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Update March 15th

As work continues on quite a few ongoing tasks, today we would like to share with you some specifics about low level magic as well as some information on balancing magic in general. Minor Incantations is a mixed intelligence and

Update March 9th

Tasos and a couple other team members are attending GDC, checking out the latest developments in the industry, so we have prepared a short update for you. Another sprint has been concluded and the teams have progressed on their assigned

Limbo State

On Friday we posted some details about a limbo state system we are working on and we would like to clarify some aspects of it. First of all, the aim of this system is not to make it cheap or

Darkfall 2.0 visual test

We made a short video from visual evaluations of the Darkfall 2.0 world from the first stable playable version of the game.

October 14th Update

October 14th Update

There has been a lot of work on the business side of things the past couple of months, having to do with Darkfall distribution, localization, partnership deals in Asia and Europe, investors, and other activities that are requiring a lot

September 30 Activity Report

September 30 Activity Report

Implementing the new siege system has been a very difficult task, but from the feedback we’re getting, it was well worth the effort. Player feedback has been very useful as far as us issuing quick fixes. Today’s patch hopefully addressed

Quick Update September 23

We spent this past week monitoring the servers for issues related to the new siege system added to the game and making sure everything was functioning as intended. Your feedback, as always, was very useful in identifying problems which we

Siege system update /Media peek

This week in development we’re finishing up work on the new siege system and we’re continuing our work on Darkfall’s relaunch features. Our next scrum meeting will happen after the new system is in place, and this should yield more

Update, September 2

We noticed that there was some anticipation building up to the end of last month having to do with an ETA for Darkfall's relaunch.

Crafting System Update

Today we offer insight into the philosophy behind the new crafting system as well as some details on how weapon crafting will work.