Limbo State

On Friday we posted some details about a limbo state system we are working on and we would like to clarify some aspects of it.

First of all, the aim of this system is not to make it cheap or risk free to come back into a fight, without jeopardizing anything. The aim is to reduce downtime when a player is all set up and ready to participate in some high adrenaline activity, mainly PvP. We feel that PvP and people interested in it, would benefit from a reduction of downtime. That’s why we want to give the players the option to get back into a fight and have a good time without having to re-spawn, find a bank, re equip his character and then make his way back to the battlefield however far that may be.

We can  also see how this could lead to situations that a force could become disproportionally overwhelming due to the constant re-spawning of players and we would like to assure you, this is not our intention. For this reason, the limbo state feature will be controlled by some or all of the  following mechanics.

  • A cool down that will ensure that players cannot use this feature very often.
  • A gold cost that will increase depending on the items you equip on your character while in the limbo state.
  • A gold cost that will increase depending on the frequency that you use the limbo state.
  • A 24 hour hard limit on how many times you can use the limbo state.

Also, as we said, a player using this feature will not be able to control where exactly he will re enter the battlefield. He may end up isolated, behind enemy lines or find that the battle has moved a bit further away. He could then easily become just an extra grave for his opponents to loot.

The exact combination of which of these features will be used and the exact values for cost, cool downs and the rest will be determined through testing but rest assured we want to make this more of a utility feature that you will use once in a while in a fight that really matters, and not a no-brainer choice to use every single time you die.

We would also like to thank you for all the constructive input. We will be keeping an extra eye on threads related to this topic.

One Response to Limbo State

  1. Calem Kelly says:

    Gold cost.. sounds lame.

    Who thought this was a good idea and why?

    Just use something like the old UO system that worked and was fun as hell!!

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