Clan Markets

Fri, 14/03/2014 - 18:30

Clan Markets are a new feature from our upcoming patch. Following is information on their purpose and function:

The purpose of this feature is primarily to facilitate easier trading between clan and alliance members.

The clan market is a structure that can be built in both cities and hamlets and is by default accessible by clan members only. An important thing to note is that whether a clan has one or many holdings, the order list that will appear to a member when he uses the market is the same, making cross holding trades possible. Clan markets also have no taxes and no courier fees for the time being.

Clan leaders have the option of opening their individual market buildings to allies, non enemies or even everyone and have them enjoy the same benefits as the clan members. If only clan members have access to the market, individual member permissions will also come into play. In the case of catastrophic events, like the holding changing hands, all market orders are expired forcibly unless another clan building market that belongs to the clan still stands. On that note, a market building that has been damaged enough to reach the deactivation state is not accessible by anyone but order timers still tick away normally.

This is our initial plan for the clan markets while we evaluate their effects on trading however, the option to open them up and make them part of the global market system in terms of visibility and accessibility is readily available to us.