Crafting System Update

Before we go into the crafting update, please allow me to give you a small update on the Siege expansion. What we’re working on now is merging it with the current version of the game. As we’ve explained in the past, the siege system was originally meant to go into the Darkfall relaunch version. Since we decided to make the relaunch a much bigger project, we decided to  bring a few of its features to the current version. Merging it with this version of the game has proven to be a large task, so we estimate about another week’s worth of work for it to come out. When we’re done with that, we’ll go into more detail about more relaunch features and the production schedule. Today, we have some information on the new crafting system coming straight from our design team:

As we explained on our “Darkfall 2.0: A closer look” article, we will be giving you more details on each feature on that list, as they become available. Today we offer insight into the philosophy behind the new crafting system as well as some details on how weapon crafting will work.

The general philosophy behind the upgraded crafting system involves an increased importance of rare ore, more unique looking items, many more customization options and more opportunities to excel as a crafter. Also, mastery skills will be added to more crafting skills.

In the current system, crafters are able to choose a specific amount of designs for their weapons and these designs are different per rank. If, for example, you like the design of a rank 1 weapon but you want to use a rank 5 because it has better stats, you are obligated to use the rank 5 design.

In our updated system, crafters will have the initial choice of six distinctive base designs per weapon type and these will only alter in style to reflect its higher rank and materials used. Below you can see a concept example of the 6 initial designs in Image 1. New designs will be added as we go so new aesthetic choices will constantly become available.

Image 1

When it comes to crafting weapons, the rare ores will see their importance increased and their use will become more consistent. First of all, weapon rank and ore rarity will be tied together. Low rank weapons may just require iron ingots to craft but as you move on to the higher ranks, Selentine, Veilron, Neithal, Leenspar and Theril ingots will be needed in that order. Image 2 shows a concept example of the association of ore and weapon rank.

Image 2

That’s not all for rare ores though. In the new crafting system materials such as wood, leather and cloth, will be able to be infused with rare ores to create higher quality variations. Following suit, a rank 90 bow will require wood infused with Theril ingots. Conversely, rare wood types will be removed.

A lot more has changed as far as crafting is concerned especially in enchanting and potion making. We’ll explain all about those changes in a future article.

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  1. Judy Schmidt says:

    Hey, is selentine going to be gold now?

  2. Thanks for the update! Of equal importance to a crafter is their ability to sell and distribute the items across the entire population. Please take into consideration better ways of trading and the economy in general.

  3. glad i have a sunbow haha :D

  4. Sounds nice, but where is the ETA on DF 2.0? I wanna play with my friends, but most of them going to unsub are are already until 2.0 or not even will come back for that because of the current status.

  5. Bear says:

    Please dont make the ore/rank change the color of the weapon. It looks like shit. Changes should be more subtle. It should be difficult to tell the rank of a weapon until it is in your hand imo.

    • Jeremie Bair says:

      Maybe you should start playing darkfall before you complain in every post that AV makes. ggkkthx

    • Angel Rivera says:

      think about the logistics…in battle if you see someone with a weapon you know a bit more information about that person…for example if hes holding a weapon made with theyril two things come in mind…one hes well funded…two its gona hit hard….information on how you wanna go after that person changes also simply based on the weapon variations. con for that person? if hes holding such a weapon it will make the chase worth it… have you ever killed someone and he had full aresnal of good weps only to see that it was pre-patch…waste of time and energy fighting that person for worthless items.

      • Tim Little says:

        is that what a person should be thinking about in a fight. in a fight shouldn’t you be thinking about how your going to defeat him. i think it would be fun not knowing what the person had and having to treat him like he might have something good.

        • Jeremie Bair says:

          Or you’d be able to wager whether or not you’d be able to win a melee engagement based upon the strength of that weapon. Kind of like seeing a guy in Dragon on the field. Knowing that he’s going to take 15 damage from your mob drop JB.


    Your giving us no information on wipe, and have practically made the playerbase feel like they are playing a redundant revision of the game.

    Nobody cares about the siege system anymore my friend, nor does anyone care to play your game until we know whats going on with 2.0

    • That was harsh, but you get the picture. The idea that any quantity of man power and programming is going into putting this into the old version of the game…

      Nobody wants to play the old game when the largest shadow of potential wipe sits over it, and whilst our own developers like the game we’re playing so much that they’re remaking it.

      I’d rather the servers were taken down, money saved, all hands on 2.0 and forget everything else.

  7. Harry Lau says:

    DF 2.0 really needs to come out!

  8. Would be better if different combinations of rare ore added different properties (speed, damage, stam drain, enemy stam drain). This still won’t address the problems crafters have selling items as they level up though. Who wants to buy anything from someone who doesn’t have 100 trueforge?

  9. This makes no sense.

  10. Last few days of your ETA for release and all you have are vague statements and concept art? How could you guys talk of a ETA if you are not at least able to take screenshots? WOW. This is not even funny anymore.

  11. Ok , so all you told us you give in this update , you forgot ? you are really taking people for idiots .

  12. Nick Mullin says:

    I gave up and unsubbed my accounts, I will play undil they expire.

  13. Going down from 20-44 different designs for each weapon, to 6 is quite a step down, even if they are coloured 9 different colours (of which 6 are different shades of grey)… But, more designs were coming, so New System -> Giant Step up.

    Selentine = Gold… No, don’t think the metal associated with Water/Cold and has a name similar to Selene, the moon goddess of ancient greek, should not be gold. It should be Silver, the moon metal, white as snow with a metal sheen.
    Let Theyril be the Golden one, and shrug it’s mithril associations.

    Also think that having a linear progression of Rare metals would be bad… I vote for Heterogeneity, where each metal has it’s own tendencies and boost resistance if used in armor:
    - Selentine = Ice/Water resistance, good to transmute to Cold weapons
    - Veilron = Air/Lightining resistance, good to transmute into Lightning weapons
    - Neithal = Earth/Acid resistance, good to transmute into Acid weapons
    - Leenspar = Fire resistance, good to transmute into Fire weapons
    - Theyril = Holy & Unholy resistance, easy to transmute into both Holy and Unholy weapons
    And possbly other properties affected, as Keith Hoffman also states.

    Linear Rank progression could instead be done by amount of Rares included, for an Alloy system, where a R5 would have 1 rare ingot mixed in, R6 two, R7 three and so on.

    This could even give rise to new colours if you combine different rare metals, such as Green from mixing Theyril (which should be the yellow one) and Neithal, Orange from Theyril+Leenspar, Purple from Neithal+Leenspar, Brown from Theyril+Leenspar+Neithal, and having it darker or lighter in shade by mixing in Selentine (white) and Veilron (Black). This would truly create a full colour palette.

    Removal of Rare Woods and having an “infusing system” for Bows and Leather (and Cloth) armor is a negative though. Putting all weight on quality weapons on Rare metal will definitely make this game about who can get hold of the most Rare metal, and be a serious strain on the economy system.
    Better system would be:
    - Rare woods for Bows and melee weapons containing wooden parts. With different colours on the wood.
    - Rare Leather from high-end mob types, making Dragon armor into Leather armor as the ultimate Leather armor prize… (With a Dragon Scale armor for a Medium armor alternative, and possibly a Dragon Full Plate that is Dragon Scale reinforced.)
    - Cloth being highly enchantable, as it is easy to embroider runes and gems onto it. And allowing “Transmute versions” for elemental specialization, at least for Robes.
    - Dyes for Cloth and Leather parts, and why not even for the Bone and Wood parts.

    That, alloy system and more Rare materials for a full range of choices, effects and colours, would truly do the Crafting into something Sand Boxy.

    But, still room for improvements, as the system isn’t done yet, and at least that horrible colour choice for Selentine & Theyril is easy to fix. (Image 2 isn’t even showing the colours in the correct order according to the text even, so changes are still made.)

    • And one more comment: Don’t forget to incorporate the Enchanting & Transmute system properly.

      Honestly, a Transmuted weapon should retain it’s Rank and about 60-65% of it’s damage, and double that by Elemental damage (50%/50% normal/elemental), so that there would be great differences between a Transmuted R1 and a R9.

      And then we have the Sithras…

      Balance must be restored to make these weapons into Elite weapons instead of crap against any Mob not having a weakness against it. They especially need a boost if you would add the Alloy system with additional Resistance against specific damage types.

    • If I had read this from them, I would of had a nerdgasim. Instead, I rage.

  14. Please post actual in-game screenshots. If they are not in the game then one should assume we are at minimum 6 months away from DF 2.0.

  15. Sean Sych says:

    Wow no actual screenshots I’m not even going to read this garbage.

  16. You need NEW weapons , not different colors of the same style…How hard it is to make 3 new weapons of each rank ? Not to mention the epic “Bonescale” armor. This is a joke

  17. Brian Ward says:

    People ask for an update detailing an expansion feature, they finally get it and they still whine. Man this community..

    • What part is detailed? You can pick the weapon icon, thats it. They didnt even list the trade skills getting mastery added.

      Detailed would have been a video showing something crafted with a voice over. What I dont understand is how every other MMO company understands how to do updates besides Aventurine.

      I would have asked why our tower times/tower screams patch is tied to the siege system patch but Im guessing they dont have them fixed and thats why we still dont have them in game.

      • “Detailed would have been a video showing something crafted with a voice over. What I dont understand is how every other MMO company understands how to do updates besides Aventurine.”

        Hey… wait a minute, didn’t Blizzard do exactly this when they released Diablo 3′s crafting system? oh wait… i believe they did.

        • That is why I find aventurine so [facepalm]‘ing. Their blog reports/updates are always 99% vague statements, 1% unconfirmed changes- Tasos says “6″ but the concept art shows 9

          • no edit-

            Oh, and I will stay canceled. Every blog report just shows you guys (AV) have no desire to be serious game publisher.

          • Brian Ward says:

            First off, it’s from the design department, not Tasos. Second, it says six greataxes, and six handaxes. That’s twelve. Did you miss that?

          • Hey can you point to where is says ” it says six greataxes, and six handaxes” because ya, I missed it.

            …and so did search, and my cat who is a very good reader. But yes, now that you mention it, those are 2h/1h models. Thats probably why you dont use concept art for game updates when your trying to show progress?

            I really wonder why fans of this game always attack someone critical of AV with little to no common sense.

  18. Siege expansion ?, the meaning of words have inlated even more.

    How can a small change to a existing game mechanic be a expansion.

    The siege patch was in fine tuning in june, ready to be implemented and now he says that it was part of df2.0

    im sorry, but this is just unacceptable.

  19. “People ask for an update detailing an expansion feature, they finally get it and they still whine”

    Excuse me , but are we reading the same update ?

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  21. Josh Freitas says:

    6 Designs? How hard can it be to add hues to the original 40 designs we had in game already. Rather than adding any customisation or variation in weapons, you have taken it away. Its almost the same today since there is only a few r50+ models.

    Sure its all for seige performance scaling but if you are that worried about memory usage for models, make an option like good old quake 3 arena where you can load a “default” model for seiges. You know – like how you could load everyone as the sarge skin to save on memory usage and performance. That way people can toggle it for super large seiges or not if they have enough memory.

  22. Adam Westman says:

    So, mastery would affect more weapons, in more ways, but we don’t get any information about it? sounds… interesting.

    How about making a “pool” you already show you can make adjustments to just about any part of a weapon, remake the whole system, and instead of making weapons that increase in a linear fashion. Incorporate the ability to “adjust” a few of the stats.
    The higher skill you have in the craft, the more options you have in adjustment, speed / weight , damage / durability , etc etc.
    And let mastery increase the amount of adjustment you can make.
    Also make it so that addition is linear but the amount subtracted is exponential. That way those without mastery won’t be that handicapped compared, cause most people would only want to adjust a little since that wouldn’t reduce the overall quality to much.

    The weapon “patterns” would be something obtained, bought looted, from books and similar. But that would only be “looks” related, maybe a few ingredients would differ, but the final “stat” result would be the same.

    So one crafter would be able to make a certain style of weapon requiring one set of materials, while another would be able to make one with another look and different materials. However both would end up with the same “Quality” if the same amount extra materials( Rare ores to fit OP ) were used.

    That one of them has 100 mastery matters little to the one consulting the one without, cause he ain’t interested in adjusting the stats anyway, he is an alround fighter.

    That way all “patterns” would be used, we would see allot of different weapons being used, and certain materials wouldn’t necessarily be worth more cause they are used in a certain quality craft ( except for those Ores then, I’d prefer to have more materials to chose from ). Low-rank crafters would be valuable, and could have luck to find a pattern that uses a certain “overly common” material, and be able to craft “cheap” weapons.

  23. This update to crafting is really dull and not much of an improvement to the old system. What we players want is diferent materials = diferent weapon and armor properties.

    Imagine it was like this:

    Neithal is cold related, Leenspar is fire related, veilron is unholy.

    You choose chain armor design for chestpiece, the design is good agaisnt slashing, weak agaisnt piercing and medium on bludgeoning and all the other resists. The chain design on this chestpiece costs 3 leather, 10 ingots and 1 cloth. You can also fit in 1 neithal ingot for extra 10% cold resistance and 1 leenspar for extra 8% fire resistance. If you had some dragon leather it would also boost the fire resistance by 1-3%.

    You decide to make a greataxe and use veilron and neithal in it.

    It does decent damage BUT if you enchant it with freeze (slightl slow on hit) and vampirism (drains a small % of health) those enchants will be boosted because the weapon materials were related to the elements of the enchants.

    Thats the kind of crafting we want, not just rare ores as diferent materials and these rank based weapons that only do more damage the more expensive they are.

    • Actually done some research and analyzed the system, and found that:

      - Selentine = Ice/Water
      - Veilron = Air/Lightining
      - Neithal = Earth/Acid
      - Leenspar = Fire
      - Theyril = Holy & Unholy

      This should then boost resistance, and be good to transmute into such transmute weapons, and possbly other properties affected.

      Check my post above for more details, for a “quick-fix” of this system.

  24. I just dont understand why crafting isnt like that. Is it not possible because of sieges? Because of lack of time or something?

  25. Eric Gayman says:

    “Following suit, a rank 90 bow will require wood infused with Theril ingots. Conversely, rare wood types will be removed.”

    So your adding rare wood types, but the infusion skill only works with normal wood right now?

    Couple of things you probably should add.

    - Salvage skill?
    - Will area’s produce unique resources?
    - Will enchantments, like keen, be given a visual?

    - Is the crafting times going to be increased?

    - Will we have an auction house or vendor slots available to help sell crafted items?

    - Will crafting have specializations to get critical successfully crafted items, rare enchantments, or cursed weapons that explode or something when looted!

    - Will we have new crafting skills or the ability to make tools or other in game props? Id love to be able to craft a chair that someone could sit in or pick up and move…

    • No, they say they are NOT adding rare wood types, which is a pity, effectively making Rare metals into “quality boosters” instead of actual metal pieces, and hanging up the whole economy on them.

      AS for everything else you asked for, they have said that they are trying to fix it. Except visual enchantments and cursed weapons that explode when you loot them.

  26. Philip Gheno says:

    awesome, they are wasting months reverse engineering something that ‘already works’ to fit an soon to be outdated game?

    This is another great idea from Aventurine. Thats really cool, thanks guys. They understand that we really want to see this new siege system.

  27. its not the game that’s broken,the problem is the players, i have never seen such a disgraceful community. even if you relaunch the game that doesn’t change players way of playing: using alts to leech mines, massive bank staring in city’s waiting for income because they are to scared to go out alone, lagg switching, selfsieging, crying on the forums for a wipe or other things that might benefit them. Just a few examples, have a nice day

    • Blaming players for faults in game design. That is sure to make a game succeed!

      Point is that a lot of the “community” issues wouldn’t exist if the game was different.

      Best example was n00b griefing. After the alignment system was changed this went down DRAMATICALLY. Darkfall COULD be the best MMO out there, but it needs a lot of work.

  28. Guys. . . Stop, take a breath, and read between the lines.

    What this ‘Update’ is REALLY saying is. . .

    DF 2.0 is going to be WAY delayed, look, here is a bone to distract you!

    They have been promising customization for over a year, I’d love to see it added, but have no plans to start holding my breath over it any time soon.

    Oh, and hey guys! Where the heck are our environmental sounds!!!

  29. John Smith says:

    This ok but I would prefer something more along the lines of:
    Weapons should be broken down into different parts. So there should be different ax heads and different handles or different sword blades with different hilts. This would allow for a customizable look to the weapons. Combine this with other comments like allowing rare ore to have different attributes changing the speed or damage of a weapon. i.e. have one ore add speed but it reduces base damage or have one add damage but reduce the speed. Same for handles and hilts but use rare wood or metal for handles and rare metal or gems for hilts. So you could create a max damage weapon but it would be quite a bit slower than the lighter weapon. Having the rarest ore or wood do both.
    I want to create a polearm.
    I have 6 polearm tips to choose from
    I have 6 polearm handles to choose from.
    Out of the 6 polearm handles 3 require wood and 3 require metal.
    I choose polearm tip 4 and polearm handle 6
    polearm handle 6 requires metal
    Available materials for the tip are 4 ingots of any metal. (all 4 ingots must be the same type)
    Available materials for handle are 6 ingots of any metal.(all 6 ingots must be the same type)
    I choose Theril for the polearm tip.
    I choose Selentine for the polearm handle.
    Results are:
    Polarm base damage: .50
    Polarm base speed: .20
    Theril for the tip adds weapon speed of .1 and weapon damage .2
    Selentine for the handle adds weapon speed of -.05 and weapon damage .05.

    Weapon damage: .75
    Weapon speed: .25

    I then create the same weapon with different materials
    I choose Leenspar for the both
    Leenspar tip adds weapons speed .15 and weapon damage 0
    Leenspar handle adds weapon speed .15 and weapon damage 0

    Weapon damage: .50
    Weapon speed: .50

    Weapon Rank would be determined by the ore used to make the weapon. Each ore would be assigned a point value based on rarity. For instance if you used Leenspar for both pieces then it would be a rank 80 weapon. Also for each rank there would be a penalty assigned to the chance of making the pieces of the weapon as the more rare the material is, the less experience any would have with working with them.

    Weapon Smithing models should unlock as skill increases, with bland models being the starting point and more models unlocking as Weapon Smithing skill increases. The first 3 ores should be available to Weapon Crafting and the last 3 available to Weaponsmith Mastery. So 3 models from 1-25, 3 more models from 26-50, etc. Along those lines, I would also change Enchanting Transmutation to Infusion. Giving the weapon an elemental damage base from enchanting materials used but keeping the same look of the weapon. Transmutation models would be available as Weaponsmith Mastery models. I would also keep around a few rare models as single piece weapon models that cannot be customized as I realize that there are some truely awesome models in the game that would not fit the customization platform. However, they would reap the same benefits of being crafted from the different ore types.

    Armor could work with armor being more vulnerable to certain damage types. i.e Selentine is a naturally cool metal so it would take less fire damage and it is not a very good conductor so less lightning damage but is not as sturdy as iron so it would take more bludgeoning damage. Also, because it is naturally cooler the wearer would take more cold damage.

    We could also throw durability in the mix based on ore type as well.

  30. I am happy to see new possible designs, but this doesn’t mean anything if you can’t sell these items. Everyone should not be able to do everything. Hopefully, you already see this. The reason there is no economy is because there is no reason for one. Why would someone buy something from me if they can make it themselves and make their character better in the process. As more people advance their characters, this will become even more pronounced.

    If this is to truly work, you need people to need each other. PVPers need crafters. Crafters need PVPers. Even in the crafting field, you should not be a master craftsman in every area. Currently, people are master craftsmen AND master PVPers.

    Your idea about the specific armor that someone wears was a good one and it helps solve a lot of the combat issues, but the crafting is a little tougher. I am sure you have already figured this out. If there was a cap on crafting skills, the economy in the game would light up like a christmas tree. Of course, this would be undesirable for those of us who have maxed out most of their crafting skills. So, what to do? There isn’t an easy answer here since every possible solution has a significant downside. There should have always been a cap.

    The most logical solution is to install a cap for everyone for crafting. Those that have exceeded the cap already would be compensated (gold, other skill points) for the skill points they will lose. They should also be able to choose which skills they keep.

    As it is, this game isn’t possible to play for pure crafters. It started out okay(since everyone was at 0) but is only getting worse as people max out their characters.

    There should be tough choices for people to make that would cause specialization to happen by itself. For example, do I want to be a master swordsman or a master axeman? Should I go down the FIRE magic tree or the WATER magic tree? Should I craft bows or swords? As it is currently, no one has to wrestle with these questions which I think is something the game is severely lacking. The game is so close to becoming a truly great game.

    The game needs to have skill limits. This causes specializations and causes people to work together. With few exceptions, everyone in the game is the same. It isn’t really true to say there aren’t classes in this game. There is just one class.

    My views are obviously biased (I am a pure crafter). I am just letting you know why their no economy in the game. There is no need for one as the game currently exists. No one will really need to buy anything from anyone eventually. I don’t have all the answers. I just recognize the problem.

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  32. Josh Wilson says:

    Nice changes, more details would be nice. Any info on salvaging?

  33. James Dooney says:

    Dunno why you are putting so much effort into putting the siege mechanics into DF1.0 when the current one works good enough until DF2.0. waste of time..

  34. Jonas Opasi says:

    more dribble from AV.

  35. Shane Stout says:



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