Update, September 2

We noticed that there was some anticipation building up to the end of last month having to do with an ETA for Darkfall’s relaunch. We had previously mentioned that we would know more around this time. We’re in a better position to estimate but we haven’t concluded our discussions with our partners yet. Also, there are positive developments after the GDC which need a lot of consideration. Our goal is to have a smooth launch without problems for our players. Having learned from Darkfall’s first launch, we know there are numerous factors to consider. We’ll keep you updated on all our developments.

As far as the wipe or no wipe debate within the community, we are looking at ways to satisfy both sides. We respect our playerbase and our long-time active players and our relaunch is not meant to destroy the current game, but extend it. In the meanwhile, if it’s any indication, we’ve been investing heavily in the current game with the siege expansion.

Regarding the Siege expansion, we’re still working on it. As we’ve explained previously this is a system we’re bringing back from the new version of the game and it’s a complete rewrite. We “trashed” the old system and did something new. We created a system to create siege systems that is completely configurable. This has been a lot of work. We had to develop it, test, configure the system, test everything, reconfigure, test, merge it with the current game which has been very difficult, test again etc. It’s a huge undertaking and we wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t care about the state of the current game. At the moment it’s undergoing heavy final testing which, if all goes as planned, should be concluded early next week. We understand this is taking a long time but it also brings a lot to the game.

We have a video for you today. It’s important to understand that some things you see in these videos are from the new version, others are placeholders from the current functionality. Consider this something like an alpha version:

In this video you can see part of the new Niflheim dungeon. The dungeon will be inhabited by yetis among other things. You can also see one of the dynamic dungeon elements that we will be adding. These elements will make dungeon crawling a lot more interesting but also more dangerous. You can also catch a glimpse of the new blood spatter system that has been implemented.

The following bit is from our Lore team:

The locals refer to these icy depths as Frostbyte Lair.  Among it’s numerous denizens hungering for the warmth of flesh one can find the ravenous yeti.  While many roam above the caverns in the light of day, their main population has been driven below ground by their battles with the Vargashi.  These lords of ice build cunning traps within their dungeon home to best prepare hapless adventurers into a hearty meal.  Pictured below is Tenderizer Pass, a deadly bridge used to soften up their potential prey before meal-time!

We’ll keep you updated on any developments. After the siege expansion is out, we’ll be running down our development priorities and we’ll give you an activity report about that.

Thanks for reading

81 Responses to Update, September 2

  1. Alex Olszowy says:

    Are you serious why don’t you just give us a straight forward answer?

  2. Dan Banowetz says:

    Still no straight answer on a wipe. The only reason why I’m not subbed is because of this.

  3. Mike Hobbs says:

    I can’t wait to see all the people unsubbing after this update!

  4. No ETA, no definitive WIPE answer and another short meaningless video.


    • Adam Westman says:

      I hope there will be traps that are not using the same “old” moving collision objects. What I saw there was a “static” elevator shaped like an icicle.

      Will the network-traffic be stressed that much by a trigger system?
      Player enters vicinity, trigger happens.
      Would be much more challenging and interesting.

      How about respawning destructable obstacles:
      Such as an ice wall that you have to hammer down in order to move forward, or when you move over the “thin” ice-bridge, if there are more then 3 players simultaneously, collapse.

      You already have “triggers” when mobs should spawn, so adding a few to handle these shouldn’t be that hard.

      Also “crushing” traps should be there, like falling icicles from the roof, could also be conditional, depending on certain player actions like casting “explosion”. Or why not make them “mobs” that are unable to move, without an attack, and upon death, falls down.
      Uses your existing mechanics, and adds new gameplay and “use the environment to your advantage”.

      Should I go on?

      Please imagination and some refactoring of your existing features, but not the static elevator…

  5. Jonas Opasi says:

    BLA BLA BLA, sub cancelled cya till some solid answers.

    AV you really are a bunch of retards.

  6. Judy Schmidt says:

    Sweet new blood splatters and giant icicles. Incoming armchair developers below this post.

  7. Lucien Vogel says:

    Thats more like it! Awesome video, i LOL’ed quit abit of the blood that comes out of the yeti! Make DF 18+, nice nice

  8. “Sorry guys we are behind schedule, here is a media sneak peak”. Thank you for including actual content in this update though, I say this seriously.

  9. Lucien Vogel says:

    Well i think in other words they said we will get wiped, maybe not chars but all solid items, or did i read it wrong?

  10. Lol love the yeti still running up and punching each other in the back. From this video is it safe to insinuate that 1 handed weapons are finally worthwhile to use once more?

  11. Im done… FU AV gonna unsub this week, Im also gonna convince me friends to quit so i can c u fail :)

  12. David Hicks says:

    Blood looks awesome

    Just Give us a Really rough estimate. shit i need some hope that the game inst gonna just drop off the planet.

    Cool spikes hope to see more of this crazy dynamic stuff. Makes the game even more different from typical MMO’s

  13. I’m not fond of those popsicle going out of the wall, it makes that part of the dungeon looks like a giant glory hole.

    It’s still OK, tho, since it’s way better than what we already have.

    I’m also super disapoint at the fact that there is still the portals to enter / exit a dungeon.

  14. Matt Coffelt says:

    wow… The ability to speak without saying anything.

    AV ur so lucky there is not one dam game out there worth playing ATM.

    BF3 is on the horizon….

    • ArcheAge is a game worth checking out. Let it be known, if you like all hardcore this and that and “I want all your loot” hardcore vagina than just dont even google ArcheAge (open-minded with the ability to compromise for features you wont see from DF is how you got to go into this game). Its sandbox FFA MMO with themepark features thatll grab the market and is lead by MMO god Jake Song who was creating one of the first MMOs while some of players today were in diapers. ArcheAge is like taking UO, EvE, DAOC, L1/L2, AC, DF, WoW, and combining with the best features that each player type enjoys from each game(but being sandbox at the core). Its something fresh and familiar that down polished on individual content to have initially more content on release. So you wont be left out waiting for an expansion of missed content that most companies make you pay for.

      First thing youll think is it looks like WoW. Jake Song states that he wants the casual players to feel familiarized with the interface and controls. Once people figure out its open PvP, like me, youll start getting the bigger picture.

      DF 2.0 I dont think has a chance with so much to fix. AV, DF on paper back when i found it in 2006 was awesome. We felt your dreams and goals and hated to see them fall short with limited resources. I think its time to start realizing that your playerbase isnt getting stronger as time passes. Maybe its time to move forward with another great MMO idea that you can fulfill to its max potential this time around.

  15. Nick Mullin says:

    I now refer to all fail situations/companies/scenarios to AV

    Blood Splatter…Which I disable completely because this game reams FPS like none I have ever seen.

    Dungeons…Which I rarely enter.

    Information which to me sounds like…. We may or may not do this or that?…

    58 days left on one of three subscriptions av then I go back to Ultima online which still has my interest after 15+ years?

  16. Dear Tasos, et al.

    Please, please, please, please, please, do NOT start down the road of “we are looking at ways to satisfy both sides” it is a slippery slope, and leads to a product that no one likes. Much of the problem is, that you get 99% of the input you get from the few who don’t like (insert topic here), and little to none from the people who do like it. So you change (insert topic here) and now more people complain, because less are happy. Rinse, repeat.

    Stay true to YOUR vision, and don’t give in to the people who complain, because they always will. Now matter what you change, no matter how much, people will complain. Please, make it YOUR game, and not seek out the path of least resistance.

    (However, if you wanted to change something, get rid of the idiotic ‘lawless area’ crap, it makes the game largely unplayable for people playing “lawful” characters.)

    Thank you.

    • This.

      Tasos just say “Character skills will not be wiped (except where the skill is irrelevant and being removed from the game).” or whatever else *is* certain at this point. The more you equivacate, the more you look like you have no design vision or courage – which I doubt is true. Just say, clearly, what is certain, what is under consideration, and what you want to know from the communtiy. And whatever you do, never beleive that the voices of the few genuinely represent the many.

      For my part there are 3 things I want to keep from DF 1.0 to DF 2.0 – my toon, my house, and my clan. Everything else, to me, is irrelevant – if you confirm I keep the first and third, but the second is still being considered – guess what, it gives me reason to keep playing. Throw us a bone here, and if you are not going to do a full wipe, say it. And a legacy server is no soultion, so don’t bother thinking about it – the game playerbase is too small. Wipe, or don’t wipe, but please don’t leave the game in limbo – it’s huring us all.

      Thanks, Lilly.

  17. Neil Goldman says:

    I’ll be waiting to resub, whenever the relaunch happens. However long that takes…

    Also, AV, you guys need to add a camera smoothing command or something to make the content videos look more professional.

  18. please sell the game to a company that will develop it.

  19. Josh Freitas says:

    Sorry if this dampens your spirits but i have been totally unimpressed with these updates for a couple months now.

    Waiting for 2.0 is like waiting for original 1.0. Already been a year now may as well be 8 by the time it shows again.

  20. Jeff Sisson says:

    What I’ve gathered from this blog – AV is confused why people are anticipating a patch when they said they will have answers before August is over, they still have not made a decision on the wipe, they are still working on the siege expansion (but it SHOULD be done next week).

    Still not one definitive answer. I don’t see why AV blogs when they have no real answers.

    But hey we did get a 1 min 42 sec video… Looks good, but I think I speak for all of the members when I say MOVE YOUR ASSES.

    p.s. Did anyone else notice that Tasos forgot how to spell Theyril? Or are they changing the way it’s spelled in the new upcoming soon to be out patch sometime this next month or maybe later not quite sure yet but TBA.

  21. i dont mind it taking longer i fucking do mind the vague answers we have been getting for months now

    what ure player base wants is YES NO to a few pointed questions wich seeing as we are bloody paying for this game , i think we ATLEAST deserve to know where it is going ,

    want a realistic vieuw on things?

    if they are still merging df1 with the “new siege mod”
    it means df2 wont be for atleast another 6 months , so play the game now if u like it but dont expect miracle df2 to be anytime soon

  22. Mathew Jones says:

    Tasos I don’t think you understand what your subscribers want. Make a quick post giving quick, to the point, definitive answers of the following points.

    1. Will darkfall 2.0 be its own separate server from the current darkfall? Yes No

    If Yes will current character data be carried over to the new server?(Not including the skills or spells you are changing or removing)

    If no will the current character data remain on the current server?(Not including the skills or spells you are changing or removing)

    Will darkfall 2.0 yield the following features that were planed and being developed for darkfall 2010

    1. Revamped UI? Yes No

    2. Enviromental sounds? Yes No

    3. New Lighting? Yes No

    4. Revamp of Physic spells? Yes No

    5. Revamp of portal system? Yes No

    6. Revamp of siege system? Yes No

    7. Revamp of character hit boxes? Yes No

    8. Revamp of character Models? Yes No

    9. Revamp of Racial zones? Yes No

    10. Revamp of Racial cities and starter areas? Yes No

    11. Revamp of Mob loot tables and difficulty? Yes No

    12. Revamp of quests and rewards? Yes No

    13. Revamp of mob map distribution? Yes No

    14. Revamp of dungeons? Yes No

    15. Revamp of armor graphics? Yes No

    16. Revamp of armor class specialization? Yes No

    If anyone can remember anymore that were posted on the forums or blog by the developers please add them. Tasos could we just get a simple Yes or no?

    • MOST all of those have been touched upon however none of the crucial ones.

      • Mathew Jones says:

        There has not been a definitive answer that these features will be in darkfall 2.0, but they have been said to be in darkfall 2010. It would just be nice to have a post with definitive answers so we can put our doubts to rest.

        • Kyle Ernst says:


          This is what’s wrong with most of this community. They don’t listen when AV DOES give answers(albeit very rarely). They have already stated DF 2010 was just their inside name for DF 2.0. Therefore everything they said for DF 2010 will be in DF 2.0. So yes, 90-95% of your post has already been answered. Some of it multiple times in fact.

    • Most of them have been answered, as Cory Reynolds said. But, AV haven’t the skills for handling customers, as people are antsy and want everything handed on a silver platter on several places. A FAQ regarding what has been decided on DF 2.0 should be done.

      As for what I remember of these questions, the following information has been released:

      1. Revamped UI?

      2. Enviromental sounds?

      3. New Lighting?

      4. Revamp of Physic spells?
      Yes, it isn’t supposed to be possible to travel faster than Mounts on land

      5. Revamp of portal system?
      Yes, portals will be outside cities

      6. Revamp of siege system?
      Yes, probably this week

      7. Revamp of character hit boxes?
      Possible, as character models are redone.

      8. Revamp of character Models?

      9. Revamp of Racial zones?
      Yes, more Towers, Alignment only active in a smaller zone, all map redone.

      10. Revamp of Racial cities and starter areas?
      Yes, all map redone, Capital starter city, outlying cities still full of Newb quests.

      11. Revamp of Mob loot tables and difficulty?
      Yes, everything being rebalanced

      12. Revamp of quests and rewards?

      13. Revamp of mob map distribution?

      14. Revamp of dungeons?

      15. Revamp of armor graphics?

      16. Revamp of armor class specialization?

      Can understand that we aren’t getting any answers, as we constantly ask the same ones regardless what answers we get. ;)

  23. Jesse Ryan says:

    Yeah, lets wipe the fucking servers, because the carebears are crying for it. We haven’t spent years in darkfall amassing the elements and wining countless battles to have it disappear because little shit heads want to whine about our advantage.

    FUCK THIS. If there is a wipe, darkfall will live on in memory alone.

    • Kyle Ernst says:

      Yep, carebears are the ones willing to work for everything from scratch all over again. Continuing something that’s already finished is SOOOOOOO much harder and there fore “hardcore”.

      /end sarcasm

  24. James Okelly says:

    Why make the post so long when it could just be this:

    “Spend the last 2 months testing sieges and added a couple moving spikes.”

  25. Maybe AV DOES know that they are going to wipe the servers, but they also know that everyone will unsub until DF 2.0 if that is the case.

  26. I used to check forums every hour, the game released and I started checking them about three times a day, then the second expansion maybe once a day, I unsubbed and checked it about once every three days, then I resubbed and didn’t like it and now I barely check back once a week. In it’s current state I can barely bring my self to see whats going on with Darkfall once a month.

    Someone at work actually asked me about trying the game, I couldn’t recommend it with good conscious. This party is all but vapor now.

  27. Another vague, useless update.

    “wow… The ability to speak without saying anything.”


  28. Seems like every update of the summer has been the same, why you guys don’t publish some pictures of the team on a greek beach ? weather’s been good in greece right ? : >

  29. Hey Av.

    You don’t take my shit in my bank, my houses or my skills. If you do that I’m going to be pissed.

    • Especially to please someone else who wants a wipe and doesn’t play the game and who I have little or nothing to do with. He didn’t farm my shit. I farmed it. And it’s bad enough you have to constantly make pre-patch equipment useless. Do you have any idea how much time you make players waste by making their gear useless? you should really find a better way. this is not acceptable. And change the loot of mobs already to updated armor if you update the crafted armor.

  30. Reminds me of runescape combat…. That is a bad thing.

  31. Wow you guys are trash. Just a big ‘ol bag of trash filled with disappointment. If this is what you are going to tell us, then just don’t say anything at all.

  32. Unsubbed. Have fun with your new partners in Asia, AV. I don’t think that market knows how full of shit you are yet.

  33. i still say you should have copied and pasted shadowbanes seige system. it was near perfect.

  34. Josh Wilson says:

    Nice obstacle in the dungeon.

  35. Eric Gayman says:

    Common AV its time to update DF1 and stop blogging about DF2

    Most of us wont even be alive to see DF2 release if we learned anything from 2001.

  36. “As far as the wipe or no wipe debate within the community, we are looking at ways to satisfy both sides. We respect our playerbase and our long-time active players and our relaunch is not meant to destroy the current game, but extend it. In the meanwhile, if it’s any indication, we’ve been investing heavily in the current game with the siege expansion.”

    Are you serious??? Do you REALLY think tossing words around will confuse us so as to not notice this means nothing?


    It’s real simple and I’ll break it down for you;

    A) No

    B) Yes, followed by a list of what get wiped.


    This is not rocket science, the only reason not to say it straight up, in the face of people unsubbing over it every day, is that you have decided to wipe heavilly and you know you are gonna loose even more subs over it, so you are milking the last bit of money you can from us. This is dishonest, at the very best.

  37. Jonas Opasi says:

    As you can see Tasos you wanker, … all the posts above me really think you and AV are shit.

  38. Matt Goebel says:

    You said we would have an ETA in August. We are all tired of your bullshit. You never meet any of your time lines. Its terrible.

    If you would simply be honest we’d be here by your side like we have been for the last 2 years. But because your dragging us along for the last several months we have turned on you. We are tired of you stringing us along. I’m unsubbing and will be playing Battlefield 3 for the next 24 months until you release Darkfall 2.0.

  39. Bear says:

    The lighting looks nice in the new dungeon. Will I still feel load lag and be able to runaway and portal log? After the wipe I’m gonna need all my loots.

  40. Nathan Kyer says:

    Blah Blah still nothing damn skilled at BS

  41. Hey guys, we know you’ve been wondering about an ETA, so here’s a video of a dungeon. You’re welcome.

  42. You have been working on putting siege system in to current darkfall for like half a year. What a waste of time!

    Who cares about current darkfall? most people are waiting for df2.0, vets who are bored of current game and even new players who are unsure whether to invest time in current darkfall because they do not know if you will wipe or not!

    Please AV engage brain!

  43. Pingback: Darkfall - Aktuelles Entwicklerupdate und Dungeon-Video veröffentlicht

  44. Walter Ever says:

    59 responses and 57 of them are angry posts. I’m guessing AV is doing something wrong with their product. I certainly don’t have an exact remedy in mind, but stringing along your customers is not an advised method for creating a healthy customer/developer relationship. So that would the one thing you DON’T want to do anymore.

  45. Saul Manzano says:

    read between the lines ;)

    We do have a team in Cologne for the GDC and for Gamescom. The purpose of our visit there is related to our Asian expansion in China, Korea and Japan, and discussing with partners regarding Darkfall’s relaunch

  46. Shane Stout says:

    all i know is that the ‘updated’ combat, magic, grind, and other systems are already gonna wreck the game. they may as well do a total wipe anyway. it would make life simpler for everyone. why make a minor scew up when you can self implode? good job AV.

  47. I must say that I’m excited about the new 2.0 Revamp.
    I just logged inn on my old DF character and thought about some things.
    First i thought was that this WAS an fun game in the “old days” (The internet make 2 years feel like millennia) while i played for about an hour or so, i found out that the mobs could be killed with a bit of tactics unlike the old days when they ran around and either charged you or ran away and healed, but eventually i got bored since my old clan had vanished (logged out).

    What people want is contests of who’s best and whats not, but for most can’t cope with the stat slope you guys released it with, and it was never ending, witch made some great generals and some just pawns, this is something the casual players look a lot into and if they can’t reach that level anymore then whats the point, they want competition but not something that is unreachable.

    If you think about it the MMOs out right now example: WoW (since everyone knows about it) also resets their playerbase once in a while when every new expansion comes out. They then have to level up and get new gear and new equipment and probably new guild.

    What i want to see is the stat/skill wipe and let equipment and reagents stay in their bank, thats the way you can satisfy an all out wipe and the high end players wouldn’t need to whine, if they are that good they wouldn’t cancel the subscription because of the grind they did to get the stuff they have now, and it wouldn’t give them that much of an advantage since Adventurine would by now hardcaped the stats/skills to some degree.
    (This will also encourage players to farm and fight until the last day when the relaunch happens)
    (also lett players have their hamlets and houses after relaunch, i don’t see the problem with having them)

    What we need is an game that develop and progress on the flaws, not get bottlenecked because of it.

    If you see an bottleneck then smash it open and make an new neck to support the flow, if you find an leek then patch it up and continue on!

  48. Sam Corbin says:

    The great thing is, this is just how AV works. They don’t give a shit about you whinny ass holes that have no life, and they don’t give a shit about due dates. They simply care about their game. Anyone that’s followed Darkfall since 05′ knows this. Hell anyone that’s followed Darkfall since launch should know this, but it would seem a lot of you are just impatient hardcore gamers. Its okay to be a hardcore gamer, but take a step back a bit and let them work, it will happen when it happens. Until then, play something else. That’s what I did.

  49. Love the blood splatter, still not playing till i get a decent internet connection or my ping isn’t a huge handicap, maybe I will try the new version regardless. I find myself following what is going on a lot less as it is taking them years to make improvements.

  50. This was a weak update! Nothing about a new UI, character animations and skill cap/specialisation?

    Bah, I am starting to more and more think that this DF 2.0 is just BS hype.

  51. Tom Walsh says:

    I want to know if any work is being done to improve lag in the game. Shiney stuff is pointless if your at a permanent disadvantage due to your geographicsal location.

  52. Honestly AV… you’re just pissing off the community. If you think holding back information is going to “SURPRISE!” the community, you’re fucking wrong. Because we won’t be here to see your fucking surprise if you keep disappointing us like this. I think I can speak for the community when I say….

    I am a bit frustrated.

  53. excuse, excuse, no answer, uhm…no answer, dodge dodging an answer that was dodged by dodging an excuse.

  54. Adam Meade says:

    Seeing all of the angry responses makes me more excited for Darkfall 2.0 than the blog itself!


    Hopefully its crowded!

  55. Ruby Rhod says:

    VERY NICE! Ignore the rage quitters. You’ve done well and always come through despite adversities. More will come play and resubscribe by 10x than will rage quit with your new system and/or wipes. GOGOGOGOGO!

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