How big is the world?
The world is huge, possibly the largest single online game world of its kind. The world is even larger if you consider that you can access all of it. There are no invisible walls or obstacles, if you can see it, you can go there. Aside from the massive size of the world there are also hundreds of islands you could discover and make your secret base on. As you travel across Agon you will encounter unique terrain features never seen before in online games, such as mountain ranges that rise for thousands of feet, waiting for you to climb and explore them.

What is the setting of this game?
The setting of Darkfall is a fantasy adventure where anything is possible, with dragons, elves, orks, sorcery, epic battles, quests, and the never-ending struggle between good and evil.

Will Darkfall have safe zones?
There are no safe zones in Darkfall unless the players themselves create them or seek them out. There is no area where a player cannot be attacked by another player. In the starting locations, guard towers will attack aggressors, providing some measure of safety for new players.

How can I stay safe?
You are never really safe. There is relative safety in numbers and in staying out of harms way. A player in a city full of his clan-mates and protected by guard towers is as safe as he can be, but is still vulnerable to a sudden enemy raid. A player who has made a home for himself in a remote area is also relatively safe, but an enemy could always come along. The six racial capitals are very well guarded and are probably the safest locations on Agon.

Is Darkfall a Player vs. Player (PvP) game?
Darkfall is THE PvP game because it was designed with PvP in mind. There is full interaction between players without any restrictions, but with accountability through the alignment system. Calling Darkfall just a PvP game however would be selling it short. Of course there is a lot of PvP combat and the combat gameplay is as fast paced and fun as a first person shooter, but the focus of the game is kingdom building, clan warfare, and conquest. The battles are epic and require a lot more than just PvP skill to be won. Darkfall is as much a social, a real-time strategy, and a fantasy role playing game, as it is a PvP game.

Will you offer a world without PvP for those of us that do not enjoy it?
We like to think of Darkfall as a game where there are no restrictions to player interaction that dont make sense. The fantasy literature and mythology that inspired fantasy based RPGs contains conflict, combat and warfare and its part of what made these worlds so dramatic, the characters so heroic, and the endings so rewarding. Having said that, were sorry, but we do not offer a softer version of Darkfall.

I dont like PvP, why should I even consider trying out Darkfall?
If you give it a chance, youll discover that Darkfall is an extremely well rounded game. Darkfall features the ultimate player based economy, more useful trade skills than any other released MMORPG to date, advanced monster AI, and challenging quests. Furthermore, the game world is huge; you could move to a remote area with your friends and create a safe haven for other like-minded players.

How are you going to handle Player Killing?
Anyone can attack anyone. In fact Darkfall encourages you to seek out and kill enemies of your race and your clan.

How many simultaneous players per game world?
Darkfall accommodates at least ten thousand simultaneous players in each game world.

How is this large a number of simultaneous players possible?
Its possible through our in-house developed server technology, which affords us a high degree of scalability.

Are there zones?
No. Darkfall is seamless and does not have zones and zone loading, as seen in other MMORPGs. There is a short loading pause when entering dungeons.

What about weather effects and day/night cycles?
Agon is a very atmospheric and beautiful world complete with world physics that will surprise you. The weather effects are often dramatic, and the day/night cycles are sometimes accompanied by spectacular dawns and sunsets.
The current total night/day cycle is about four hours long for the daytime and one hour long for the nightime. Expect realistic weather effects, such as rain, snow, wind blowing in the trees, wind blowing in the grass on the ground, thunder and lightning.

How can I travel long distances other than by foot?
There are several types of mounts you can ride, ships you can sail, as well as magical means of travel.

Is a map available?
A dynamic in-game map is available.

  What is Darkfall?
Darkfall is a next generation Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) currently in development.
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