Patch Notes December 19th - Christmas Patch!

Patch Notes December 19th - Christmas Patch!

On the shortest day of the year do the free people’s of Agon celebrate the Birthday of the Unconquered Sun. The clouds may gather, the skies darken ever-quicker, and the frost may chill the bones to the marrow.. yet the sun shall not be conquered and shall shine upon the land again. 

Video: Darkfall Unholy Wars: Relics

Relics System in Darkfall: The intensity and thrill of "Capture the flag" type gameplay within a persistent MMO world Read More about Relics: [url=][/url]

Patch Notes December 2nd: Relics


With today's maintenance we will apply our latest patch.

This contains some combat changes, changes to shop items and our new feature, Relics.


Relics will bestow unique bonuses and advantages to clan’s that are able to find them and place them in their holdings. This is the first batch of relics to be introduced to the game with more to follow over time.

Ganksgiving Patch Notes

Greetings Agonians,

Today we will be patching in a seasonal event known as Ganksgiving, new unique Premium items in our Selentine shop and also a series of general updates and fixes. Stay tuned for our upcoming Relics patch, early next week, that is in the final testing phase.

Ganksgiving Event

New Tutorial Video

New Tutorial Video

After some deliberation, have decided to temporarily remove the Vale of the Custodian (AKA the tutorial).

For the time being, new players will spawn right into the world and begin their explorations without needing to go through the tutorial.  At the moment, all new players will begin at the Heart of Eanna and the initial tutorial instructions will be skipped.

We'll be looking into revamping and improving the Vale area to provide a better and smoother starting experience for new players.

New Steam Player Links and Player Resources

Thank you for joining us and congratulations on choosing Darkfall Unholy Wars, the most harcore sandbox PvP MMO, featuring massive battles on land and sea. We'd like to welcome you and help you through your first steps.