Visceral Battles


Real time, fast paced, manual aimed combat. An intensity and explosive real time combat system that demands and rewards skill and lightning reflexes! The combination of first person shooter battles and rpg style strategy and abilities merge together in a truly epic experience!

Player skill matters. MIndless tab-targeting and ever-repeating skill rotations have no place here! Only your own skills will make the difference between laughing at your enemies and humiliation (death too, of course).
Full loot. Experience the adrenaline of a world where death has real consequence! The need for survival is suddenly a whole lot more potent when you can lose everything you have on you when you die at the hands of looters!
Naval combat (Quite limited for launch). Build a vast navy and take to the seas! A large number of different kinds of naval vessels will be at your disposal to bring rich strategy and variety to coastal battles! (This feature will be limited at launch but updated very soon after).
Mounted Combat. Train your peons (or friends) to charge into the fray on fearsome mounts to experience cavalry style battles as you clash with your enemy!
Small scale skirmishes. Battle is around every corner, be it the city sieges of clan warfare or the explosive conflicts of sudden, unexpected skirmishes as you travel the lands!
Friendly fire – collision detection. Though no rules are strict on the matter, if you wish to keep your friends (intact) you must learn to place your swings with care! Full collision detection brings the true chaos of combat to the forefront.
Use tactics in the battle field and change the odds. Swing the tide of the direst of battles to your advantage by using cunning tactics and strategy!