Contest: Top Darkfall PvP tips.

Contest: Top Darkfall PvP tips.

Many say, Darkfall is the best PvP MMORPG out there, and that action can be so intense that  it will get adrenaline flowing and your heart racing.

For sure one of Darkfall’s most loved features is PvP, and we’re on a mission to help our less experienced players become better at it by providing them with the top Darkfall PvP tips.

That’s why we ask the Darkfall players to provide us with their favorite PvP tips as part of a little contest we put together:

  • Rules: Post your top Darkfall PvP tip in the comment section of this article. Make sure they’re easy to understand, and less than 100 words.
  • Deadline: Monday, November 15th 2010
  • Prizes: We’ll pick the best 5 entries, and winners will receive 3 rare ingots of their choice, plus a special title on Darkfall’s official forums.

Darkfall PvP

104 Responses to Contest: Top Darkfall PvP tips.

  1. When you go out to PvP, take high-end gear such as Dragon, Full Plate or Infernal Armor(depending on who you’re fighting) if you have it. But the key is to make sure you don’t take FULL durability armor. Take stuff that is close to, or about to break. That way you will be protected for the fight but if you die and get looted, what you lost wasn’t actually that valuable to begin with!

  2. For the love of god, don’t back peddle!

    • Dante Ze says:

      why not backpeddle? its pretty good in some situations… ask fusion :D

      Don’t be to greedy to kill, seen this happen alot of times people in 1v1′s or something be so greedy to kill that they only do offensive spells while the oppenent is running.

      Don’t tunnel vision on 1 target, if you cant get hit in group fights and he is running not fighting back switch target and help your team mates kill the others faster.

      Don’t fight mage style with out haste :D

      Get the hang of your cooldown, try to eye rot as much as possible.

      Push you enemies if they are not outgearing you, this will make them turn their backs on you is 40% more dmg.
      Incase you fight some one who is in like full infernal and your in bone, try to stay out melee but dont gief him free back shots with his bow.
      Keep facing him till he is so close that you need to run to stay out melee. Do a eye rot a pungent a confusion but dont gief him you back for free.

      Pungent mist is a blind but they can see your aura of spell casts through it, use pungent in combination with melee bow or pots so they cant see you.

      btw facebook sucks…..

    • Jake Leidy says:

      Backing up while swinging is pretty good in the right circumstance, if your opponent thinks the melee is going to be the traditional figure eight engagement backing up will allow you to get free back shots and possibly extra hits. Just don’t make a habit of it because you will be very predictable.

  3. watch your health more then theirs. make sure you are always healing even if you are winning the fight. try and always keep over 80%

  4. ) Jump only when strictly necessary, when fighting. (

    I see a lot of new players jumping around during a duel. they think this makes them harder to hit, but instead makes them a very easy target, because when you jump, i know where u are going to land, and i’ll hit you with an arrow/spell without any effort.

  5. HolyHITman says:

    When fighting a losing battle – don’t mount up right away. Try to bunnyhop north or east first then mount up.

  6. never get sticky backed. If you are in a meele fight be carefull when you leave it knockback works good if you jump turn and hit him. It can be hard to land it in meele range.

  7. Always remember to eat food before a fight, to gain Nourishment buff.

  8. Always heal and use transfers even if you are winning a fight. If you don’t then your opponent may have time to heal up while dodging your attacks then turn and kill you!

  9. Try to use the best weapon you have… r50 weapons do much bigger damage than r40.

  10. Stephen Gilbert says:

    Plan ahead. You need to constantly be one step ahead of yourself and planning your next move. For example, if you know a cooldown is coming up on a blind, and your in the middle of an offensive spell or heal, go ahead and plan in your head how you’re going to use that blind – I.e. while jumping, while evading, etc. Then plan in your head whether you will make an offensive push or a defensive move and stat up.

  11. Spells like Heal Other and Sacrifice are much more effective than self heals – so if you’re fighting with a group, always look for opportunities to heal your friends.

  12. Jacob Leinen says:

    If you are losing a fight, The one thing you do NOT want to do is Run away. You could still have a chance if you do not expose your back. Make sure you are healing with whatever spells you have and keep landing hits.

  13. How do you win in darkfall? Gear. Having that q3 feather full plate helm with scale off pieces gives you almost double the resistances of a full bone player. q3+ stam efficiency saves you transfers during key moments in fights. That keen darkscepter of continuity means you need to rebuff your friends and yourself less. That +0.37 cobrastaff means you are hitting harder than a racial staff.

    All else being equal, it will always boil down to gear; a fairly geared noob can easily kill a naked vet.

  14. Brian Dermer says:

    Manage your health, stamina and mana bars by eating, drinking potions and using your heals and conversions. You should always be casting something on yourself every chance you get.

  15. Before you Enter Melee Combat, always drink a Health potion, this will keep your health up and will give you more time to regain stamina or even more health with spells once the Melee has ended, this gives you an advantage to then start attacking sooner rather than later.

  16. Use the element of suprise! Catching your opponent off guard is such a crippling blow.

  17. Have fun, and don’t be afraid to lose. If you are afraid you hold back, and you can’t give all you have in you!

  18. Eat, use alchemy potions(such as clean state – to dispell stat debuffs).
    For archery do fast-random strafes to avoid arrows and shoot at players foot to increase your accuracy(this is FPS fact). Watch your bars and heal while running back. Always buff up!
    For magic use crowd control spells(they are very important, fireball is also nice) to gain advantage over non-magic users. Grind spells to 99 and presurge them to 100.
    For melee take small race(Alfar, if you are Mahirim you will have a lot of problems such as looking down to be able to hit small races, not posible to zip zap and avoid so easy) and do zip zap movement to avoid getting hit. Use GreatSwords.
    If you are small race such as alfar, just crouch when your opponent swings and you will avoid hit if opponent is Mahirim/Orc.
    Finnaly plan your moves, find opponent weaknesses and use them for your advantage

    • Some other PvP facts that I forgot to add:

      Sometimes it is good to combine jumping + consumables.
      Always pick higher terrain if posible.
      Parry almost always so you don’t get WoFed and nuked.
      When you get blinded, look minimap + compas.
      Heal your allies and stay with them.
      Use mounts for escape only.

      And of course stay steady and calm and you will hit a lot more.

  19. Darkfall PvP is fast and unforgiving of any delay or mistake. To be the best you have to be the fastest. You must customize your hotkeys to the point that actions in game become real life reflexes. Through practice and intuitive keybindings the game will become an extension of your own body. Trust your instincts and PvP regularly to eliminate any nervousness or shaking of your hands and reduce “time” during PvP into slow-motion where YOU become the champion of any encounter.

  20. Styrr Lol says:

    Don’t go berserk, don’t die.

  21. John Nix says:

    - aggressivity, doesn’t matter who is the opponent, you need to do domage.
    - use the environement set in your favor, to hide, take distance, doesn’t get surround.
    - doesn’t jump in front of a archer, easy target, better run in spread direction.
    - heal went opponent heal to keep the advantage, or heal went you’re in bad shape but not too late.
    - don’t move backward in melee combat, you would loose speed, you need to hit and take distance to not get hit in return, or turn around the opponent.
    - magic is about cooldown timer, get fluid.

  22. Prepare:
    (1) Armor, know what you want to do, if you want to use magic or archery look at your encumberance and get a Feather-Enchantment on your helmet!
    (2) always use good potions (major and better) for pvp
    (3) Have everything easy accessible, bind items in your hotbar to keys on your keyboard ( T,G,B for the potions for example)
    (4) Always carry a 2h weapon ( r50 are much better then r40) a staff ( currently a very fast staff is good for transfer spells (health to mana, mana to stamina and stamina to health) and a bow

  23. Before PvP always repeat this holy mantra:

    The gear I have on me is the best I could scrounge in my pathetic bank.
    The gear I have on me is just an illusion.
    The player and character skill I have are not.
    I can be robbed of illusion, but cannot be robbed of true skills. Therefore fear of loosing an illusion is a needless mindkiller and should be avoided.
    Now let go and let yourself have some fun!

  24. look at a lot of pvp videos from the forum and learn from them, always keep track of the mini map so you always know were your friendlies are and stick to the group at all time!

    Use a lot of Pots, every time u are able to drink a pot you should do it, eat food all the time. use long lasting food for pvp so u don’t have to waste time to eat again during the fight.

    Transfer a lot! whenever u can’t do damage to your opponent ( he is behind a tree or a rock for example) transfer/drink pots. Always keep track on your bars.

    Heal friendlies before do damage, its better to keep one of your friends alive than it is to do some damage or kill an enemy.

    And finally, do a lot of duels with your mates. it will improve your player skill a lot!

  25. Always keep in mind that PvP is like a mathematic equation; a game of plus and minus of your and your oppnonents HP. So try to get the highest value out of every variable. That variables are “Armor”, “Potions”, “Weapons” and your characters “skills” and “stats” of course. The latter are harder to improve, but regarding your gear you can pay attention to only bring major potions, your best weapons and most usefull armor. You dont want to die because you are a cheap nickel nurser and brought only moderate potions and your tasty salmon food buff ran out in midfight!
    The rest ist practicse practise practise.

  26. Get ready for the worst.

  27. Remember that dying and losing your stuff is part of the game. All the greats die and get looted, they just rebuild after.

    Similar to the “don’t cry over spilled milk” saying, “don’t cry over looted gear”.

  28. Ivan Matic says:

    Make sure you are determined and your mind is focussed! One of the reasons Darkfall is such a great game is that it actually makes your adrenaline flow and your heart beating, unlike those other cookie cutter games, where the only reward for a succesfull kill are some floating numbers, while in darkfall your reward is the complete inventory from the enemy you have slain. And of course the ability to appease/flame/mock him afterwards, because there are no racial communication barriers. There is no better way gettin some hair on your chest!! :)

    I suggest coffee, some hours of excercising ( swimming, jogging), rock music and a whisky on the rocks. Oh and leave your sense of mercy at home.

  29. James Dooney says:

    Duel. Duel. Duel.

    Only way you’ll get better at PvP.

    The thing I love most about Darkfall is that with enough player skill you can still beat someone with a stronger character.

  30. NEVER do NOTHING in fight. Always do something like converting, heal others, drink potions. BUT NEVER EVER do nothing and hold a spell for seconds for example.

  31. Tim Jackson says:

    Something i am sure most newer players don’t know about is the 3D Sound in game.

    Turn your sound up and listen all around you. At first it might seem weird and hard to understand what direction you are hearing a certain noise.

    You might hear a player fighting mobs to the right or left. If you hear a player to the right of your location you will hear it in your right ear phone / or speaker. Just move along to the right. Listen for Jumps, Spells, Mobs Chanting, Players making noise after being hit for damage.

    ~Scarce Xrul 99

  32. Binds: Use binds for Weapons,Potions,Sheilds,Spells.

    Pretty much anything you can bind that you use often do it. It will make for easy swapping from Melee to Archery to Staff for the different things you need.

    Also, Try and Pick a playstyle and stick with it. If you like Melee and Archery level those two things and use them. If you like Mage then find what magic schools fit you and use those etc.

    If you run out of idea’s for easy binds see if you could get a multi-button gaming mouse (I.E. Popular Mouse is “Razer Naga” it’s what I have 17 Buttons and up to 5600 DPI)

  33. Noak Kaanam says:

    Always do something. Be it dealing damage to your opponent, healing yourself, your guild mates, buffing them, or blocking damage and most importantly, keeping your vitals as high as possible (potions, transfer spells and so on).

    If you just watch at the fight you are practically wasting time – your opponent won’t be sitting still! Every moment you are doing nothing your opponent will get in a better position than you.

  34. How to strafe in Darkfall:

    Do NOT use the traditional A and D method, you can’t run at sprint speed diagonally.

    Instead, sprint forward and zig zag your mouse left and right!

    -skreww L00se

  35. Always self-buff and eat food before combat.

    If possible, always start off the fight with a debuff.

    Make sure to constantly watch your vitals and drink potions whenever possible.

    Use the terrain to your advantage.

    If fighting multiple opponents, don’t get tunnel vision.

    If you know that you cannot win, hiding is your best option if you cannot bunnyhop away.

    The quicker the battle, the less time your opponents allies have time to come help.

    In team fights avoid melee, and if you’re being focused on pull out a sword & shield to parry.

    Never give up.

  36. When riding around the world, be sure to regularly stop and re-buff yourself. A lot of players ride around unbuffed and are at a severe disadvantage if combat begins sooner than they expected. Stay prepared and be ready for PvP at all times.

  37. Best tip is to make your bindings familiar and comfortable to your liking. So you don’t slip up and hit a wrong key.

    Also always try and kite and never turn your back. Back hits count for double.

  38. The most important PvP tip is to keep your stats up. Start transferring and healing before you are in danger. The goal is to stay out of the red zone and outlast your opponent.

  39. Use your environment. Aventurine didn’t create this world just for looks you know. If you see a building, use it. If there’s multiple enemies, stay out of the open. If you get jumped, try and find higher ground and heal. And always remember to never give up.

  40. Kevin Grixti says:

    If your newish char or in light armour, keep in range as much as possible.

    Always try to drop heals every know and than.

    Another gd tip is a blind spell and drop a couple of heals. (If your blind its also gd to drop heals)

    Remember its not who kills most, but who survives the longest.

  41. Here’s a tip for new players:

    Change your input settings so that you use another method for switching hotbars than pressing shift + number keys.
    The default settings will make it impossible to sprint and use the hotbar at the same time.

  42. Always keep an eye on your vitals! Especially stamina! It is easily forgotten! 0 stamina is basically the same as 0 health! Acting aggressive even when your stamina is low can be a good move as your opponent may act more defensively, thinking that you are fine as they cannot see how much stamina you have!

  43. Teamwork is fun in Darkfall! Selfbuffs, Otherbuffs, Heals, go out of the fight when you are at 50% and let your clanmates healing you.

  44. Ross Ward says:

    My tip is to learn to control the range of the fight. Get comfortable fighting in any range, and do not try to force your opponent to engage you in a specific range. If you melee rush from way out for example, you are asking to get kited and/or juggled. Use your ranged attack to progressively close the distance if melee is your thing, then apply melee pressure once close enough to do so. If you are trying to stay ranged, you can kite the enemy with jump shot on archery, and fireball to knock them up. As you progress you can kite with more advanced techniques, such as using utility spells to move around, and blinds to keep your opponent disoriented. Learning to manage range is extremely important, since you can already be more than half dead just trying to obtain the range you desire, by which time the fight is lost.

    • Ross Ward says:

      Opps too long, TLDR version:

      Learn to control the range of the fight. Get comfortable fighting in any range, and do not try to force your opponent to engage you in a specific range. Learning to manage range is extremely important, since you can already be more than half dead just trying to obtain the range you desire, by which time the fight is lost.

  45. Beyond every tip, beyond every minor advantage, and beyond every little push to be a step ahead, never EVER forget one thing:

    This is Darkfall; land of the leet and home of the grave.

  46. Judy Schmidt says:

    All you have to remember is DARKFALL. :P

    Duel, duel, duel
    Ask for keybinding tips
    Ranged, ranged, ranged
    Keep stats up
    Friends are essential
    Aim true
    Life isn’t fair
    Laugh at your failures

  47. Randal Davis says:

    Low level spells and skills don’t do much damage to other players, make sure to use your highest level spells and abilities when fighting, to ensure maximum damage.

  48. Bill Negron says:

    Give yourself every advantage possible.

    Example: You come across someone doing a mob. He is not aware you have seen him. Sneak away, take off a heavy part of your armor. Buff urself with everything you got with the most powerful staff you have to gain the best protection you can. Regear then approach your target. Make sure you eat a quality food (lobster or better). Let the mob be your ally…. pick your moment wait until his health is lower befor you sneak up on him hitting with a pestilence. The rest is up to you… but finish Hard and with Conviction!

  49. The best way to become better is first to set a tactic for how you wanna fight.
    Then you spend some time sparring using the weapons and skills you wanna use.
    And lastly you make some cheap gearsets and simply go out to get some real fights where it doesnt hurt too much to die.

    The best training is real fighting, because a fight simple is different when the opponent dont stop hitting you when you say “break”

  50. 1) Do not back peddle while fighting, meaning never walk backwards
    2) When playing with a group never over extend, always be in heal range
    3) Always pay attention to your stats – fights are often determined by better stamina management
    4) Never use potions or food with a staff unsheathed
    5) Never run in a straight when kiting an opponent
    6) Practice makes perfect
    7) Good key binding are ones that reduce the possibility of making deadly mistakes
    8) Most top PvPers do not use shift as their sprint button

  51. Use lesser magic-spells like ‘Stamina to Health’ and ‘Mana to Stamina’ instead of using ‘Rest’. Use 2H Sword from Day 1, work out greatsword and greatsword Mastery. Get QuickNess to 100 (important)

    Learn to quickly switch between your rank 50/60 melee weapon (only in close combat) and staff (healing) + Archery (when the enemies run from you).

    - Eat foods and use potions before going to attack.

    Other important spells:
    - Confusion to make the enemy blind for a few seconds.
    - Shrapnel, Storm Blast, Begone to follow if the enemy tries to run away.
    - Witches brew for healing (important).

  52. Take the specializations for your bow/melee/ and spells they are very helpfull and you can live another day with a bag full of loot.

  53. 1) Don’t panic even if you are almost dead, because in Darkfall you can always have a chance to win.

    2) During fights pay attention to your stats (health, stamina and mana).

    3) Don’t focus on enemies health bar, look around, take advantage from the terrain, trees or the many buildings situated in Agon.

    4) Try different combat style, switch often your weapons between melee and ranged to bewilder your opponents.

    5) If you attack city take cover from the towers and try to shift the fight in the buildings.

    6) If you are in a party you have to check your friends health bar. Don’t get away from your group, stay always with them.

    7) If you are losing a fight, and there is no way to win, run away.
    Don’t be ashamed to escape from fights that you can’t win, a good player knows when he should give up.

  54. Use your Ears to Dodge the enemies ranged attacks dont use your eyes
    this opens up a new world of dodging for u. Learn When to jump and when not to jump.
    dodging a mage and an archer is entierly difrent. as VS an archer u never jump. u move side to side and when u know his cast is done u swap side.
    vs a amge u move towards one side and when u know he is about to cast u jump the other side leaving minimal DMG to you.

    if u dislike melee. fireball is your friend. upgrade it with jumpcast and u can easiliy either make him sidestep making the distance further or u ca easily directhit him making him fly miles away.
    as he is in the air u move towards his landing location and hit a powerattack

    aiming confusion at someones mount will blind the rider unless he is Exeptionally good.
    also use transfers and heals when u aint doing anything else. no time to waste in darkfall

    this is ihope ugotlewt of EU 1 btw

  55. Ross Bell says:

    A fight usually involves multiple context switches between ranged and melee, and the trick is to always stay one step ahead of your opponent for the context switches. Only stay in melee for one to two swings and then jump out of it with a fading whirlwind (unless of course they’re running and you’re getting back shots). They’ll still be running around swinging at thin air while you’re healing up or charging up something offensive. Then, once your opponent has switched context to ranged combat, continue that for a spell/arrow or two as you close ground. If you do this right, you’ll be swinging your weapon at them in melee range while they’re charging a spell because they didn’t see the context switch in time. Then of course, back out of melee with a fading whirlwind just as they pull out their weapon to swing at you… and, well, you get the idea ;)

  56. Darkfall PvP is very unique. There’s more at risk than going back to your bindstone. In many cases, people are in gear that takes days to acquire. They don’t want to die. Because of that, winning MOST fights only requires controlling the momentum. Keep a clear head and most importantly, be AGGRESSIVE. The more aggressive you are, the more of a risk it is to fight you. That’s what Darkfall is all about. Risks.

    - William Wallace [NA-1]

  57. When fighting you always want to keep your stats high and stay aggressive. Being aggressive is the key to retrieving back shots from your opponent and essentially the win. Play smart!

    If you get jumped and get low health first, don’t start to run around only attempting to heal yourself or escape. This just leaves you vulnerable. You want to heal then attack then heal again.

    Use your blinding spells, they are effective!

    Always change between different types of damage types, this make you a better player overall and makes you harder to read during a fight.

  58. Everything is about the range between you and your opponent and who is controlling the fight.You need to engage your opponent in melee,throw 1 hit then 1 wirlwind and then go range(bow or magic) he ll equip melee weapon while u hit him from range.My tip is movement…Time your movement well and u ll do much better!

  59. John Taylor says:

    Dying is apart of learning in the harsh world of Darkfall, dont pvp with equipment that you are not prepared to lose and you will see your performace increase tenfold.

    If you die, get straight back out there and try again, just remember the game is for fun, so dont let death get to you!

  60. Zach Marte says:

    Try your hardest to remain CALM! :)

    The more nervous and excited you get, the more likely you will slip up on your aiming. Keeping your cool really does pay off and can be the determining factor of winning or losing – especially if you are facing an opponent with equal stats / skills.

  61. The only thing you truly need to do in Darkfall’s PvP is to enjoy it! Everything else you’ll learn along the way. Don’t be angry you lost your gear, it’s easily replacable!

  62. Use your Ears to Dodge the enemies ranged attacks dont use your eyes
    this opens up a new world of dodging for u. Learn When to jump and when not to jump.
    dodging a mage and an archer is entierly difrent. as VS an archer u never jump. u move side to side and when u know his cast is done u swap side.
    vs a amge u move towards one side and when u know he is about to cast u jump the other side leaving minimal DMG to you.

    (had to shorten down due to 100 word limit)
    ihope ugotlewt of EU 1

  63. Just one tip?

    I guess it would have to be composure. Keep calm as best you can. Maintain control and awareness. STAY FOCUSED on the bigger picture.. For example, in group combat when an enemy is close to death, do not “tunnel vision” and chase him for too long, only to end up behind enemy lines with a now fully healed target and lots of angry enemies. Always keep an eye on your minimap when in group combat too.. Dont ‘over extend’.. because if a group is seperated from each other.. it is no longer a group :)

  64. Melee Tip:
    Never stop moving; a stationary target is easy to hit.


    Pursue your enemy, sticking to their back. Massive damage but requires good reflexes if your opponent tries to evade.

    Move in and out of melee range, timing your attacks to land when within melee range. Don’t attack as fast as possible but time attacks so that your opponent is between attacks when you’re within melee range.

    Move backwards while keeping your cursor on your opponent and swing whenever he’s within range. Only use when having superior weapons and/or armor, as you’ll be trading blows.

  65. Gray Fox says:

    Offense is the best defence.

    Never back down from a friendly duel.

    Never go into a fight without food.
    Keep yourself stocked with reagents and arrows, 50 is a solid number.
    If you are gonna take heavy bits of armor always prioritize in this order: Helm>leggins>boots>gloves the rest can be bone.

    Your keybindings are your characters neurons, the best they are assorted the faster you play, the more you have the more you can do. Keep them logical.

    If you get to ambush somebody, use a good debuff like pestilence or tongue rot and attack agressivly.

  66. 90% of the fight is based on the right use and managment of your keys binds.

    Be sure to have your 2h weapon, staff, bow, spells, and potions binded to easy accessible keys

  67. Stamina to Health,Mana To Stamina,Health to Mana.
    Do those three to regain vitals quickly.

  68. Nathan P. says:

    Some tips for darkfall:
    Remember to bank often
    and level your blinds.

    Explore and Have fun
    It’s not about the grind but,
    rather for the thrill.

    If you get jumped
    Fight to the death for fun, or run
    pixels lost, or won!

    Myth of pvp;
    that solo skill dominates.
    But teamwork conquers all!

    -All tips are in the form of Haiku-

  69. Learn to interpret load lag. When you see the game freeze for a split second when there is no good reason for your computer to be loading anything, 95% of the time it means another player has entered your area. A bigger freeze means more players. Never ignore these ‘signals’ your computer is sending you, you will regret it! Use these signals to foil your enemy who would ambush you while fighting. When he arrives you can either be prepared, or be gone, depending on whether ye be man or ye be kobold.

  70. Jon Gregory says:

    Use terrain to your advantage, keep the high ground when possible. Its much harder easier to hit players ‘below’ you, both with direct hits and splash. Alternatively its harder to be hit if your opponent is aiming up or climbing a hill. Ridges and choke points can also play a key role in group encounters.

    [PvP] DF Forums

  71. #1 know your binds – you need to know your keybinds without looking at your keyboard.

    #2 use basic logics (i.e. if you cant hit your target because he found cover, do something useful and cast transfers while gaining LoS / use blinds when outnumbered)

    #3 eat food

    #4 bring enough consumables

    #5 reassess your situation constantly, in larger fights its vital to know whents going on around you, especially if you’re focusing on a target.

    #5 don’ panic

  72. Jonah Veil-

    Be aggressive but not overly so. Whoever dictates the switches in a fight controls the fight. You want your enemy to be reacting to what you do.

    When fighting with a group, zoom in on your minimap as much as you can. This will cause you to stay tighter with your group because you are seeing a better depiction of what is really going on within your map.

    Binds are half the battle. Sit down and really really think about your binds. Do what is easiest for you, each person is different. Make sure nothing on your mouse is used while aiming. IE-No spells on your mouse unless they are ones you don’t need in high pressure situations.

  73. Angel Rivera says:

    Lead, this will solidify your actions more in pvp situations. The reason you can see your ping ingame is so you know how to time your attacks and where to lead a target so you get succesful hits. Before each fight plan ahead. Will I debuff my target first so I can get an advantage? Will I charge my target or bait him towards me?

    Planning ahead can be surprisingly effective since most fights happen at random times when you lease expect them. Always have a backup plan if you get jumped while farming or flanked from your blind side.

  74. Use the best of everything that you are willing to use. Best food, pots, staff, weapons, etc. Always be aware of where you are, use the environment to help you (hiding, high ground, etc.). And always remember, they are just pixels. Learn from every fight, win or lose.

  75. Bruce Young says:

    Today’s Darkfall game is alot based on numbers. You will likely be seeing more City Raiding, and large scale battles than smaller World PvP. Find yourself friends, get a vent server, VOIP is #1 in group combat. Learn etiquette in the ventrilo server.

    -Call Targets & their Health(Names, Race with gear type, Mounted w/ type of mount)
    -Be aware of your direction of path in game, being able to feed info to your party of direction(North, East,South, West) is very important. Until you know the geography,figure where you are facing and use your minimap. Compass is ok, but it does not rotate with your camera when mounted.
    -Do not talk over/interrupt others when not necessary
    -Do not discuss non-related matters during a fight. Even if you are not in the fight. Make use of saying “Clear Channel”.
    -During larger fights, try to designate a Raid leader and only feed information and not request it.
    -Make use of multi channels and phantoms for large scale battles and for city defense.
    -Get used to your friends terminology, if you are raiding a clan city, knowing what “Bob” means when he says “I got a geared at the one building with all the hiding spots” is key.(also bad on bob’s part)
    -Ventrilo has lots of unique capabilites in bindings options, explore them.
    -DO NOT yell in ventrilo. VOIP system is one great way to control your adrenaline. i.e. have your friends inform you when you are yelling and tell you to chill.

    Darkfall is best played with good people and good convo, find a group that fits you and get in vent. Its a game of being social and respectful.

    *Side Note — Please wear arcane jewlery when you raid a city.

    –Scarpa Dregyn

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  77. When running from an enemy; sound is your friend, listen for sounds of arrows or magic being loosed then do a jump-half-turn and parry to greatly diminish the blow! Back attacks HURT!

  78. Stephen Hock says:

    if you use greataxes as a primary 2 hander, don’t forget to use power attack, lots of people forget to use it.

    if someone is just out of a melee range, and you have the stats/time try using overhead swing to get that extra reach.

  79. One day, after you quit playing Darkfall, you WILL regret you haven’t used up all the armor, all the weapons, gold and fortune you had. If you hoard it in your bank, you’re missing a lot of fun you can have with it. Yes, you will eventually lose everything you take out of your bank, but FUN comes first and with it comes EXPERIENCE and VICTORY too.

    A couple of years later, you will then actually be able to tell your friends how much fun you had in DF, how you used the best gear, how you used ships and warhulks. While the people who only kept it in their bank will silently look at you with envy in their eyes. You will be the true winner of Darkfall.

  80. Keith Yates says:

    - Don’t run in straight lines if being chased.
    - Always make sure your equipment keeps you under 25 magic encumbrance if you are a caster.
    - Never underestimate a guy with a 2handed weapon and a robe.

  81. The biggest tip for a newer player in this game would come down to how you have your binds setup.

    Spend some time with Darkfalls in-game binding options. Bind your weapons and spells to keys around your WSAD so that you never change hot bars when in PvP. Use your main hotbar to hold your most common spells 1-6 and your most relied on cool downs 7-0. (You never want to remove your hand from your movement keys, it’s not efficient to lift off WSAD to press 7-0.)

    This will allow you to be more efficient with your time and keystrokes as well as an overall quicker reaction time to counter your enemy.

    -type Forced of UDL

  82. Here is my tip

    Keep your stats high during a battle as much as you can. The moment you get low do a witchs brew. And do it everytime its off its cooldown

    Always keep your stam and mana high. Focus on during that. And during the battle you will get to possibly half and he may still be on 3/4

    But knowing other players that only get their stats up when they are very low. He will run out of stam or mana. And then thats when you fuck him up

    He will be in the healing state. Just running around and healing. And will show you his back alot. But dont get too cocky. During that get your stam/health/mana up also

    Its also good to do because if you kill him. His friend might come straight after and you dont want to be low on stats when he comes haha

  83. KiÞ Drordy says:

    Avoid idle running, if your opponent is out of your reach, don’t just simply run behind him wildly swinging your weapon whitting thin air. Cast a transfer, heal yourself, drink a potion, micromanage your time.

  84. When engaged in group pvp: FIGHT AS A TEAM, NOT AN INDIVIDUAL.

  85. Adam Meade says:

    I am brainstorming of what would be good to see on the loading screen.

    Pro tips:

    - It is good to get into the habit of being able to switch back and forth from parrying to dealing damage quickly. The parry skill never provides additional mitigation as it levels up but instead it will cost less stamina so a newer player can block just as much damage as a developed character can.

    - Be wary of giving your back to the enemy. If you do than try and imagine what you look like from behind and move erratically to make yourself a more difficult target to hit.

    - Be sure to watch your health as you fight and try to keep it above your opponents. If you have more health you may want to play more offensively and if you have less health you may want to play defensively using parry, dodge, cover, or whatever means necessary to avoid further damage while you gain your vitals back using magic, food, or potions.

    - You will benefit from having hotkeys for essential PVP skills, especially those related to healing and keeping up your vitals. For example, drinking a Health Potion or eating some Lobster can be done with the press of one button.

    - Perfect and customize your controls for quicker response time whenever you unlock additional skills and spells.

    - When you die it can be most helpful to tell yourself it was your own fault that you died and try and learn from your mistakes instead of blaming your death on something that you do not have control over. It will give you more confidence in your next encounter the more you believe that you are in control of the outcome and have been all along.

    - Everyone has only one main character in Agon. If you are defeated by someone, remember the name and it will feel better when you catch up and get some payback!

    - Did you know that wearing jewelry and clothing helps your armor last longer?

    - You can gain momentum by jumping immediately after you hit the ground to gain more speed while traveling downhill.

    Well I am off work now and am leaving but I’ll try and throw out some more later tips later.

  86. Adam Meade says:

    - When you stop attacking someone to heal, run, drink a potion, etc. it usually encourages your enemies to charge forward with full force so if you need to back out and heal yourself try and have a friend provide cover fire or attack between each heal so that you are not attacked as much while trying to recover your vitals.

  87. Jeff Wu says:

    Before leaving the bank dont forget to check if you have everything you need. Food/Potions/2 Hand Weapon/Sword and Shield/Staff/Bow/Regeants to cast magic/Armor/Arcane rings to repell towers.
    Murm Thebloodthirst Na-1

  88. No matter how strong your character is and how skilled you are you won’t stand a chance against too big of a enemy group. Darkfall Online is a MMORPG and not about being a one man army. Find a group of people to play with and practise PvP together. A well oiled group of fighters that play well with each other will have the best chance at surviving in Darkfall Online.

  89. • Always plan ahead and have an exit strategy for different scenarios.

    • Stay alert of your surroundings and keep track of your vitals.

    • There’s strength in numbers, plus it’s more fun to travel in a group.

    • Use the terrain of the world to your advantage. Prefer the high ground and use obstacles for cover.

    • Think twice before chasing lone stragglers, they might be leading you into an ambush, where their teammates lie in wait.

    • Never have downtime. Constantly do damage, transfer your vitals up and support your friends with heals/buffs depending on the situation.

  90. Jake Leidy says:

    -a jackalope

    Learn to evade, it wont make aiming easier but you will last much longer in any engagement. Constantly sprinting and rarely jumping, if you make 90 and 180 degree turns with your mouse as fast as possible it will be extremely difficult to hit you directly.

  91. Terrain is one of the only forms of damage negation in Darkfall Online. Learning to use it effectively in order to heal or otherwise can really change the outcome of any fight. If you use terrain to get a few heals off and your opponent stays offensive but can’t get around the terrain, your stats will be higher than theirs. Situations such as these do more for you than you know, such as make the opponent worry. Learn to use terrain and you’ll be among the top competitors in Darkfall Online!

  92. Jesse Ryan says:

    PVP is not about you. It is about your opponent. Know where your opponent is at, what he is casting and most importantly what his motives are.

    Use your senses–seeing your foe will not always be the easiest task. Hearing them will bring you clairvoyance through even the toughest rotting eyes.

    Make peace with your heart and do not let your emotions get a hold of you. A stressed soldier is tumbling over his keyboard and consequently his enemy as well.

    Pay attention to your total energy ( The summation of health, mana and stamina ). Utilize your transfers appropriately.

    Within every moment of time–execute an action. A transfer, a spell, a potion. You can always do something. Don’t waste it.

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