Duelist - The new Skirmisher School

Fri, 06/09/2013 - 19:21

This is an introduction to the Duelist, the new Skirmisher school, from our upcoming content patch. The information comes from Tassos Vourexakis from our QA department:

Duelist is a fast paced, high skill role that will bring twitch-play back into the equation. The equivalent of an ultra high mobility melee glass cannon. With easy to land, low-cooldown, high-damage skills, we expect this to be the role of choice for the experienced pvpers out there.

Skills such as Flurry greatly reduce the melee protections of even the hardiest of armors. Lacerate will be more than useful against the caster-types, with a high damage burst, high damage bleed, and penalty to casting speed for the unfortunate victims.

More fun pvp tools will be skills such as Pummel, a long lasting blinding attack with a movement speed debuff to boot. Lunge is a powerful short-cooldown, medium-range ray attack that duelists will use relentlessly to chase and cut down their foes.

Duelist ultimate skill will reset all his cooldowns, including cooldowns from other schools. It will also give a hefty armor bonus in melee and arrow protections, double his crit chance using all his attacks and restore a big amount of his mana, for that extra boost in stat management.