Does Darkfall have universal banks?
Yes there are universal banks in Darkfall, and the purpose is to facilitate gameplay vs. realism.

How does trading work?
Players can interact through racial chat, alliance chat and in-game trade boards. 

Can players create magical items?
Darkfall features a sophisticated item creator, which enables players to create powerful items, like weapons, jewelry, armor, wands, potions, food and more. We have invested a lot of time and design resources into creating a true player based economy. Players who enjoy trading and crafting will enjoy harnessing the capabilities of Darkfalls item creator system.

Do items decay with use?
Yes they do.

Is it possible to repair items?
You can repair damaged clan houses, ships and warhulks. However you can not repair damaged equipment such as armor, clothes or weapons.

What types of items can I make?
You are able to make almost every item found in the world like weapons, tools, armor, clothing, food, containers, furniture, jewelry etc.

How do I get the resources I need to make items?
You can gather the resources you need from hunting, or from mining the specific resource. You could also buy them from a vendor or another player.

What different crafting buildings are there?
There's a smithy, a workshop, a laboratory, a bakery, a smelter and an enchantment workstation.

  What is Darkfall?
Darkfall is a next generation Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) currently in development.
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