Patch Notes Dec. 18th

Wed, 18/12/2013 - 22:33

This is the new chat patch we talked about last week and it also includes the addition of deployable and city Cannons. 

You can check out a screenshot of the new chat as well as a screenshot of a new Cannon posted on the Darkfall Unholy Wars page on Facebook. 

New Feature

New Chat, including emotes and chat bubbles (with the option to turn them off)

  • Emotes can be used by the bottom right button in the chat, or by typing out the full emote command (e.g. /guitar) Keybind options are included.
  • Chat bubbles will only appear for messages that are sent through the local area channel.
  • You can cycle through previous sent messages using Ctrl+UP/DOWN

New Spawnable Cannon (Eruptor Cannon)

  • It can be crafted through engineering and requires a new material (Flash Cotton), only available as a Village reward (rare)
  • Added cannons to clan city towers

General Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with ship building and some fishing feats not being completed
  • Some ability and AI teaks for Sir Davosh and Erodach
  • Asset protection cost has been decreased by 70%