January 13th Update

After the holidays and following the conclusion of our business deals, we’re looking to make a lot of changes around here.

We’re in the process of getting a few quality dedicated people in strategic positions and roles we were forced to handle ourselves up until now. The new hires will improve our project management and production, our publishing, marketing and communications processes, and will augment our development capacity, while freeing up key personnel to focus on their main roles. We’re interviewing several qualified candidates for a number of positions. We’re also working on improving our internal processes, our organization, communication and management at the corporate level. The goals for these internal changes have to do with improving quality and productivity. We will follow up with adding more development personnel as well, and the search for experienced programmers and artists has already started.  We’re happy to be able to make these changes in order to face the challenges that lie ahead with launching Darkfall 2.o and the localized versions successfully and making sure we support them in the best way possible.

We have a patch coming up that will introduce performance (network and game) monitoring tools, something that we’ve mentioned that we were working on in the past. We’re also looking into a stamina bug that should be fixed in the next patch.

As far as development of Darkfall 2.0 goes, we’ve been making progress on current tasks and we’re preparing the final push by laying out the last stages of the development plan. We’re also running sessions where proposals for additional Darkfall 2.0 features and improvements are being discussed. At the moment, the focus of these sessions is on the new player experience.

As you can understand we’re in the start of a restructuring process while also trying to keep production running as smoothly as possible. Next week we have our sprint meeting and we should have more to say about our development activities.

Thank you for reading.

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