New Role Primalist

Wed, 20/03/2013 - 17:20

The Primalist is the new and anticipated Role added to Darkfall Unholy Wars. More than just a support role, he is the healer and protector of his group and can help turn the tide of any battle with his interventions. Below you will find a breakdown of the Primalist’s Life and Law school, complete with the descriptions of the spells each school features.

Life School


  • Exalted Sacrifice: Give of your own health to heal another.  You will lose 70% of the health your ally is healed for. 
  • Consecrate: Tap into the very essence of life and consecrate the ground you stand on. Everyone in range will have their health and stamina restored over time. 
  • Resuscitation: Quickly bring an ally back from the brink of death!
  • Healing Blast: An explosive and powerful burst of rejuvenating life force centered at your target point.  This missile of healing energies is affected by gravity.
  • Spirit Bond (Ultimate): Channel a primal, life-giving bond between yourself and an ally.  While you maintain this link, your ally will gain any health he loses directly from your mana-pool.  You can maintain this link indefinitely.


Law School:

  • Virtuous Wrath: With the righteous speed of justice this spell has a small impact and a long range! 
  • Invigoration: Let the forces of righteous law command your wound's to bind and your body to recover quickly.
  • Bastion: The zeal of your faith creates a palpable aura of protection to all forms of harm for you.
  • Primal Surge: A ray of righteous energy strengthens your target's resolve. Their maximum health, stamina, and mana pools are increased for its duration.
  • Wall Of Righteous Force (Ultimate): Your faith is a palpable barrier.  Your allies can see enemies through the barrier, but your foes will only see a confusing blur of movement and their projectiles, both magical and mundane, will bounce harmlessly off the barrier.


With the addition of the Primalist, there are now 4 roles in the game for players to choose from.