Patch Notes: March 10th, 2016

Greetings Agonians,

After a long cold winter, spring is finally arriving in Agon,

Removed the Xmas Event theme throughout Agon

Removed the Krampus Visage empty folder from the Premium Shop

Removed all Conversion Recipes for the Aged Materials

New Year's Patch

Happy Holidays everyone! The New Year's Patch is live.

We'd like to point out that Darkfall Unholy Wars is on Steam Sale until Jan. 4th, 2016 - discounts on offer are 33%, 50% and 66% off regular prices for the 30-day, 3 month, and six month subscriptions respectively: discounts will appear at checkout - more at the Steam Store page

Without further ado, this New Year's patch includes the following:

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Greetings Agonians!

We're proud to announce that we've teamed up with ORIGIN PC to bring you a free weekend in Agon!

Patch Notes September 16th


Today we applied our latest patch. This includes some changes in combat, outposts and economy. Also, we altered our hotbars, for better and easier usage! 

Chaos Outposts

Added 2 chaos outposts in Banegorge and Heneldon areas. These outposts are equipped with mastery workstations. Players can enjoy their benefits but at the risk of getting killed by anyone around.

Patch Notes September 11th

New weapon in game: The mighty Tyrantsmight! Name:  Tyrantsmight.JPG<br />
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Feel like nuking foes/allies/entire cities into oblivion? Look no further than this BFG equivalent of magic staves!