too late. Now be properly hardcore and quit, no pun intended.
      Seriously, it’s clear what AV stands for, and any proper gamer should want nothing to do with supporting people like this. I’m only sorry I took so long personally, and I hope more people will do the only gank that actually matters, the df subscription.

      Heh, only reason they have players is because serious gankers are way more patient than the wow-crowd, but even killers have their limits >8P

  41. Geeeez…. they just said the same thing they always say but with different words. You guys have some sort of lawyer working for you on your updates? or politicians? Either way they’re both filled with the empty promises I keep reading and has been going on for at least a year. No more words please. Show me action. You’ve been talking the talk but i haven’t seen you walk the walk. So I’ll believe it when it happens.

  42. By the way I vote for a wipe if no hackers can dupe or exploit in the new version. It only makes sense if you want to get the competitive edge on things. Too many old school toons that are way OP and have too much money to care about doing anything in the game. Just keep our account names cuz I like my name:)

  43. Lucien Vogel says:

    First: good to see so much answers in one day.

    2: others words, What u have now, will be useless in DFO 2.
    3: the screenshot has,lightning effect, WOW, we need more players and a active programming team….New content……?
    4: was your coding bad that there was no future?

  44. “We understand that the above may seem vague, and one may feel that we’re far off from any developments. In fact, real progress has been made on every front except on communication.”

    How to Improve Communication:
    Step 1) Review community’s questions.
    Step 2) Formulate direct answers.
    Step 3) Post them.

  45. AV has to work with one of the worse player community ever; we can all see that.

    It is probably true that some of the tasks mentioned started over a year ago, but we can all imagine how much work all of these tasks involve (patching DF1, creating DF2, preparing new commercial ties and marketing).

    Of course, I agree the communication was not great and still needs improvement. By ‘communication’, I also mean consulting players to help choose the right priorities in things to patch and develop for DF2 (eg: players have never complained about the graphics, except sometimes for the water graphics: they have asked for various tweaks and fixes and for some end-game concepts).

    Cheers ! Keep it up !

    • Seriously? Stop being such a tool.

      It early 2010 when people started to leave the game like crazy because of the insane balance issues for magic / melee, the complete degradation of game’s performance (blocking us from disabling sound during raids meant fights larger than 40 v 40 were a lag fest), Aventurine announced Darkfall 2010, which most deemed the Jesus patch.

      Instead of that, they announced it was postponed, but gave us an expansion with broken sea towers and an ice dragon fight that was probably supposed to be in at launch but didn’t make it.

      In early 2011, Tasos let the “Darkfall 2″ thing slip at a game dev conference in Europe, and ran to the boards when everyone freaked out, assuring everyone that Darkfall 1 would continue and that Darkfall 2 was a hypothetical as, eventually, they would certainly release another game.

      Then in mid 2011, when the population became so sparse that going out looking for pvp with anything more than 4 people was considered a zerg, Tasos admitted to Darkfall 2, said we’d all love it, and we’d have an ETA in August so … just hang in there with those subs!

      In August, he posted that they didn’t even have an ETA, and couldn’t even tell us when we could get one. That’s when I cancelled.

      Now he posts a list of the things they have left to do for Darkfall 2 to be complete, and it’s basically every single feature that he promised back in early 2010. 2 years. Zero progress besides a siege system change that really wasn’t that necessary (was maybe like complaint #50 on most people’s lists because politics usually ironed out people exploiting the siege system).

      2 years. Tons of promises. Nothing delivered.

      Can’t wait to keep reading this blog and see how you guys feel when Tasos announces you have to pay $50 for Darkfall 2 because of the deals they made with their new Asian partners.

      Don’t think he’ll do it? Hell they charged us in NA for “NA1 client” when it launched because of their deal with an imaginary North American publisher.

    • “AV has to work with one of the worse player community ever; we can all see that.”

      i see the same community with UO. Cause the company is total shit and the community tells them how shitty htey are.

      that is the bottom line.

  46. Dudes, they’ll obviously not release Darkfall 2.0 with a new graphic engine or a totally revamped graphics, it doesn’t make sense. It took 12, TWELVE years in order to get the game released, or how you call this “beta stage”. So STFU and don’t wine. Quit the game if you won’t support it, STOP WINING YOU BASTARDS.

  47. DarkFall has become the first Schrödinger’s MMORPG ever. It’s alive and dead at the same time. It’s players don’t know will they be wiped tommorow or live as they used to be.

    However experiment can go on infinitely long only in case when it’s objects can live forever and cannot leave the system.

  48. I’m glad you mentioned that you’re under an NDA, and it would make sense that’s why you’ve been so sparse with any new updates.

    However, you should let your new investors know that we need solid communication soon, and by soon I mean practically immediately. Subs are dropping off on both servers, lag and desync has been a huge issue, and hackers are running rampant.

    If you want Darkfall 1.0 to survive long enough for Darkfall 2.0 beta to be released (which seems far off), we NEED as your paying subscribers to have more detailed communication and more interaction with us as your loyal and supportive community.

    Seriously Aventurine, that’s all we’re asking for, and you’ll retain so many more loyal fans if you simply do this.

    So fucking do it.

    <3 Kasmos

  49. Shane Stout says:

    resistance is futile

  50. Kev Solo says:

    Soooooo basically by the all the things you have just listed… your no where near finished and you have a shit ton of stalling and excuses coming soon…

    Just make sure you guys release before i forget about resubscribing..
    See you late 2012

  51. New ETA for an ETA = January 2012

  52. Instead of a wipe, give current subscribers that have an account in good standing the chance to make a 2nd toon on there account. That way 1 yr. down the road a transfer will be available to transfer the original toon to the “new” DF game.

  53. further character development is definitely useless they’ve made that clear even if you have skills they probably wont count for anything as everyone will need new ones from scratch practically, what they need to make clear is if your gold and house will be wiped

  54. dude, tasos…your link doesnt work…

  55. Lee Joyner says:

    No media spotlight?

  56. Sounds like its the same no real info on whipe… let me help you out….

    Next update should look like this… and only this…

    Title = “WHIPE or No WHIPE info…”

    Body/Messege: either “YES” or “NO”

    BUT some skills and spells may be moved around… etc etc thats it… simple…

    TY have fun come again L2P

  57. That was the wrong link. Here’s what I meant to post:

  58. 1.0 is still the best PvP game I know of, and I believe you’re working hard on 2.0, and keeping the FPS/FFA/Fulloot experience alive in an MMO. I’m still excited guys! If anything I see these new business developments as a sign that DF isnt going away anytime soon! Thanks for the update.

  59. Tim Little says:

    i thought they said there would be more communication

  60. Av Dont be so Shady about the wipe grow a pair and give a answer you are losing so many players by not answering this question. Jesus.

  61. Darren James says:

    last chance tassos il come run ur company. it will be the best decision you ever made… is having ur entire fanbase think ur a pos not enough to give up the reigns? take a back seat please

  62. … Why are people hung on up on the wipe issues? Think of darkfall 2.0 like any other MMO expansion were everything you have before the expansion becomes useless and you have to rebuild from basically scratch. Besides, its pretty obvious that DFO 2.0 won’t get launched any time soon and from what I can tell from the recent updates and what not AV is actually moving the game into a good direction. TBH, I’m more interested in their business plans/opportunities because it sounds to me that AV is gearing up for a massive (in relative terms) influx of cash.

  63. Kyle Ernst says:

    People need to stop looking at this as an “update”. It’s a whole new game now, Just in the same world.

    “We’ve managed to develop this new game, while maintaining and working hard on the current Darkfall version,”

    Stop thinking of a wipe in terms of this being an update that wipes your character from the current game, and start thinking of it as a new game that you get for free for buying their current game.

    What I’m expecting at this point is that when they release this “new game” they will have an option to import your character from the old game, and that when you do so, you will get to keep some, but not all, of your previous items. Like a bonus for buying/playing the previous game.

    This may or may not be what actually happens, but it’s about what it sounds like to me, and I don’t see anything wrong with it.

  64. Each Hit says:

    I already bought this game twice (One on EU then the NA server came up a week later so i had to buy it again or get owned for 6 months) and i’m not going to spend another $60 on the same game. I don’t care if the server is wiped but if it is the skillups better be fast cause i’m not maxing another character at any grindy rate cause it would mots likely be the same magic spells or new ones that won’t be balanced at all.

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