Racial wars?
Yes. Darkfall has six different main character races: Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Mahirim, Orks and Alfar. Each race has different political standings with the other races. The Elves are at peace with Dwarves and Humans, but are wary of Mahirim, and are at war with the Orks. Everyone hates the Alfar, and the Alfar hate everyone. In effect this means that Elven players may travel to Dwarven and Human cities without having any problems with the guard towers, and may buy and sell in stores. If an Elven player traveled to an Orkish city, he would be killed on sight, both by guard towers and by other players. In Alfar cities, any other race is attacked.

Can I be successful at combat without learning magic?
It's possible, but it won't be easy. Our effort is to balance magic and melee/archery skills so that you can compete even if you choose not to learn magic. Darkfall is a magical world though, so if you are totally against picking up any magic skills or spells, you may have to rely on magical items, potions or scrolls to aid you in combat.

Whats the best path to follow to be successful in combat?
The best individual fighters in Darkfall are the characters that have a good combination of skills. In Clan warfare, clans with a good mix of various specialties should fare the best.

I enjoy playing support characters. Will my contribution make a difference in combat?
Your contribution could be very valuable. Logistics are very important in Clan warfare. The tradesmen, farmers, bakers, miners and other support characters stocking up supplies of spell reagents, gold, weapons, potions, armor, and whatever else is needed, are crucial to the war effort. Fighting ability alone will not be able to sustain a successful campaign for long. A clan will need to balance their activities, or cooperate with other clans in order to be successful.

Can I make a name for myself as a solo fighter?
Yes you could, but it wont be easy. Without a support network you will have serious disadvantages and theres a limit to what you can accomplish fighting against all odds. However, if youre intelligent, persistent and skillful you could be very successful playing the lone wolf character.

Can you fight in cities?
Yes you can fight wherever you want. There are no safe zones.

Arent you worried that out of control random player killers will ruin the game?
No. Being a random player killer of evil alignment is definitely possible, but also an extremely hard career. You will have enemies everywhere, and will have a hard time finding a safe city to trade in. You have the freedom to play such a character, but theres also accountability for the choices you make.

How does alignment come into play when a good clan is at war with another good clan?
Once clans have declared war on each other, no alignment adjustments will occur due to your actions towards members of the clan you are at war with.

Can you walk through other players in Darkfall?
No, so blocking entrances will be a viable combat tactic. It is possible to push players and monsters out of the way though, so this tactic can be countered.

  What is Darkfall?
Darkfall is a next generation Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) currently in development.
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