What is Darkfall??
Darkfall is a groundbreaking real-time Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) developed by Aventurine SA which has been released in Europe since February 25th, 2009. A North American release is planned for Q2 2009.

What is a MMORPG?
MMORPG is a term that describes a genre of games where you can play along with thousands of players from all over the globe in the same persistent game world. A persistent world is one that is always there and where the action never ends. The game keeps evolving even after you have logged off, as there are players still in the world and playing.

What kind of advanced features does Darkfall have?
Darkfall has most of the features one would associate with fantasy based MMORPGs, but also contains elements found in real-time strategy and action games. In Darkfall its the players and their actions that shape the world. Darkfall provides you with the platform and the tools to engage in grand activities such as kingdom building, politics, strategy, diplomacy, combat, warfare, conquest, and racial wars. Darkfall also offers you the freedom and the option to not get involved in any of that if you dont want to, and to follow a path of your own.

How do I Play?
You first need to download the Darkfall Client. Visit the account management page and create an account. You can purchase the Darkfall Client download after youve entered your personal and billing information.

What does it cost to play Darkfall?
First you need to purchase the Darkfall game client download which includes one month of game time. This costs 42 Euro. Residents of the European Union are also charged 19% VAT so the client download costs 49.98 Euro. After the initial month of game time is over you need to pay a monthly subscription to continue. The cost for the monthly subscription is 11.77 Euro, or 14.00 Euro for EU residents (+19% VAT)

Why is the shop temporarily offline?
This means that Darkfall is temporarily sold-out due to high demand. Darkfall becomes available every few days for a limited number of copies. Please check the Darkfall Community News section for more information on Darkfall availability.

Can I try out Darkfall for free before I buy?
Not at this time.

Does Darkfall have a single player version?
No, Darkfall is strictly an online game. In order to play it you must first connect to the game servers.

Are there regular updates to Darkfall?
There are daily updates, weekly patches, and scheduled monthly updates to the game. New content is added, technical issues are addressed, and the game is constantly evolving.

Where can I get support?
You can visit the Darkfall Online Support page, log in with your game account name and password and send your support request.

  What is Darkfall?
Darkfall is a next generation Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) currently in development.
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