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Holiday Update Dec. 23, 2011

Business discussions which had consumed some of us have concluded very well. They have to do with investment in our projects; other discussions have to do with Darkfall in Asia, others with other local versions, distribution and publishing. These give

Darkfall 2.0 visual test

We made a short video from visual evaluations of the Darkfall 2.0 world from the first stable playable version of the game.

Development and Darkfall 2.0 update.

Development and Darkfall 2.0 update.

We do notice the anxiety on the forums concerning development progress, timing of Darkfall’s re-launch, speculation about a wipe between Darkfall and the re-launch, and our spotty communication as of late. We’ll start addressing these topics here today:

Fast skill up weekend details.

Information on the fast skill up / fast loot weekend.

Free Weekend – Fast Skilling – Phat loot

In two weeks, every Darkfall account will be reactivated to participate in a free weekend with accelerated skilling and great loot. More details on this next week, along with a development update.

New Siege System: Dev Notes and Manual

New Siege System: Dev Notes and Manual

Here are the development notes for the new siege system : ► New Siege system. For more specific information on this read the related article as well as the Siege System Manual that has been compiled by Jon, the main

Siege System deployment

We would like to inform you that the siege patch will be going live tomorrow, Thursday, so expect an extended maintenance time. In addition, there will be a small server side patch today that will block any attempts to initiate

Update, September 2

We noticed that there was some anticipation building up to the end of last month having to do with an ETA for Darkfall's relaunch.

Patch Notes May 11th, 2011

Today's patch is mostly about the changes in the alignment system. You can see an map highlighting the changes. We're interested in your feedback on how it's working out since this is a major change in the gameplay and to

Update April 29th

As you probably know already, we recently switched our hosting  services. As a result, this week has been focused on the transition. It was a massive operation that had to be concluded within a very short time frame. Overall :