Darkfall 2.0: A closer look

We’ve talked about Darkfall 2.0 and Darkfall 2.0 features on several occasions. We’ve explained that this is a new game created on top of the current game rather simply an expansion. We do not want to get too specific for several reasons including that we don’t want to give everything away, also doing so might lead people to draw the wrong kind of conclusions or get caught up in irrelevant speculations and debates. On the other hand there are things we need to present to you in order to get feedback and to inform you of the changes to come.

Today, we’ll talk a bit about some of the changes that are already implemented. This is far from everything that’s going in to Darkfall 2.0, or what is changing. These are some of the points we’ll be giving more details on and discussing with you in the weeks to come. Thanks to Adam, Elias, and George P. for the information and Vagelis for putting it together.

  • Character skill set customization and role selection through the implementation of Darkfall’s new armor system and through attribute boost via achievements: What armor you wear  greatly affects which skills you can use effectively and it makes others ineffective. You’re highly specialized in one role making your character extremely efficient and effective in that role. The major attribute boost works exponentially to give your character access to special items and weapons setting him further apart from the hybrids. New skills are going to be added, and redundant ones will be removed from the game.
  • Skill and attribute gains have changed considerably. If a new player focuses on a single role, he will excel at that role in a relatively short time frame through casual play. More options and more roles will become available to him. Players can use one specialization at a time however.
  • Crafting System Overhaul: More customization options, visual cues as to what players are wielding as equipment rank is visually distinguishable. Increased importance of rare ores through infusion of other materials and closer correlation of ore rank and equipment rank. Gems are also a lot more important since they’ll be used in enchanting.
  • There’s a great increase in player housing spots and a more meaningful connection between villages and player holdings.
  • The world map has been completely changed. This isn’t simply about moving locations around, it’s about changing the geography of the world. Monster spawns have been redistributed so they are more relevant, and all NPC and player holdings have been completely redesigned.
  • Combat dynamics are much more tactical now. Changes affect several skills like blocking and disabling blow, and introduce new mechanics such as momentum and crosshair wobble.
  • Complete redesign of the magic schools and their physics with clearly defined roles to spells, opposing magic schools, ability to assume different roles in combination with the attribute boost system (damage dealer, healer etc.). The magic system is built to promote cooperation among players.
  • Complete redesign of most dungeons. New dynamic elements such as traps, moving objects and one-way doors have been implemented.
  • Changes to the grid of teleportation chambers. No chambers exist in player holdings anymore and they are strategically placed to enhance PvP tactics.
  • More changes to the Alignment system: Lawful areas are limited to the immediate vicinity of racial capitals and surrounding NPC faction cities. There’s an increase in the lawful area protection with increased tower coverage.
  • The incapacitation system (gank/decapitation/revive rules) is revised in order to improve player PvP and PvE experience.
  • There have been adjustments to physics to achieve more realistic results.
  • All item properties, numeric values, calculation formulas and the like are completely redone.
  • We’ve introduced a new Graphical User Interface which includes both new visual elements and new functionality. It offers a streamlined experience to the players alleviating all shortcomings of the previous one.
  • A new map tool with a lot of information added including vendor locations and items for sale.
  • Serious improvements to the new player experience, including training quests on all basic aspects of the game.
  • More changes to the new siege system we’ve already described.
  • Redesigned monsters, monster families, monster abilities, and all loot tables redone from scratch.
  • A new lighting system and new visual effects.
  • New environmental audio system and many additions and replacements to existing sounds. New area based music.
  • Changes in models, textures, animations and most visual aspects of the game.

These are just brief mentions on exciting and sweeping changes compared to the existing game. These changes, along with the ones we’re not talking about yet, are the products of years of experience with Darkfall, lessons learned, and thousands of pieces of feedback from the community. In the coming weeks we’ll present each of these points in depth, with specific information on the mechanics of each point.

As for our current activity, we’re fighting some bugs in the new siege system which are pushing our ETA back again. We’ll keep you posted on our progress with that.

Thank you for reading.

91 Responses to Darkfall 2.0: A closer look

  1. Jon Shaker says:

    First and awesome!

  2. Ivan Matic says:

    I hate myself for it, but: first

    • AV, start thinking about small groups/clans/solo players. They are the foundation of many games. Not everyone wants to be in a massive clan with clan rules and requirements and bitch work. Read Dr. Bartles 4 player types and understand that DFO has room for all 4 but only really rewards 1 and penalyzes very very harshly on the other 3, which eventually drive them off the game. DFO needs more variety and player identities further then just swapping armor. Sandbox MMO worlds are supposed to be shaped by players, not developers placing preset cities/houses and then players grinding to build up what you guys pre-placed!

      Look, Ive been a long-term follower, and I loved the big clan battles and stuff. If I wanted to come back today though, I want to be able to do whatever I want without being penalyzed for not having a huge zerg behind me. Anyways, games are about experiences and achievements. Some of those end up being, I lost 5 days of work making a ship and then losing it… Unforgiving for a small group, easy to replace for a big clan.. See my point?

    • Klas Udd says:

      Can you have some use of the Frostbite 2 engine? Like destroying building in player citys and other things to destroy.(love to destroy things) :D

  3. Martin Erber says:

    Thats the points we wanted!

  4. “Character skill set customization and role selection through the implementation of Darkfall’s new armor system and through attribute boost via achievements: What armor you wear greatly affects which skills you can use effectively and it makes others ineffective. You’re highly specialized in one role making your character extremely efficient and effective in that role. The major attribute boost works exponentially to give your character access to special items and weapons setting him further apart from the hybrids. New skills are going to be added, and redundant ones will be removed from the game.”


  5. Another pushback… Ohh snap

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  7. This Update actualy sparked my interest in the game again, but I still feel no reason for me to play the current game if a wipe will happen. That being said I have no issue with a wipe.

    • i personally also see no issue with a wipe, actually i predict it since all the numbers involved for combat is gonna be redone and how skills are lvled up and so fwd. if anything i would just keep playing to:
      1. Help them have the funds to push this out faster, and better to give them a reason to do so.
      2. So we don’t get rusty on our skills. Although it seems how we play will be diffrent, the core of movement and such would definately not something wanted to be lost.

    • It’s not so much a wipe from what he said as it is a complete re-design which will invalidate most old stuff, it’ll still be there, but the new armour for class specialised items will be much more powerful, there’s no house deletion or wiping going on, but re-training will likely be neccessary for all but those who’ve max’d every skill, and even then probably a couple of new one for em to learn, the houses will exist but you’ll find your house has been moved and your village looks different when df 2 appears, but yeah it doesnt exactly boost the inclination to play until df2 release’s, I’m also interested in hopefully dx10/11 and multi-threaded support but we’ll see what happens hopefully those are the bits their not mentioning, but I guess if your bored you can just grind some money, money will be useful no matter what, even if it’ll probably be easier to get in df2

  8. Brock Albitz says:

    Sweet, How about any news of a melee only specialization?

  9. Brian Ward says:

    Great update AV, but this time, when you say there will be more detailed updates in the coming weeks, please give those detailed updates!

  10. David Hicks says:


    Also I cannot wait for this! this is the information that should have been dropped on us before. Thank you for listening to the players on that matter. Awesome Up date and please please please dont forget your word on keeping us up to date on push backs, WITH REASONS. Reasons go along way with players.

    Hell, post some of the problems/bugs and i bet ppl would help try to fix them lol

  11. Kean Megahan says:

    This post was a breath of fresh air. Im looking forward to the upcoming weeks! Keep it up.

  12. Hmm, not bad… not bad!

  13. George Dewey says:

    Would really like to see weather affect naval combat as was planned in development. Naval combat has a lot more potential than what’s currently offered in the game.

  14. Sean Sych says:

    THANK YOU! Finally some real details. Looks like things might work out I was losing hope in you guys.

    Sounds like bunny hoping is gone.
    Sounds like people will wear decent shit instead of robes and blackbolts now.
    Sounds like you fixed the shitty armor protection damage calculations.



  15. “giving more details on and discussing with you in the weeks to come.”


    WHEN ??? When will 2.0 come out ?

    You told us Q2 this year and still the new siege system ( which should come before 2.0 ) isn’t out yet.

  16. “new mechanics such as momentum and crosshair wobble”


    hope its done well

  17. Jack Cat says:

    if you’re going to update your Blog, could you at least update your Twitter w/said Blog story/feed?

    This is pretty basic business principle, or do you not care to promote anymore?

    Thank you.


  18. “Let our updates go”


    I think that’s what he said. It’s glad to see the same things yall have been talking about since 2009 are still in the works. I just cant wait for release.

  19. Emery Murphy says:

    Sounds like a lot of magic nerfs. No more duels, as they will irrelevant , no solo pvp… and no destroyer/melee nerfs… so basically rewarding everyone with ~100 ping and gimping high ping players once again. Sounds like a lot of fucking bs.

  20. I liked every

    Do you already know the minimum requirements to run Darkfall 2.0?

  21. Man I just want this to be released already! Impliment more stuff later give us the goods now :P lol im just impatient.

  22. Give us an ETA for the ETA of the ETA.

    And Also tell us what changes you did to specific combat. Like specific Archery melee and magic changes. This is prob the most important change.

  23. LeAnn Revaz says:

    Yay!! Nice update, except the ETA missing.

  24. Nice. I may resub to see these changes when they are complete.

  25. Adam Batel says:

    This is like music to my ears, definitely going to resub when 2.0 is launched and hopefully everyone else will follow for some nice populated servers.

    Cannot wait!

    /Brute Force

  26. Jonny Smith says:

    It all sounds very encouraging.
    I just hope it wont take until 2013 to release it thats all.

  27. There we go! Some actual facts!

  28. Eric Gayman says:

    * new mechanics such as momentum and crosshair wobble


    No chambers exist in player holdings anymore and they are strategically placed to enhance PvP tactics.


    increased tower coverage.

    Clan towers should have customization options to switch out the type of damage they do, NPC city towers should just teleport the player away.

    The incapacitation system (gank/decapitation/revive rules) is revised in order to improve player PvP and PvE experience

    when a player is incapacitated the screen should turn black so they cannot see what is going on. When a player is revived they should have like a 10 min debuff that forces them to instantly die to other players, a incapacitated player should have to wait 2x longer and automatically self revive without a shield instead of bleeding out.

    here have been adjustments to physics to achieve more realistic results.

    Yes, I just hope people can stumble and fall down when they try to bunny hop

    New environmental audio system and many additions and replacements to existing sounds. New area based music

    This is all the game really needs, I just hope walls block sound to some degree

  29. Josh Freitas says:

    Man monetum and crosshair wobble sounds absolutely lame. Bet its not going to be fun with lag neither.

    Crafting also sounds like you are still going to have ranked weapons with different models. so we are going to have a lot of cool weapon designs that people will never use because they are crappy sub r50s. I thought AV were actually implementing the – choose a rank and then choose a style of weapon – suggestiong that was posted ages back. Where any weapon model could be any rank depending on the materials used.

    Still no skill cap as well or mention of faster travel between lands :(

    The rest sounds great though but still looks like 2.0 is still missing the mark on a lot of things.

    • Bobby Barker says:

      It sounds like a skill cap is now irrelevent with the specializations. It should now properly balance people with high stats in everything as they can only have one really effective spec at a time reducing the jack of all trades hybrid that everyone is forced to be.

      • Josh Freitas says:

        You do know the specialisation is only from items etc right?

        It is always relevant to have a skill cap its the difference between someone having everthing and someone having made choices. While its all well and good to be able to switch gear and switch role you are still then almost required still to go everything to be versatile in pvp. The constant need “to keep up” will force the progression back to the same way as DF 1.0. The role specific stuff is just a handicap on things is not turning shit off like the destroyer customisations.

        • Your an idiot dude. If they balance the different specializations out you can pick your specialization and that is your soft skill cap. You will be completely viable in pvp and be able to skill up quickly. If you are a grinder, then you can grind up every aspect of the game. They want you to be able to easily switch gameplay choices, not be forced to re-create an entire character because you made a stupid mistake with 1 skill or have to pay $20 to fix it.

          • Josh Freitas says:

            Dude dont call people idiots when you dont even understand their feedback.

            A skill cap does not imply that you need to recreate your character. Skill caps stop what you have today – people rolling round with every skill and every stat maxed. Instead they would always be making decisions on what skills they actually need and constantly be unlearning skills and relearning new skills or old skills – ala UO. Even if you finish your “spec” as the meta game shifted you would sacrafice a skill to change your character and redevelop it slightly. If it changed again you would swap back. It means things like crafting your own stuff becomes more costly because you are sacraficing skills to craft – you would seek out dedicated crafters who dont want those other skills. It is even better with one character servers.

            The specs are based on the items you wear – not the specialisation you buy. They will be penalty based like magic encumberance is now. You dont pick a spec you just pick the stuff you wear.

            You are still gonna need to grind it all just like today and swings in meta will just equal some one changing gear load out (just like today). Which even if they increased rates through the roof to make up for the time investment you need to do it – it still limits Darkfall’s risk reward and character choices/strategy.

  30. Mike Howe says:

    Disappointed by just adding more housing spots rather than letting players freely put houses where they want with some restrictions. I think the housing needed an overhaul, not just more spots.

    Also, I’m disappointed by the mention of not being able to craft in every single tree with one character. Armor smiths should be armor smiths. Not an archer that is also an armor smith, weapon smith, alchemy, and everything else.

  31. It all sounds very promising, but I don’t understand why this information hasn’t been made available over the last several months. The community has taken a huge hit because of the silence around this.

    For the love of god give us the ability to customize the look of your character in DF 2.0

    How about some dyes like UO? or just a guild tabbard would be good enough

    Also making it so roads make you travel faster would be pretty awesome and it would lessen the 20 min trips from place to place AND create pvp hotspots.

    DF 2.0 will fail without PvP hotspots.

    • Actually gotto disagree on the housing, whilst yes open placement can be fun, it does lead to clutter and can ruin certain vista’s in game, I loved Ultima Online and have played t2a onward’s, but every square inch has a house, which whilst fun to own, does tend to ruin the landscape somewhat, and housing In mortal is open placement, and yes tis true, it doesnt ruin it, but only as server populations so low and as houses are destroyable and cost a bit not enough folks who can afford them around to place to many, but the village system means houses have more than the meaning of the house again, whilst I want more housing maybe housing might be affordable and available to those who are more casual (ie have a job :D ), open placement lead’s to error’s as well some people will manage to place houses’s where they should’nt not to mention annoyance every town will be surrounded by them to the extent you’d find it hard to get into a town, you would need a truly massive world far beyond the size of Darkfall’s map (which would be less fun due to less grouping of player’s per mile) to make it viable in a 3d game, and the village system would be gone, which would be to great a loss for not enough gain, carefully designed locations for houses well work out better for all then open placement, but I would like to see custom housing at some point, (like design your own) like uo added later on, though it would increase bandwidth load and render load a little in housing area’s It’d be worth it.

  32. George Dewey says:

    Tasos, any chance on a video depicting the “crosshair wobble” through the new UI in order to give a more constructive feedback?

  33. Skeet Skeet!!! the sooner I get a taste of that ETA date the better :D

  34. I LOVE IT HARD…. Diablo 3 or darkfall 2.0 ? DARKFALL !

  35. Crafting System Overhaul: I am excited about it. I would like to come back to DF when you roll out v.2.0 and do what I like best, exploring gathering and crafting. I think that only in sandbox games this can be truly rewarding, and always think of early UO as a perfect example of crafter heaven despite all its faults. It was a game where you could be and do anything you wanted, whether it was pk or tailor. I dream of DF becoming that and look forward to finding out what you have in store for carebears like me ;)

  36. I have to confess this surpasses my expectancies by a mile.

  37. so will there be a character and or bank wipe?

  38. The most important game breaking problem that needs fixed is “load lag”. Everyone plays to recognize it. I hope this was at the top of the priority list.

    It IS game breaking. Hopefully 2.0 will have resolved this.

  39. love the changes and would definetly buy a 6 month subs on both accounts

    but… if you wipe my hard trained characters that i spent almost 2 years on training i wont resub

    mmorpgs take too much time with the grind, and to regrind everything again when the pve is the same mundane tortue i would not

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  41. Matt Goebel says:

    Ya sounds great. Also sounds like every other update i’ve heard for the last 2 years while waiting for this game to get good. I’m going to unsubscribe for now until you actually put this stuff in game. I love your game but feel like your team takes forever to change anything. Its very frustrating. I’m also terribly upset that your obviously going to wipe everything in the game. So there is no point in anyone playing right now because it will be for nothing.
    Sorry for being so loyal to your game. We are all obviously going to get the shaft when 2.0 comes out. You also said you would give us all an ETA in August. Its August and we are waiting here for you to follow through yet again with your deadline. So give us our ETA as promised.

    • Tyler Knotts says:

      There is most liklbe a wipe. If not a character wipe, a bank/clan/ctiy, etc wipe. But that doesnt mean theres no point in still being subbed. The game over all is still really fun to play, and I think just for that, it would be worth payinf for until 2.0 comes out. and plus, all subscribers dnt have to re-buy the game. Just keep paying for the sub.
      Either way I still think the game is worth playing.
      But I do agree with you on the eta. They said they will come out with it in August, and I’d like to hear about it.

  42. ”There have been adjustments to physics to achieve more realistic results.” You want to reach realism with bunny jumping. Good luck then… i guess…

  43. See you guys next summer when the eta for darkfall 2.0 comes out. Seriously mid august with no eta on the seige system even. So many other games in the next few months this will just be a memory.

  44. Hardly anything new to the points in this update and still no release or ETA on any of it. Stalling much? You’ll only lose even more subs from it.

  45. It sounds fine, and it sounds to be very very far away which is depressing considering it was labelled darkfall 2010, since most of the stuff was annnounced 1.5 years ago so we have been waiting way to long for this and it seems the wait will be a lot longer.

  46. I might give a try again…I just played this game on release for 1 week then I gave up…

  47. Tom Walsh says:

    I want to resubscribe. But uncertainty regarding the wipe is keeping me back. I think it is a good idea, provided we retain some of our achievements.

    The hall of monuments from Guild Wars 1 is a great example of how player achievements can be carried on into a new game. Darkfall should implement something similar if a wipe is on the cards.

    In anycase, rumours of a wipe are spreading and are quite possibly a deterrant to new players. Some clarification without evasive word play would be timely at this point.

  48. Stad Comm says:

    Nice recap and good intentions, but still a lot vague.
    We got some new info from this though:

    - They are trying to make the combat dinamycs a little more tactic
    - Removal of clan portals
    - Av’s giving up on the alignment system. They are limiting the areas of effect of the broken alignment system, and removing it from all other areas. This suggest a complete surrender, since they obviously CAN’T do it properly, they are removing it. Fair enough.

  49. Finally some news about the game even if most is stuff you promised 1.5year ago but still alot off important information is missing

    ETA on DF 2.0 and when will you implement the new siege system into existing DF cant just say its been delayed all the time when you have stated since early may it was ready accept some final testing …

    Also some info on what will be wiped (if any)from current players skills-banks-houses-citys-hamlets what will be reset when new relese of DF 2.0 hits the market.

    Also relese a good video of the new game not just thoose 40sec we have been getting id like to see a real promo clip off the new game

  50. Judy Schmidt says:

    I think you guys are forgetting one important question: Will there be a /dance command?!

  51. Not bad at all!
    For the wipe, i personally wouldnt care but i know alot of other would, just make a new server with alot of advertiing BEFORE HAND to populize it properly and then just wait until the first server dies out and close it.

  52. all changes sound good, but i think that by 2013 a lot of games will have that in?

    seriously, how can it be possible that we are still waiting for df2010 when we are clearly well into 2011?

    i bet df will be out by x-mas. goodluck with that aventurine.

  53. Ferdi Ters says:

    AV you are a huge fuckin failure

    DF 2010 will launch in 2012 or 2013??

    sorry i dont get name changes its still df2010

    you are amateurs

    • Do you always hang out on game forums with “amateur” developers just to bash them at every turn or information release? Or do you reside in the oxymoron that Darkfall is a great game being screwed up by the same people that made it in the first place? By the people who continue to advance it in new and great directions?

      Their communication may be lacking at times but their game is the best of its kind and that is non-negotiable. They aren’t amateur developers, you are just an amateur gamer, and it shows.

  54. James Dooney says:

    Tasos, can we get your thought process behind adding momentum and crosshair wobble to the game? Many of us love the face paced gameplay, why are you changing it? What brought on this decision?

    I just hope you guys don’t fuck up the gameplay as you’ve pretty much failed to patch anything else.

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  56. Matt Goebel says:

    I will probably never play a game by a newbie company again. Great ideas, but the problem has been they have been untruthful to the veterans of this game since day one. So i have lost my respect for them. I will be unsubscribing this month and having a guild mate watch my house. I know they are going to wipe. Which means i’ve wasted 2 years playing this game for nothing. I’m disgusted with the amount of secrecy, lying, and disrespect to the people that have held on for the last few years through the rough times. I’m finally tired enough. You have finally wore me out. I’m unsubscribing. Tired of you stringing us all along. We’d have happily paid for beta if you had been honest, but you have not been honest. You lose our business.

    • So you playing games to…? I sure playing them to fill my free time and have fun. You cried so they would fix everything… Now when they are you are crying that they are fixing it? Well im happy that you leave then. And wow two years… It looks like you grinded 2 years to make your character perfect and just then started to have fun right? Leave… another 2 players will join in your place. It looks like that you want this game dead.

      • Matt Goebel says:

        I’m not really sure how to read what your typing since it doesn’t make any real sense. However you will whine like a baby when you spend 2 years playing a game and investing your time and they delete your house and toon as well. Get a clue new guy.

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  58. Shane Stout says:

    uhm… did i read correctly that the new magic system is going to FORCE us to go grouped instead of solo?

    i’m not sure i like the direction this is going.

    • Shane Stout says:

      The magic system is built to promote cooperation among players — FORCED GROUPING for those of you that missed it.

      AV is wrecking what WAS good in the game.

      The grind.. good stuff currently, no instant gratification BS like in all the other mmorpg’s out there (my primary reason for coming to DF). not any more, apparently they wanna be more like WoW.

      NO CLASSES== I left the typical standard sandbox like DAoC, WoW, etc.. because i couldnt stand class restrictions.. i came to DF and fell in love with the system.. now they’re pigeon holing us into classes slowly but surely. it starts off with, “oh, we’re just tweaking to make game play fair”, and ends in, mage, fighter, archer, etc… sorta makes me think EA and Bioware bought out AV. Gone are the days of “In Darkfall you are FREE”.

      Going SOLO… again… one of the reasons i came to darkfall. In DF currently, you can run solo or with others and almost always stand a chance. YOUR skills are what make you tough, not the skills of others… GONE GONE GONE… now your gimp ass is not gonna be able to compete because casters are going to need a ‘tank’ class in front of them to save their stick wielding self. OH and those of you who ‘tank’ currently and buff/heal yourself.. GONE as well. on the bright side it might actually even out game play by getting rid of all the macroing bullshit that Pe3op4le Do5 Som6etim7es. I’ll be happy to see that gone. but still a load of bullshit that they’re making classes and forcing us into them… its not a choice either no matter how much you want to try and defend it. I didnt chose for them to redo the armor system forcing what few spells i can cast in plate to become ineffective even more.

      changing the map, great, not like it needed to be done. hopefully they are making the world larger, not smaller.

      increased tower coverage, doesnt mean that mechanics abusers cant roll into ‘lawful’ cities with 4 healers behind them and kill everyone in town… hmmm…funny how they throw it in there like its a bonus when all they had to do was fix damage output.

      crosshair wobble… like i needed that on top of the inability to hit the insanely small hitbox of an alfar…. the only thing thats going to help, is the people with aim bots, as the honest players will not be able to hit them. (not like they dont have hacks out now that make your hitbox smaller than a micron anyway)… sure, wobble will help…. just give us all the plage and end it already.

      no port chambers in player holdings anymore… ie… we’re going to give you a ‘strategic’ place to CAMP so that the PVP is fun for you, but not the guy/gal porting in. WTF are they thinking? nooooo no darkfall player would ever exploit that one…what.. its legal at the time right? whatever.

      “”You’re highly specialized in one role making your character extremely efficient and effective in that role.”" classes anyone? classes?

      really, i’m looking forward to 2.0, but i felt the need to point out the obvious. let us, the players, not be snowballed into thinking we’re getting something better.

  59. Hello everyone!
    I want to take a few minutes to talk background.
    I have not played this game since release, nor ahve I played UO at it’s glory but merley on a local shard. Either way I am still a huge fan of the idea of what Darkfall represents and I am very happy that AV are doing so much to cater to this niche.

    Now to the actual post ;)
    I have just read more or less everything on this page and it seems to me like DF has two main kind of players which both fall under 2 categories. the two types would be Loners and Groupers, being well yea Loners and Groupers, and within the two types you have the categories – PvP:er, and RPG:er (not trying to say PvP:ers aren’t RPGing just trying to say some RPGers put their focus of their character to being a warrior).

    With these two types in mind I can’t see any big trouble with the changes above except for maybe the one – Specilization. When it comes to this kind of game UO had it all right from the very start – let ppl do what the fudge they want but have consequenses and limit their maximum capacity. They did not try to sort people into the three archetypes, Healer Tank, and Damage dealer. Pushing the game towards this system will force players who enjoy solo play to either die in PvE when they can’t heal themselves or when they die to some well positined ranged mob cause “damn I can’t fire my bow since I’m a tank!”

    Thus I suggest trying to move more towards the skill cap system where it is possible to gain average skills in most stuff insted of trying to force people to make a choice, cause they won’t unless they *really have to* and they won’t realley have to unless you force “class” like mechanics into the game. Basically I think the players who don’t realy mind this are the ones who see DF as a place to enjoy fast paced action PvP in a brutal setting (for the possible gain in balance), and to me DF should be about so much more than just that.

    In fact I say SCREW balance! Why does the game need balance? does a scribe really need to be able to stand to to toe with that archer who’s pining him down? Well no? Real life is rock paper scissors and I am afraid Darkfall should be so to! It can be con sidered as bad luck, to as a warrior in full plate run into a lightning mage, cause he probably wil own you if he gets that zap to connect (yeye we all know it would probably just travel on the surface of the armor but nvm that, take the example XD)

    All these things said it seems the reason why I left at the very start (huge hordes of ppl ganking eachother in starting zones using bad mechanics) is gone! thus I am at this very moment downloading what I hope to be a better game.

    Ellesarath Moonsnow

    P.S I apologize for any spelling errors, don’t ahve the will to spellcheck atm ^^, and knwo that I most probably won’t be back to check for any replies to this specific post, my mind wanders :]

  60. Rather than the route they took with these “classes” as people are calling them. Why didn’t they just make it more like Ultima Online was? You had 700 skill point cap. You could set skills to raise or lower. So if you got tired of your chars config you just turn it down and learn something to replace it. You could be a mage and a melee guy at same time but you are a jack of all trades.. each type of melee had it’s advantages and disadvantages.. fencing weapons could stun, blunt weapons could give concussions sapping you of mana, as a pure mage a lumberjacking axe wielder could rape you because he is all melee if you let him touch you.. but if you had your wrestling skill 100 you could disarm him and rape face. It was all up to your playing preference. Everyone could have magery at 100 and cast all the spells, but without the support skills it was only good for utility mostly. Still, you might be sacrificing something good to have 100 magery.

    • Well generally speaking because Darkfall allows you to have one character per account meaning to most people reputations and actions matter, as a result in order to set a UO style system they’d end up with 7 character slot’s per player like with UO nowadays.

      Personally I always have found artificial skill cap’s like Uo’s or MO’s (that has 1110 primary skill points cap, only it’s worse then UO as one char barely has enough to do anything well due to design) a bit daft, and somewhat experience breaking afterall it’s not like in real life you ever have to stop learning, so I do agree with darkfall’s no skill cap however, the problem I’ve had was with it’s implimentation allowing everyone to use every ability equally at all times has meant that only uber hardcore 24/7 player’s who’ve max’d everything get to be good, which is wrong, and the early no blocking and mount nerf’s have invalided their style of combat and pretty much taken with other changes elliminated tactic’s, I love the new changes seems they finally got someone logical in to fix it, making profession’s and classes mean something is an ideal solution whilst still providing expansion capabilities to anyone who want’s to try other or all class’s, it will allow something that other then among the elite hasnt been seen in darkall since the release time’s back into darkfall, SKILL not character skills but PLAYER skill will mean something again, and better yet there’ll be more than one kind of skill to learn with many different specialisations, providing different experinces.

      Personally I’m seriously looking forward to next expansion, if everything they listed really comes to fruition darkfall will finally live up to it’s potential and frankly finally be like it ought to have been at release, then only good thing’s can come in future with new features and content, building on a stable base.

  61. jay says:

    The only way me and my friends would come back to this game would be if there was a server wipe or a new server. Like many people said there was to much hacking duping and pure shenanigans going on in early darkfall.

    For those agianst having a wipe they have a legit complaint that they spent alot of time on there toons and shouldn’t have them wiped *even if most of it was macroing”. That’s why I would highly suggest just having one new server open for those who want a fresh start.

    I see this as an atempt however to bring lots of people back to the game wich wont work without a fresh start.

    But honestly if this a new game and not an expansion it realy should have a fresh start

    • Carla Lee says:

      Definitely agree with all you just said, a fresh start for fresh faces and returning ones. If people want to cling to their crazy macro’d stats let them do so, but dont force new players to mingle with them.

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