Darkfall 2.0

Darkfall 2.0

During last week’s activity report we spoke of a relaunch for Darkfall. We had talked about major changes to the game in the past using various internal terms such as Darkfall 2010 and Darkfall Arena. So let me explain a bit more about this:

We started with the changes we had in mind for Darkfall, from all the lessons learned since the game went live and in the process we delivered 3 expansions, and more than 60 updates. About a year ago, we decided that we should branch out development and build a new game out of the one we had. This was in order to better implement the major changes we had in mind.It is not a sequel, it’s version 2.0. It’s a very ambitious project, and it’s the product of more than 2 years of lessons learned and evolving the game, and a full year of development with a much larger team than we had for Darkfall. No aspect of the game has been left untouched. It’s very much a new game, but at the same time it’s the next chapter to the game we’re currently playing.

There were concerns about wipes: We’ve considered wipes on various levels, however these are important decisions because while this is like a new game, it’s still the continuation of the current one. Also, the way things will work in the new version, it would not be as necessary to wipe, but wiping would also not be as drastic as it would be in the current version. This is a topic we’ll open up for discussion after we’ve given you more information on the new version of the game, so you can understand all the parameters involved.

There were also questions about having to pay for the relaunch version, and the answer is no if you’ve already bought Darkfall. Active subscribers will have priority in playtesting and in a developer interaction group about the new game. They will also participate in the major events that conclude the first chapter of Darkfall. The ending of the first chapter is the reason we’re bringing the relaunch version of the siege system to the current version. We expect quite a few people that have taken a break from the game to return for the exciting ending of the first chapter and the beginning of the new version.

About an ETA for this, as I mentioned in the last activity report, we’ll know more in August. As far as development goes, the major tasks are almost concluded, however there’s quite a bit of internal testing, balancing and polishing left.

I hope this clears things up a bit more, we’ll follow up with more details on the new version, as these become available.
Thank you for reading.

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    • how can I get an account so I can tell you guys the solution to the wipe problem?

    • A little info from a guy that played the first mmorpg for many many years and just about every other one since. This game is the ABSOLUTE first REAL mmorpg as it was intended to be when UO first launched. No holds barred all things must die dont get cocky little man caused I’m gonna make you my red-headed step child youngin’. The most important part of the game is the relationships you have developed in the game with the existing players and familiarity you have with the game’s setup. I have played many many hours on all different kinds of mmos and the one thing that I have learned is that the advantage will always go to the veteran players because they have the clues to the real ways to handle stuff. You dont lose jack when you delete your character for whatever reason you actually GAIN TOONNSSS! Now your not stuck with all that useless crap you used to have to sort through to find all you other stuff you wanna use and you can go a little different route with how you set up your stomping grounds. You get to keep all your old enemies and make new ones while at the same time converting some of them to freinds cause they was tired of the other dorks anyways. It is awesome to have a new set of rules to play by and teach those AFK mush heads just how terrible they are at killing you when all things are more or less equal. Dont forget nobody gets the best of the honest guy for ever. Karma sucks most of the time for the ones that didnt learn the right way to start with and you get to be the one to show them the error of their ways! MUUUHHHHAAAAAAAAA!!!

      Lord Kaiden

  1. Jon Lashua says:

    Bring it on cant wait!

  2. Jonas Opasi says:

    So old gear will be worth nothing?

    Please clarify, just so I know so I can make sure I just go crazy pvp mad and loose it all!!

  3. some real answers finally

  4. Tj Gienger says:

    Oooo, can’t wait for more info. (dangle the carrot a little closer please!)

  5. Alex Olszowy says:

    I’m very glad to see you’re communicating alot more.

  6. Mario Werner says:

    What about an implementation of a dynamic skill cap for DF 2.0? There are lots of forum threads regarding this subject and personally I’d also welcome such an implementation since it will bring alot more divergency into Darkfall.

    • I agree, Darkfall Should just stay true to their roots and put what they wanted to in the game originally, Skill Caps, Freely built cities (Except in quest areas/starter towns etc). And even some new ideas to avoid everyone from being a little Alfar by balancing character hitboxes, smaller hitboxes take more damage while larger ones take less etc.

      The #1 thing that killed Darkfall on release was exploits and macroing. A skill cap is needed so that players can all be at the same skill level and not be god cause player A macros or plays 24/7 compared to player B.

  7. it doesn’t clear anything XD but it makes my hopes rise to the sky!!! :D :D :D can’t wait

  8. Awesome Tasos et. al! I literally got chills reading this update!


  9. Sentius Nox says:

    if i lose everything im quitting nuff said…im just now getting pvp viable after all this time grrrrrrrrrrrr AV. dont wipe.

    • You would think that even if most of your current skills become useless and the grind to “competitive” status is drastically reduced and the tedium removed?

      I would hope you wouldn’t.

      • for me its not only skills, im not giving up my gold, lg villa and everything else in the bank

        • James Rodney says:

          Maybe … just maybe there will be opertunities for everyone to have some form of housing and your villa really won’t mean much. Maybe just maybe, the system and goodies you will have access to will make all the stuff in your bank little more than a fond memory. and maybe just maybe the play balance will be such that all your skills won’t mean much in the new Darkfall. I’m very curious what AV has in store after all that they (and we) have learned with V1.

  10. It sounds interesting, nomatter what route.

    the only thing that worries me is that the last time Darkfall “only” needed polishing it took 3 years more before the game was released :)

    • Ya but like he said this time, they have a much larger Dev team. I’m sure it won’t take too long. I’d expect if they say it will be done around August, expect it to be released near the end of the year. Who knows.

  11. Tracie Lyons says:

    Do the wipe. Get rid of all those stats everyone AFK macroed for

  12. played since Eu launch day, my vote is to wipe the server

  13. This is exactly the sort of information I was wondering about. Great news.

  14. Michael says:

    Fuck you all, i power leveled for 3 weeks straight.. air and fire to 100, if u wipe ill kill myself

  15. Eric Gayman says:

    I’m more interested in the lessons AV learned then the new version.

    A server whip would render all our play time wasted. It is frustrating enough to have to defend yourself every 10 min living out of clan cities.

    If your DF2.0 does not make this game more about territory control, and add city NPC, Jobs, mini games, Voice over Quests, balanced pvp, or even dynamic events like a zombie apocalypses…

    Then don’t whip the severs.

    If your confident that what ever you learned is going to work and entertain people more, then whip the servers, but give current customers play time or 5 million meditation points.

  16. Chris Helms says:

    I would Agree with a skill wipe, but not a base stats wipe. Took forever to get those base stats up.

  17. Sophie Marie says:

    Wipe our banks. Don’t wipe our characters :D ! The way you did it for EU transfers was great!!!

  18. Bear says:

    Darkfall is awesome

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  20. Kevin Grixti says:

    I hope i don have to start over….that will highly piss me off.

    2yrs grinding waist…dont even dare think about it ^^

  21. Oh, GOD!!!

    Congratulation about a touchble information, that was so far the news more complete you did…

  22. Kean Megahan says:

    Keep heading in this direction AV.I have noticed better communication as of late,and I have faith in your game.

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  25. Can’t wait to hear more about 2.0! We know almost nothing. Exciting time for DF.

  26. pls, make spell “Disabling Blow” =)

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  28. Wipe our characters. Don’t wipe our banks. plz

  29. Bobby Barker says:

    Little was answered. Are the same two servers just getting upgraded to 2.0? Will the current servers remain as is frozen in time and will new 2.0 servers be added?

    Thats all I need answered.

  30. Helmut Siedl says:

    if u wipe do it in a point based system where u earn points for ur skills/stats u have now u can distribute on ur new charakter

    also find a way to compensate for the time and energy people spend for their virtual stuff like house cities and so on

    make the last event of old game a phase where people fight for holdings and try to gather as much value as possible to have a headstart on new game

    this would give us a high activity firework

    a pure wipe without the possibilies i described would lead to a empty server and canceled subscribtions everyone waiting for new game and lots are not ever considering returning after getting nothing for the work of their last few lifeyears spend in DF

  31. vague vague and vague…

  32. “Also, the way things will work in the new version, it would not be as necessary to wipe, but wiping would also not be as drastic as it would be in the current version.”

    Cancel meditation, I would have canceled the subscription but its until September anyway.
    Mortal Online&others here I come until YOU say exactly what will happen !
    I’m glad and sad: glad that we will have a new version of DF, sad that there is pointless in building anything in this game now because whatever you do will be wiped/rethink/obsolete !

    It is time for a break for sure !

  33. Don’t wipe. A lot of people I have talked to who won’t come back said one of the reasons is because they “fell behind” on the grind and they don’t want to catch up.

    Plus, I don’t think very many people want to give up their houses, stats, etc that they worked for. Me for example, I have a 2 year old character that was never really macrod up and I really DO NOT want to spend ALL that time again staring at my screen grinding away another character. I didn’t even have 100 quickness until meditation came out

  34. Ben Painter says:

    +1 for server wipe

    the most fun i ever had in this game was the first 2 months.

    bring it on.

  35. I’m a mob. If I am not moving x,y,z over x time but I am taking damage… /unstuck and attack aggressor… simple shit.

  36. Ales Horvat says:

    well i am for bank wipe but not for skill and stats wipe since i spend a lot of time and effort to geting it up. I must say i have a lot in my bank + fully quiped house so i will loose a lot but you can always farm money/items back. But that i would need again 2 years to get my skills up to my curent level… no way .. tnx AV but you will never see me again

  37. The obvious solution is to have a new server and keep the old one up as long as it is financially viable. Of course, most people will opt for the new server, but at least it is then their choice.

    Whatever you do, do not transfer veteran characters to the new server. The single biggest mistake Darkfall 1 made was the extent to which the game rewarded macroing and exploiting, to such an extent that my efforts to recruit people to the game outside the community were so often met with responses of the form “darkfall = cheaters/exploiters game”. While that characterisation may not be completely true, it is not completely false either.

    At the end of the day, if people with < 10 hours per week of possible game time (ie: majority of MMO players) cannot hope to compete in a full-loot PVP game, they will not play it. Full loot as a ruleset is fine, as long as there is (at least the illusion of) a level playing field.

  38. Kedar Micaa says:

    wipe?! theres no way im going to continue to play

    thanks for 2 years of wasted time.

    thanks av

    • Nathan Kyer says:

      2 yrs wasted if u wipe no way I will do all that grind again, never macroed, all skills I gained by working them up hrs of repetitive BS you wipe that and there is no point doing it again its to damn tedious. Can have more fun in other MMOs where i dont have to sit and do a boring task over and over to lv. later AV (if you wipe)and good by to your slow and confusing responses to honest post.

  39. Ye, no fucking way i’m playing with a wipe.

    I did not work my ass off in-game to get 11mil gold, all crafting skills and the network and stock to controll the market just to lose it to a wipe becouse people to lazy to work for shit want everything handed to them.

    95% of the people that want a wipe, mostly want one becouse they want to go back to the time before others got shit and they dont want to work to get it now.

  40. Cant wait to see what happens :) .

    I’m all for a wipe or a new server with no transfers. It dosent make sense to have basically a “new game” and advertise it as such to people for them to find their getting raped by high lvled ppl from day one.

    Personally I dont care about the pixels i have i just wanna play a fun game with other people :P . If ur crying about loosing your pixels or “wasting your time” i’m sorry but your failing miserably…lol. Interesting situations, experiences, and fun is what a game is about not stored pixels.

    Bring on the wipe baby :P

  41. Shane Stout says:

    WIPE IT!!! WIPE EVERYTHING!! I WANT you to have to afk swim for a month to get your stats back up. You guys are complaining about a wipe that hasnt happend and may not happen. 6 months and my stats are all nearly max’d out. my base skills were peaked in less than 3 months. yeah, you dont want a wipe, because you’re afraid you’d actually have to compete again. no more laying wast to noobs and solo camping clan cities with mines eh? A complete wipe is the only way to make things fair for the new(er) players. Not my problem if you’re hoarding keep deeds. I will say most (not all) vets that are so strong right now are there because they used macros and afk tactics that were ‘ok at the time’. How can it be reasonably fair if you’re allowed to keep your cheaply gained not at the keyboard experience, if I’m not allowed to do it as well? Please please please dont resub, It’ll be one less joker ganking me after a mob has done most of the work.


  42. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    I so agree with this

  43. Okay, I’m positively thrilled. Honestly, wipe it all. I don’t care. A fresh start sounds so good right now. Darkfall 1.0 was the trial period, a necessary step for such an ambitious and edgy game. Let’s do it again, this time the right way.

  44. If they do a character wipe im not playing the 2.0 I’ve worked really hard on my character just to have him deleted…

  45. oh @ shane i haven’t used any cheap ways to level my character so the ones that have player legit for the last 2 years will suffer not the one that afk’ed…

    • Bullshit.

      Either you suck, or you’ve spent countless hours leveling up your character in ways that could be seen as cheap/obscure. And that goes for everyone in this game.

    • Dude get over it. It’s just a game. Sooner or later you will get sick of it and leave, or the game will get sick of you,

      So I say whipe everything. Most of the vets in this game are just grinders (robots almost) with zero pvp skill. When they kill you, they feel so tough compensating for their lack of respect and skills in real life.

      Whipe all those carebears that call the new players carebears.

      You guys are just like the homosexuals that officially hate and make jokes about other homosexual people or consider everyone ‘gay’ .

      In your face chinese farmers !!!


  46. Kedar Micaa says:

    “The “wipers” are casual players or retired carebears that just want another chance

    No they are much worse than that really…

    They are completely self absorbed people
    that don’t care about the game or anyone else
    they are in just for the “rush of a fresh start”
    and as soon that it becomes obvious that they will fail AGAIN at Darkfall
    they will leave for a carebear mmo or fps easy aim game”
    -Derfel Cadarn

    • Didn’t your parents ever teach you to speak for yourself? You’re doing a terrible job at speaking for others. Quit acting like you know everything about everyone because it’s making you look ignorant.

      • Kyle Ernst says:

        ^ This.

        This game badly needs a fresh start. Those who oppose a wipe ate just so self centered they don’t care if the game succeeds or fails as long as they get to stay on top in it. they aren’t concerned with the effect it will have on people if they walk in to see people vastly above them yet again & quit because of it. All they care about is that they might lose their precious 0s & 1s that they afk macroed so hard for!

    • Really dude ?

      Does anyone beside you, give a fuck about how competitive and good you are in Darkfall ?

      When you are getting out of your room (rarely) do you tell other people how good you are in Darkfall and they apreciate it.
      Telling the cop you are ‘on top of it’ in DF helped you escape a speeding ticket ?

      NO?! OH…

      I tell you why, coz this is just a virtual game. No one cares!
      Embrace the change and stop being such a carebare and selfcentered asshole.

      AV said that they learned from their previous mistakes. You know what is the most important lesson ? NEVER create a large gap between old players and new players in a sandbox full loot game.

      Now what you think they gonna do ? Sure they will sugar coat it and tell you untill the last day that there will not be a server wipe, but the joke will be on you when you will log in on your character :)

      Bye bye

  47. I don’t see how a wipe is necessary, and I don’t understand what people expect from a wipe anyway?

    It’s like finishing school, then life resets and your back in the classroom doing the same lessons. Point?

    • A wipe is needed, else all the people whove “earned” skills aka macroed 24/7 (I did too, competitive world!), and whom have exploited mobs and game mechanics to get the wealth they carry now, the server population wont change and itll be the same 300 players as it is now. A new player has to have something to look forward too and if its being dominated in every which way on game entry, then thats no longer fun for the player and he leaves…


      • By that logic you would relaunch every year because macroing and exploiting will continue forever, not every exploit will be fixed and there is still a dupe in the game

        • You don’t even know the circumstances. DF 2.0 will most likely end up with a totally different skill tree with, possibly, different skills adapted to said tree. The rate at which you earn your skills could be different as well. Maybe there will be a cap; soft and/or hard. They probably don’t even know that themselves.

          There are simply too many factors to be able to tell if a wipe would be good or bad.

          You guys are assuming a wipe is simply a way to get everyone on the same level for the relaunch. If it was the case, AV would already know either they are gonna wipe or not. If you wanna believe they are keeping the informatio a secret to milk the most cash from the actual playerbase, it’s up to you.

          Either way, all you guys complaining over starting over again, instead of being excited for the new content, just shows that the grind is way to steep and should be a fraction of what it is now. Amazingly enough, a good part of the demographic against the wipe are also against reducing the grind. They care only about keeping their edge, like if they deserved it.

  48. Martin Erber says:

    I see to much QQ here @ the comments, chill the future becomes great. Btw all items belongs to aventurine s.v.

  49. David Fain says:

    I have never lost faith in Aventurine’s decision making–great team developing a great game and I’m stoked to see what 2.0 has in store.

  50. They didn’t decide what to do yet I hope !

    I am sure they will think twice about a WIPE(even if its total or partially by making skills obsolete or whatever), its bad publicity and all gaming communities will hear about how AV treat their old customers, its going to be a lot of bad publicity around DF2.

    Also you cant just flash at the toilet all the DF histories, drama, clan war fares, team work, alliances, etc.

    And about the ones that support the wipe: most of you played for 3-4 months and wine about everything, old followers played for 1 or 2 years since release.
    After the wipe most of you will again play DF2 for 3 months and then look again for a next gen mmorpg !

    • I disagree, with how the last 2 years have been, this has been more of a paid beta if anything.. I was in beta before the very first release, and I WAS SHOCKED to hear it being released! My clan talked about what mob we could exploit the most to get fast gold… Thats how buggy it was… With such a competitive game, if one clan does it, the other has to in order to compete, same with macroing and such, thats why the community got killed, cause the game became robots shooting walls for skill.

      If you dont wipe, or come up with ways that players could advanced in smaller clans, then I dont see a future for this game.

  51. Martin Erber says:

    Played with my char constantly since beta (with only a 2month break)..”i am for a wipe” and this with over 2,8 million gp is “full-bank” . a maxed char with 120 str 108 vit 105,6 dex 110 quick 98 int 107 wis …4 meele schools mastery over 75 (2 100) 4 Mageschools over itensify 75 (all over 50) 12 damage surgings…guys come on you cry to much like babies

    a fullwipe for all and a complete fresh restart is the best what can happen. there are a shitload of gold @ the server who got dupped at the beginnings of the server there are some clans who have more than 40 millions gold and tonnes of rare ore/ingots…. without a wipe and no refresh you cant touch them hard when the DF 2.0 comes out and there is no wipe :P

    why all this crying guys
    (btw the good guys( the guys who knows how to skill fast) will be good sure after restart :D )

  52. Sweet stuff. I definitely vote for a server whipe because that’s what all my friends have said they want before they return. And I dont think I’m returning either if its not whiped. Will limit new people coming into the game if you dont whipe it because there are still griefers and strong people to kill the noobs around starter areas.
    A whipe would put everyone on almost equal ground. Which I would LOVE.

    Thanks for bringing us this relaunch AV. Big kudos !

  53. However you slice it old gear will be worthless, so start using it all up, bring out your best stuff. I’m only pvping from here on out, no reason to grind anything imo. Whether there is somewhat of wipe it won’t really matter to some degree, I just hope I can play the new game without grinding, hopefully meaning my character will retain some of its stats and skills, but if not we will just have to see. Just realize when they put in the new armor and such, your old armor would be worthless anyways.

  54. Your thinking about deleting the character and items of the people who stuck bye you through all the b*llsh*tt over the last 2 years? The players who started this year? People who I talked into trying your game last year?

    Wipe the servers,leave them to die while you start DF2 on new servers after only 2 years (NA) and Darkfall is done.

    Its the only ‘unwritten promise’ every MMO game company since the start of (paid/sub fee) MMO’s nobody has broken, the “server wipe”.

    You guys are a joke. I canceled my sub and I wasnt the only guy canceling their subs in the small but very active clan (20′ish almost all vets of 2 years) I was in.

  55. Tim Little says:

    im against a wipe. if the armor and specialization system works the way it should then there should be no need for it.

  56. Brock Albitz says:

    I feel like the forums needs much more moderation in order to substain a healthy population. The forums is what spread the crazy server wipe idea after Tasos specifically saying in the “Future Plans” spotlight thread that there “will be no wipe”.

    The forums is the front door to the game, and its littered with profanity, offensive pictures / language (which you have to turn off, they are on by default), and players bashing the best game ever created. I think its silly someone can quit the game and still have access to the forums and spread crazy stuff without being banned.

    CLEAN UP THE FORUMS AV and instead of closing a thread for someone reporting a hacker, close the Troll threads.

    Take off the post counter, because that’s what feeds the trolls.

    • Maybe you should read the activity report before posting. this current AR just confirms they are in fact debating what type (if any) server wipe they will do.

      @ AV I love how you leave all the negitive posts directed towards people upset about a server wipe destroying thousands of hours of work they put into their character but take down my post because I was critical of your company.

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  58. I’m very skeptical to this DF2.0; it could be the original game promised, in which case it would be the best thing ever, or a more FPS-like instant-gratification turn which would totally remove the RPG element.

  59. Heard a lot of diffrent opinions and i really cant say.I dont wish the server to be wiped or something.There are somethings that have to be left the way they are.I am not a old player or a vet but I just started to enjoy the game.I know many people with stats,crafting skills,masteries in melee weapons,magics and stuff capped.I cant even say that I got many good things in my bank.Not at all.If u care about what I say(which makes no sense cos this is just a comment)just make stats easier to cap and leave the things the way they are in case you want to make new players more comfortable with the whole system.

    And if you need more players then just improve the melee fight a bit and make some basic magic much easier to get.

    I hope you wont wipe it and thx actually reading this comment.(Bloggers Ofc)

  60. im all in for a wipe, my dream is that darkfall will have a 10k server full and running, big wars every were, sieges every day, theres clanes for every holding and not one clan owning 65% of the worlds citys and every one is emty.
    I want the good old days back when you went from Hal Kali to thugri to raid the city and find 10 geared rdy ppl and not 2 naked alts that emty the groves every day.
    Getting raided at Hal Kali was epic fun back then.

  61. Judy Schmidt says:

    If you wipe the servers, I will lose my special greataxe. :[

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  63. It makes me laugh about how you guys are expecting Darkfall 2 to not have a complete wipe. I didn’t expect my Everquest character to transfer over to Everquest II. I never expected my Guild Wars character to transfer over to Guild Wars 2. When Ultima Online 2 and Planetside 2 inevitably comes out, will I be expecting my character to transfer from the original? No.

  64. So it already begun:

    Your “beloved friends” from eurogamer may already started spreading “good rumors” about DF2.

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  66. Why don’t they just have separate servers for the different games. I.E. (Darkfall 1 Server) (Darkfall2.0 Server)

    That way there is no wipe for the macroing whores / long standing dedicated players and for the new people they can enjoy the new system without being slaughtered by macroing whores or long standing dedicated players.

    All in all the people who played darkfall 1 will keep everything and there will be a fresh start in darkfall2.0.

    I bet the people who will be QQing about this post will be the griefer’s who want to slaughter everyone in the new system.

    • I agree. All the whiny nostalgic crybabies who macroed for 2 years can keep playing their shit version of the game, while the rest of us go play the game we’ve been waiting for forever

    • Kyle Ernst says:

      I’d actually be happy with this. As long as there’s a fresh start for 2.0 my friends & i will be coming back. If there’s not, I can’t say whether or not we all will.

      I just want to make it clear to AV that the reason people might not return if there isn’t a fresh start is not because there “will be” an unfair advantage so much as, due to playing the game as it is, in their MINDS there will be.

      People won’t come back because they THINK other will be worlds ahead of them, not necessarily because people WILL be worlds ahead of them.

      This is critical if your planning on releasing the game to store shelves & start advertising. People don’t want to see what they think is a “new game” & buy it just to find out people are already way ahead of them.

  67. dont wipe anything, that would waste many peoples money an they’ll make the game look bad

  68. also i would say they need to do more then just whipe it because they need to have a better class system witch if implimented would have to start everyone back at 0 skills

  69. i hope DFO 2.0 will come soon.. i didnt renew my sub cause i dont feel like building my character farther if my stats (or toon) or some of it, it gonna be wiped…whats the point to play..? The complany doesnt even been clear about the stats,skills,spells that consider of wiping in order for me to not use them.. so more time and money investment currently is out of question for me… just waiting for the dfo 2.0 and not for the date they gonna say (we know dates for them means nothing)..the actual release of it.

  70. David Neff says:

    Bring on the wipe! This game has so much potential to be amazing, and all of it is wasted with the current game the amount of grind and lack of dynamic skill cap make it impossible for new people to enjoy the game fuck all you vets who dont wantto let go of your maxxed toons you got from afk macroing game needs to be more new player friendly or it will never go anywhere

  71. Marc Voyer says:

    After reading “Also, the way things will work in the new version, it would not be as necessary to wipe, but wiping would also not be as drastic as it would be in the current version.” to me this means they might be substantially increasing the theoretical maximums of pretty much everything.. from weapons/armor to abilities and skills.

    Sadly there is no information regarding ‘leveling the playing field’ for everyone so my guess is a 2.0 ‘launch’ would give the current top players a small advantage to spend 16-24 hrs a day wasting their lives away to make sure they have the top gold, skills, items, and all of the best knowledge to tell their friends and secretly exploit their way to jonah veildom.

    Until I see a sandbox pvp compeditive mmo implement their system to allow a ‘life on the side’, I wont bother coming back. I dont know how they would do it, but perhaps limiting the skill growth per day or playtime per day/week/month for each character might be a start.

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  73. Jack Cat says:

    Update your Twitter.

  74. I was reading about this 2.0, but the talk about wipes really bother me. One other MMO I played did this (SWG) and it has never recovered. Yes you stand to gain new players, but you also stand a greater chance of losing the majority of your current player base.

  75. Im looking forward for a fresh start. Would be awesome with a skillcap for less grind and more varied characters and skill setups.

    I stopped playing darkfall about a year ago but would definitly come back for a fresh start. As said this game has so much potential to be amazing!

  76. So it’s now end Sept. Where is the release date?

  77. Skill cap would solve everything. Add some special items or holdings for a bonus to the cap that must be defended or is lootable and that would lead to a great gameplay. No need for wipe.

    As for better graphix… pls. There are already a thon of MMO’s out there with better graphix. The people that play Darkfall want the gameplay not the eye candy. Eye candy is olny wanted as a gameplay enhance like shadows or fog (global weather) for sneaking.

    Darkfall’s biggest problem is the player. Even the hardcore enjoy mass pvp and a good market on the server.

    You can’t expect tons of subscribers that will fund the development of the game when you favor a small group that like to spend 24/7 in front of the PC or that will use any exploit to win.

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