Darkfall 2.0 visual test

We made a short video from visual evaluations of the Darkfall 2.0 world from the first stable playable version of the game. You’ll notice early normal maps on the terrain, the new water, dynamic lights,  a human NPC city and a Darkfall 2.0 Dungeon. We also included the spot used in a screenshot we showed last week.  There are quite a few placeholders from the current game in this video, so you will still get a familiar feeling concerning what you see. This will change as more of the Darkfall 2.0 assets are introduced. We’ll keep showing you short videos of our progress.

We’re also looking at patching some exploits and we have been banning offenders and all related accounts on a daily basis. Concerning a sync issue some of our players are experiencing, we are aware of it and we have been investigating. We believe it might be external to the game and this makes it more complicated to identify. For future reference we’re creating a couple of tools to be able to monitor performance on the client side, in order to get a faster and better understanding of future such issues.

Next week we’re looking at posting a development and status update.

Thank you for reading

48 Responses to Darkfall 2.0 visual test

  1. why don’t you show us: player models of all races, new armors on races, weapons etc. we saw the fucking water and lightning system already and nobody cares for. still.

    we want an answer concerning wipe, skills, spells, “what is NEW”, etc.

  2. Tasos no longer says he will do anything, just says he is considering :) pretty funny.

  3. Could have been worst.

  4. Ladesma Bell says:

    LOL .. wow … laugh…

  5. Martin Erber says:

    realy..not bad!!

    guys… “it comes out when its done” didnt you learn anything from 2008-2009? :D

  6. Huck Flint says:

    Thanks for the vid. Water looks amazing. Dynamic lighting looks great too. Can’t wait for beta.

  7. got to love that water.

  8. We wait 5 months for any word on DF 2.0, and you give us a 47 second video, that really doesn’t show us much of anything.

    I guess no one really expected more though huh?

    • wow you sir are fuckin retarded… they have been gving at least 1 update a month so where ever this 5 month thing u gat needs to go right back up ur ass kid

      • 1 update a month? Maybe, regurgitating the same things they have been saying for the last 2 years.

        At this point, they haven’t showed us that anything is done, or even close to done, when a year ago they were all set to launch this thing.

        How ’bout not being suck a dick fanboi when you are obviously oblivious.

  9. I laughed when i saw that video “first stable version”omg we are doomed

  10. Tyler Burke says:

    Pleasantly surprised. Good video, I look forward to future updates.

  11. Do half these people work for AV or something?

  12. I think soo or constantly Druged.Jezzz

    This was just antoher insult from AV in a row off many 37sec video off a playble video common ffs.Where is a video showing combat and much much moore.

    Originally Posted by Tasos
    July 08, 2011

    As far as development goes [DF 2.0], the major tasks are almost concluded, however there’s quite a bit of internal testing, balancing and polishing left…

    • I’m astonished at how well the Devz take asshole comments like this considering more than 80% of the Darkfall community is made up of assholes.

      The vid shows a step in a good direction in a struggling market with a declining client base. Good work AV!

  13. Picture the water in this video….

    Out on the wide open sea….

    yeah…. crap.

  14. Brian Ward says:

    Wow, that looks a lot better than I thought it would. It does actually kind of look like a new game.

  15. Salim Lamri says:

    Beautiful water and light now you need to revive the world by puting some sand on the box

  16. Looks neat, keep it up!

  17. That looks awesome, way better than I thought it would. Nice work AV !!

  18. Very excited to see this, keep up the great work, and looking forward feels great!

  19. Judy Schmidt says:

    It was actually only 37 seconds long because 10 seconds was logo intro. Seems like more of a developer tools mock up rather than in game recording because of the lack of actual first person movement. Clearly just a camera moving in space. Still looking forward to 2.0 but it seems as far away as ever.

  20. ok, thanks.. nice video…
    and now, STOP trying to update the graphics and start working on gameplay. We all want to see some gameplay-videos and not this.
    Give us some videos and podcasts about the ( hopefully ) new crafting and enhanced economy. Show us some of the new skills, specialisations, prestige classes and whatever and STOP TALKING AND POSTING ANYTHING about graphics, no one will ever have turned on completely.
    A graphics whore clearly won’t play Darkfall, even if you try harder.

  21. Eric Gayman says:

    Thanks for the update.

    I’m curious Tasos that you said everyone signed off on a date they would agree too try and push for a release.

    Are we going to get a hint for when this date is?

    Letting us guess will do more damage :)

  22. Ryan Dunn says:

    Cool. Can we get some footage of some real content now? Who the fuck cares about how pretty water or rocks looks in a game like Darkfall? We want to see how the gameplay is going to change. Create immersion through gameplay and deep character customization, not graphics.

  23. Matt Goebel says:

    Ya suck a dick bunch of leg riders. I already cancelled my subscription again. This company is worse than getting your nuts slammed in your car door. Tired of the bullshit. See ya in 4 years if at all. Nothing at all has changed in the last 2 years. So tired of this waiting game horseshit. Battlefield three just has a patch. Took them about 1 month. Fixed every single issue they had problems with. Get a clue.

  24. ok, if you’re gonna focus on graphics, then at least do something about distance fog because no matter how nice the normal mapping may be, the moment one lifts his head and looks at the horizon the game feels like 1995 Hexen 2.

  25. Graphics looks seriuosly amazing…..

    Crossing my fingers for:
    “combat system” (heroic vs. mobs and math you can calculate),
    “skill system” (uniqueness and restrictions), and
    “single player/casual content” (NPC city housing, implementation of everything that makes 3rd programs unnessesary(like new map, perfect UI)

  26. well I was really pleasantly surprised. the graphics overhall looks pretty amazing in this vid, unlike in that last screenshot. and yes the graphics people don’t work on gameplay….. same old forumfall idiots. all these people coming here posting each update about how upset they are and cancelled sub and stuff obviously will 100% pay for 2.0

    I read up what exactly normal mapping is and it seems a pretty big deal: makes things looks like they have way more polygons but actually don’t. so yeah making the game look better without hitting performance is a pretty awesome thing even if you do have a wooden pc.

    maybe some screenshots of models and such before and after normal mapping to show the difference, would be nice and show people what it means.

    • obviously I would prefer gameplay vids too but graphics vids/screenshots are better than nothing

      • Clearely you deserve having your money taken from you.

        So, 5 months ago :
        July 08, 2011

        As far as development goes [DF 2.0], the major tasks are almost concluded, however there’s quite a bit of internal testing, balancing and polishing left…

        Today, after 5 months :
        We made a short video from visual evaluations of the Darkfall 2.0 world from the !!!first stable playable version of the game!!!. You’ll notice early normal maps on the terrain, the new water, dynamic lights, a human NPC city and a Darkfall 2.0 Dungeon.

        You know what it’s called the first playable version of a game? That is right, Closed BETA. For a MMORPG it’s impossible to get from Closed BETA to Launch faster than minimum 1 year. Considering this is AV and it is a small team, 1 year would be the greatest time frame.

        Also, for your info, normal mapping is MAINSTREAM in game industry since 2003. So like 8-9 years ago this was a cool thing to use in graphics. Since then we had parallax, bump and so on.

        Nice try AV. So how about some gameplay videos if the game is almost ready now :) )

  27. Alex says:

    Haters always gonna hate. Obviously we are all hungry for more information ( which we do deserve to a point). Though in the meantime, this is quality work. Now let us know about specific features and potential dates. Thanks for the video, guys.

  28. Dude… I’m going to be too old to play this game by the time they patch it up. And I mean carpal tunnel syndrome can’t move my fingers cuz of all the grinding you guys made me do these last 2 years old. My subs up tssk tssk tssk

  29. The lighting is a great immersion improvement.

    The water looks awesome (though I’ll turn it off for sieges :P ).

  30. Gorgeous game…shaping up to be worth the wait.

  31. Bryon Jones says:

    Darkfall 2.0 Is a Totaly different game. It has new water & lights Look!

    Show us something good, Give us some details or idea of what the new combat and or siege system is going to be like?

    Are there going new weapons?
    New Siege equipment?
    New Ships?
    New Special attacks?
    New Skills?
    New Spells?
    New mounts?
    New Mobs?
    Map additions?
    New mob AI?
    New Things to craft?
    New Village control points?
    New House Styles?
    New Clan city’s & or Hamlets?
    New Racial Ability’s?
    New Resources?
    New rares?
    These are the kind of things we want to see or know about. Not redecorated Area’s of the map, New water, New armor art & lighting changes. You Keep Telling Us DF 2.0 Is Different. What is Different?

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