February 17 Update

Our sprint was concluded today and progress has been made on the tasks we spoke about in the previous updates. The teams will have their individual meetings on Monday to decide on the tasks for the next 3 weeks. We will provide an update next week to present the teams sprint goals.

There was a lot of heated discussion on the Limbo state feature this week and we would like to thank you for all the feedback. We will keep you up to date with any developments on this.

Apart from the sprint tasks we had announced, there was also work done on the new GUI. We are working on redesigning the whole GUI visually but most importantly functionality wise. Some initial mock ups have been created and we are happy with the new direction. While functionality is still in the preliminary design stages, we can say that we are aiming for a much less intrusive GUI that will be context sensitive and highly customizable. You will be able to have a different set of shortcuts, be it in a hot bar or hot keys, depending on what you have equipped to make sure that everything you need is there but what you don’t does not get in the way. We are also exploring alternative ways to switch between weapons, spells and abilities to the standard hot bar.

While on the subject of the GUI, this past week we also held a series of meetings and discussions about the chat system. The new chat system of Darkfall 2.0 will offer more flexibility and customization while at the same time being less intrusive and more user friendly.

Our graphics engine programmers are also working on deferred lighting which will allow us to use unlimited numbers of lights in the world without affecting performance. This means spell projectiles can have proper lights and the world can be lighted essentially without limitations. Once this is implemented we will be sure to provide some screen shots.

We’ll follow-up on the new sprint cycle in next week’s update.

Thank you for reading.

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