Become a Legend


Pick a role out of the 4 available – combine schools in a role.

Pick one of the available roles, Warrior, Skirmisher, Elementalist and Primalist. Explore the various schools associated with each role and combine them to find your favorite way to slay your foes!

Switch to any role – try different play styles all in one character – no need for alts.

Switch between roles at any time! Be a heavy-armored battletank one moment, then quickly change to a master of pain and curses the next. Whether through curiosity or situational need, you will have the option to shift your role and function as you see fit.

A unique progression system.

No more distinct levels. Accumulate prowess points with every activity you take part in the world of Darkfall Unholy Wars, and use these points to raise the skill of your choice. 

Focus in one path and become viable fast.

Whether you take your time and explore your options, or focus on one pathway and achieve greatness as soon as possible, the choice is yours. There is no ‘wrong’ way to play!

Combine a role with an attribute booster for extra customization.

Discover and unlock a variety of different attribute and combat boosters to enhance and customize your gameplay!