Update March 15th

As work continues on quite a few ongoing tasks, today we would like to share with you some specifics about low level magic as well as some information on balancing magic in general.

Minor Incantations is a mixed intelligence and wisdom based school available to all characters no matter what they are wearing. It contains 5 utility spells that are useful in a variety of situations. Spells belonging to this school require no reagents to be cast.

Mana Missile – Your typical low level damage dealing spell. There is a thought of assigning Mana Missile as the default magic attack.

Heal Self – The standard self healing spell for all characters.

Light – Can be cast on enemies to illuminate them or on allies to illuminate dark areas. Our differed lighting system is what makes this possible.

Slow Fall – Falling damage is quite perilous in Darkfall 2.0. The cap for fall damage has been increased quite a bit and you will take such damage for shorter drops than in the current game. Also falling damage will leave you incapacitated if it exceeds your current hit point total. If you are out alone or with friends that is a minor inconvenience as you will either recover on your own or get revived. If you are being chased by an enemy though, a gank is more likely to follow. Slow fall will be life saving in such situations but it needs to be timed quite accurately to be effective.

Beacon – A spell for marking targets.

A lot of work has been done in balancing magic and making the effectiveness of spells make more sense.

The primary factor when determining spell effectiveness is the governing attribute. Intelligence and Wisdom levels will play a major role on how much of an impact you do while casting spells. Of course Intelligence based spells only take this attribute into consideration with Wisdom based ones doing the same.

The second factor is the actual spell level. Something to note on spell levels is that damage scaling has been redone for all spells. The aim is to have higher tier spells be more useful, even at low levels, than lower tier spells that have been maxed out. To give you an example, Mana Missile at level 90 will be doing roughly the same amount of damage as, let’s say, Fireball at level 20. The reason this is being done is so that you do not have to rely on a lower tier spell for long, once you have acquired a new shiny spell to play with.

The third factor is the staff type and rank. All staffs have been rebalanced and their rank now plays a more prominent role in the effectiveness of the spells you are casting.

The fourth factor is the level of the magic school with options like intensify following as the fifth and final factor.

We will be presenting other magic schools as soon as we have all the information.

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