Do I have to join a Clan?
Darkfall can be played any way you want. If you want to get involved in conquest, wars, and ruling kingdoms, you join a clan, or get together with some friends and start your own, but you do not have to.

What other options other than joining a Clan do I have?
You are only limited by your imagination in what else you can do, but here are some examples to get you going:

You could be a lone adventurer, hunting for treasure, magical items and fame, or a mercenary selling your services to the highest bidder. You may choose to play a merchant, setting up caravans and shops in different cities, buying high quality hides from Mahirim hunters and selling them for top prices at Human cities. You could hook up with a few friends and be pirates, sailing your galleon around, plundering merchant ships, or choose to play the Dwarven blacksmith, crafting mighty magical weapons and armor, or perhaps a farmer producing rare herbs and spell reagents. The possibilities are limitless.

Is it possible to start a multi-race clan?
Yes it is. Clans with a mix of humans, elves and dwarves are common in Darkfall, or clans made up of Orks and Mahirim. Alfar tend to not mix with other races at all.
Multi race clans will face certain incompatibility issues when moving around in racial areas.

How are clans structured and organized?
The Clan leader can assign ranks to those below him ranging from recruits up to top level commanders.

  What is Darkfall?
Darkfall is a next generation Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) currently in development.
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