Media Sneak Peek

Media Sneak Peek

Media Sneak Peek is a new blog entry that we will be starting today. The goal is to provide one media file, be it concept art, screenshot, render, video or picture, as often as possible. What we want to achieve with this is to provide you with some extra insight on what we are working on as well as behind the scenes looks at the office. Sometimes we may just post something with the goal of seeing if it makes sense without any explanation and sometimes we may provide explanation of what we show, or request your feedback.

Keep in mind that due to the nature of this blog entry, the Art department may be presented more often than other things. Still, we will try and give you insight on other department’s work by posting videos.

Today’s image is something that was presented to the team on Thursday during the sprint meeting. As we have already mentioned, a lot of monsters are getting revamped and new ones are being created. The Jungle Stomper will be a monster exclusive to Yssam. As you can see the model was based on the Granite Golem and it was adjusted in the concept phase to fit the area it will inhabit. Finally you can see a 3D render of the monster. Click on the image to see the full size.

26 Responses to Media Sneak Peek

  1. Ivan Matic says:

    not the biggest evolution of ye olde golem, eh?

  2. could care less about art, this game was never ment to be pretty, it was ment to be fun

  3. Thanks for the picture, the new golem looks awesome!

    Now what we really need in the future is PvP / new content (i.e. not PvE) media.

    Keep up the good work!


  4. You guys have no clue when it comes to what your player base wants.
    They are screaming out for you to clarify what’s gona happen to Darkfall now, as in will it be a new server for the new version.

    Tasos stated its a new game, so what happens to the original Darkfall?

    • I don’t see how so many ppl are confused. They it is a game revamp not a server wipe! No one in their right mind would even consider server wiping a skill-based game post-launch!!

      Geez! Get a clue! Stop spreading needless panic

      • Jonas Opasi says:

        This relaunch is not an expansion. It’s a new game we’ve been developing in parallel with the current version of Darkfall

        above is a quote from tasos.

        Does it say NEW GAME???

  5. Ryan Dunn says:

    Can we see some examples of (hopefully) sandbox content what will be introduced into the game? Could honestly care less about what the new golem looks like. And anyways it looks exactly the same, just with some vines wrapped around it.

  6. Matt Goebel says:

    We are all sitting here wanting to know what your going to do with the last 2 years played on “Darkfall 1″. Pay attention to the postings here and answer our questions. Server wipe or another server transfer to play “Darkfall 2″ is a bunch of crap. Tell us what is going on. I’ll be unsubbing until you answer our questions.

  7. Maybe make the teeth more visible, like make them a lighter colour. I can see they are big but they don’t seem to stand out as much or look as fiercesome as on the old one. Might just be the picture. I don’t know.

  8. Styrr Lol says:

    Dear Darkfall,

    That is a great idea, thanks.

  9. Andrew Parks says:

    I don’t care about retextured golems, instead next week could you post a totally NEW monster !!!! Like for example maybe a drunken pirate with a 40 oz in his hand or maybe a vampire or anything actually NEW???

  10. There isn’t going to be a server wipe, or a new server. This is a total revamp of Darkfall with a recoded engine. AV have already said that they need to totally rewrite the existing client to make it a solid base for future expansions. They call it a new game because the way the game will play has be altered and almost every part of the client has been improved (New Models, Animation, Lighting, GUI, Sound, Armour and skill system). If you actually read the previous blogs they say that the new armour and skill system will be compatible with existing characters. Someone that is maxed will remain maxed but they won’t be able to use all their skills at once. They will still have there complete skill set but depending on the gear and titles they take will determine what skills they use. No houses will be lost and no worlds are going to end. So stop crying and threatening to unsub if you don’t get your way because AV don’t care and most people who play the game don’t either.

    By the way, great post AV, keep up the good work.

    • Lee Joyner says:

      How can you say no houses will be lost when they said specifically they are making the world much smaller? Where, pray tell, will they put the NEW houses we have been clamoring for in-game for over a year?

      • Brian Ward says:

        When did they say they’re making the world smaller? They didn’t. They said they’re streamlining the content and cities to make more sense for lore purposes and general flow of difficulty, never shrinking the world. Thanks AV, great to see some improved communication, and the render is awesome.

      • So far they have only said they will change the layout and distribution of mob spawns, improved the layout and distribution of towns and cities and are changing 5% of the coastline. At no point have they said they are removing any landmass. They are doing this relaunch because the current client is broken. Most of the code for the client was from 5-10 years ago and it needs updating and this requires a rewrite. This is why they have released so few updates. If they add new content to the current client then all of that added content will need updating when the game gets a makeover, so instead they give the game the makeover first and then add the new content. That way the content only gets worked on once. The problem for us is giving the game a complete makeover takes along time.

    • Jonas Opasi says:

      yep cus your a dev and know whats going to happen.

      Get a grip.

  11. Jonny Smith says:

    More bullshit pictures.

    Does it ever enter your head to post something relevant to the player base and in a format they can understand?

    Theres an award the DF pr will never win.

  12. Very cool, and if I may ask, how many polys is it? The model is really nice, same with the texture. You got some really skilled artist on your team. Good job.

  13. Laxe GotLegs says:

    way to focus on useless pixels when the game is broken beyond and is unplayable….

  14. I swear, so many people don’t appreciate the work you guys put into your game. I love things like this, and the golem looks pretty nice.

    Keep up the great work!

  15. Judy Schmidt says:

    It looks great. Show us the rest of the new character art! You guys missed a couple. Namely, I personally have been waiting to see how terrifyingly ugly female orks will one day be.

  16. Bear says:

    DarkFall is awesome

  17. Tim Little says:

    thanks. looks good. you should show us how races look in different armor sets

  18. That is a great idea,Good job.

  19. New golem looks awesome :)

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