Where will my character start out?
Your character will start his/her adventure near his/her racial capital, with little more than a name, some basic equipment, and a neutral alignment.

Theres alignment in Darkfall?
Yes there is. You start out with a neutral alignment, and based on your actions, this alignment changes. Turning evil is easy, although it doesnt make for an easy life. Killing other characters unprovoked will get you there fast and this will make guard towers, clans and other players attack you on sight. Changing your alignment towards good is a challenging and difficult process.

Will I need to level?
There is no leveling in Darkfall. Our advancement system is 100% skill based and skills advance through use. If you want to learn to use the sword for example, you pick up the swordsmanship skill and you advance this skill with use. You become a better swordsman over time and with practice, by actually using your sword while hunting or in combat.

What about character classes? How does character development work in Darkfall?
The rule is that there are no traditional character classes, or templates. We want to give the players total control of what and how they want to play. Customize your own character to suit your playing style best, without traditional templates to limit you. If you want to be an axe wielding Dwarven fighter you simply pick up the Axe skill, Axe Mastery, Parry, Dodge, Cleave and other linked skills. If you later decide that some magic would be nice as support, you pick up a few magic skills and spells as well. The same goes for trade skills. Want to be able to create weapons? Pick up Smithing and Weapon Crafting. Want to make clothing or work as a tailor for a while? Pick up Tailoring. No need to re-roll your character.
There is no way to "gimp" your character by picking the "wrong" skills or spells.
Get what you want, play as you want.

Can I customize my characters look?
There are many options that allow you to customize your character to give him a unique look.

What happens when my character dies?
When your character dies he drops his items that remain on his corpse until looted, but the good news is that hes resurrected at a spot youve previously selected.

How many races are there that I can choose from?
There are six main races that you may choose from: Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Mahirim, Orks and Alfar. You can read more about the different races here.

Are there player owned houses?
Clans can build entire cities, but individual player housing is not available at this time.

  What is Darkfall?
Darkfall is a next generation Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) currently in development.
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