Patch Notes July 30th

Tue, 30/07/2013 - 16:19

These are the patch notes of July 30th, you can also find them posted in the Darkfall Unholy Wars News Forum

New Content

New Warrior School (Slayer)

  • Battle Rage
    • Allowing battle fervor to course through your limbs, you enjoy the
    • benefits of greatly increased attack speed at the cost of health.
  • Power Attack
    • A punishing attack that will have a different effect on your victim depending on the weapon you wield.
  • Crushing Blow
    • Crush your enemy and see him driven before you! This strike will drain
    • your foe's stamina, momentarily blind them, and reduce their attack speed.
  • Vampiric Strike
    • Striking at the very life-force of your enemy, you leech some of his health onto yourself.
  • Barrage (Ultimate)
    • Harnessing the cold rage of battle, you increase your attack speed and critical chance. While this effect is active, each strike you land will grant a portion of the damage you deal back to you as health.

Two new Warships

  • Junk: fairly slow speed warship with 12 side and 1 rear cannon.Can be crafted with Shipbuilding Mastery at Shipyards only . Requires: Compass, Ship Modules and Neithal Ship Modules. (Shipbuilding Mastery 50)
  • Barque: fairly slow speed warship with 9 side, 2 front and 2 rear cannons. Can be crafted with Shipbuilding Mastery at Shipyards only. Requires: Compass, Ship Modules and Neithal Ship Modules. (Shipbuilding Mastery 50)

General Fixes

  • Fixed issue with the restoration of player houses that had taxes/rent due to be paid (caused the flag to appear incorrect)
  • Fixed an issue that when a mercenary ganked an “opposing” character during a siege his kill would not count as a siege kill.
  • Fixed an issue with the messages from clan workstation usage not showing up. From now on every time someone is using one of the clan workstations all the clan members get a notification message.
  • Fixed a round robin bug. If the killer was excluded and everyone else outside of the range, no one was being credited with the kills until someone was again in range or the killer was included back. At that point all the "missing" kills were credited to this player.
  • Fixed an issue with the clan holding overview configuration update, whereby a clan member could not kick a player from the bind-stone when a siege was active for the holding
  • Fixed an issue with the clan overview, when viewing the players own clan, whereby the clan leader/founder on/off-line status could be shown in an incorrect state
  • Fixed an issue with the clan overview political stance selector not updating or becoming editable again (without closing and re-opening the window), when war expires between two clans while the window is open
  • Various text fixes on clan windows.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a player to be decapitated/instantly killed from another player in an extremely rare case
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases someone could summon a character and also keep the shard.
  • Fixed a bug where the market interface button would remain “enabled” if the market was closed by pressing "esc" button
  • Fixed a bug where closing market window wouldn't toggle chat window back on (if it was on when opening the market).
  • Fixed a bug where the chat input box would remain “active” after closing market but chat window would close (and could lead players to thinik their keyboard stopped responding and they couldn't move).
  • Fixed a bug where some player names would show up as “Null Null” in their own interface

HUD Changes

There where some changes/additions on information that was showing up on the targeting HUD:

  • When targeting tombstones (Player tombstones will now show full character name and clan)
  • When targeting ships (It will also show how many repairers it currently has as long as you are close to the ship)
  • When targeting clan bindstones, siegestones, village control-points and NPC bindstones
  • Updated targeting component behavior to only show the health circle for objects that can be damaged (for invulnerable objects, siege-stones, bind-stones, control-points etc. the circle will not be visible until they become vulnerable)

World Changes

  • Re-Balanced the traps in Svartvann Dungeon.
  • Added a special effect above all the vendors of the game to make them spot out more. It can be turned off from the option menu

General Changes

  • Changes to the village capturing and stealing mechanics
  • Disabling skills will now change automatically based on weapon equipped.
  • The default attack skill for the weapon a character is currently holding will now be available to choose from the slot in the middle of the radial menu
  • Small adjustment for ship spawning.
  • Added “rate-limiting” to fix message spam from clans when players are harvesting a resource node in one of the clans' holdings
    • Should now never receive more than 1 message, per player type (clan member, other clan member, no clan member), per resource node, per holding, per 10 seconds
    • New combined messages added (e.g. "2 players from other clans have harvested the mine in Your-Holding recently")
  • Removed “gate control policy” component from clan holding overview window, when viewing a hamlet
  • The number of concurrently active repairers is now limited, for ships
    • Each ship has a maximum allowed number of repairers (see below)
    • Players attempting to repair the ship when the maximum number of repairers are already active will receive a notification explaining why they can’t repair the ship
    • Maximum Repairers:
      • Raft: 2
      • Wherry: 2
      • Launch: 3
      • Fishing Trawler: 3
      • Costal Runner: 3
      • Sea Scrapper: 3
      • Pinnace: 4
      • Sloop: 4
      • Schooner: 5
      • Brigantine: 5
      • Junk: 6
      • Barque: 6