Activity Report February 18

Activity Report February 18

As if last week’s flu epidemic wasn’t enough,  we’ve also had an outbreak of H1N1 swine flu at the office and several people are down for the count. We didn’t have the sprint presentation today as planned, we’ll have it next Friday when things are (hopefully) back to normal. Since we were depending on the meeting for today’s update,  this  is not shaping up to be one of our better activity reports. Nevertheless, we have to work with what we’re given and there are a few more things about our upcoming patch we can share with you today:

Alignment changes are going in. Enough with killing other players, this won’t improve your alignment anymore.  The first step in these alignment changes is the introduction of Chaos Churches where players can repent their negative alignment away. These are located in the Chaos cities. The next step in this process will be to look at offering incentives for goodness. There will be a spotlight on this soon.

The fishing boats we spoke of in previous updates are actually modifications to current ships that give them fishing capabilities. The safety level of the waters you fish in, as well as the type of ship you use have to do with the size of the rewards you might drag up from the sea bottom. New buffs are coming having to do with the products of the sea.  Also, we’re making an effort to get protection against swimmers into this next patch, in the form of depth charge-like explosives. It’s quite satisfying blowing them out of the water.

Stats will be added to meditation,  and faster skill progression will be applied to all the skills that we didn’t get last time, like crafting skills, melee skills, harvesting, swimming, etc. We’ve also significantly increased the drop rate in books, scrolls, and attribute consumables.

An exploit regarding the Kraken will be hotfixed tomorrow.

As I mentioned earlier, next week we should have the results of the sprint presentation, so a lot more to talk about. We’re sorry we couldn’t have more for you today, but on the bright side – nobody died.

Thanks for reading.

32 Responses to Activity Report February 18

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  2. H1N1? wow. Thats serious business. hope those affected get well soon.

  3. Ferdi Ters says:

    Come hitter, Debuffs should mark you Grey, Healing,Buffing a red should mark you Grey. Healing mobs grey…
    Hope they are also in?

    • There person who is red to you is green to me. The person who is blue to you is orange to me. How do we calculate those circumstances? They can be created for the side who is exploiting it by the side who is exploiting it.

  4. Interesting, I like to ship changes and book changes

  5. kombuncha says:

    Next week will be aids. I think they have a list of excuses and are just now at the illnesses.

  6. i dont like the Alignment changes at all. stupid tacos

  7. Good update.
    But I still want to know about the Prestige Classes
    Information please

  8. Adam Westman says:

    Lovely, finally a rework of the to easy to exploit, alignment system, hopefully something is done to the rogue part of it aswel.
    The change is very good, I’d like some quest to speed things up, churches for certain should be tied to racial alliances aswel, that would make sense since you want to gain “alignment” towards your own racial alliance.

    [B]Few remark[/B]

    [Gains towards Alignment]
    Churches should however not give alignment at a linear rate.
    It should scale depending on time, starting out with very low amounts / hour.

    For example, common problem, people kill someone, they walk to their alt at a chaos-stone, gank a few times, good to go.

    [Linear Gain, by time]
    By adding a linear gain, people would still be able to do the same, just that they would have to travel to this church and be there for say an hour. But if you set the value to 10h / gain, it would take forever to regain from a larger loss. This would be no different from the current system.

    [Exponential Gain, by time]
    By adding a exponential gain, where it would start out small, you would have to spend quite some time to repent from even a single alignment hit. But regaining a whole bunch, caused by being in a war or similar, would repent at just a bit longer time.

    [What does this solve]
    So all in all, the penalty for being a small time thug and a soldier, would be somewhat equal. The penalty for being unable to visit the city should be enough, the time you have to spend shouldn’t matter much. It should give an incentive to be friendly, not give an incentive to kill once then go repent.

    [Safety in Churches?]
    These churches are they guarded from danger, so people don’t pray on those trying to repent?

  9. A year ago you provided Screenshots of Some new armor coming out in the EXP.

    It was Archer Armor.

    Can you give us more Screenshots of new armor types.?

  10. Andrew Hope says:

    The chaos church idea sounds awesome!!! I also think it will lead to more PVP in the chaos cities as rivals meet each other there.

  11. Andrew Hope says:

    I would love to see new armours and the new models in game asap as well as faster melee/archery grind.

  12. Styrr Lol says:

    To be honest, paying to get your alignment back up isn’t a good idea either.
    I mean, if you go rogue it MUST be extra hard to get back blue. IE : A huge timer to get back form -100 to +0

    Else, well, I hope you all get better.
    That would be quite sad if most of the devs had to die before darkfall. :3

  13. Plese don’t die any of you. We need you to further develop our game.

  14. Very happy to hear about increased rate of drops for scrolls/etc., and also that you’re increasing the gains on the remainder of the skills.

    Fishing boats sounds very exciting, and I hope depth charges actually do a lot of damage because that would make ship combat so much more interesting.

    And I’m curious about the church idea. It’s definitely going to be interesting and may make chaos cities PvP hotspots again.

    Also, please get better soon, the entire server population is eagerly anticipating Darkfall Arena! YOU CAN DO IT!


  15. Alex Waters says:

    We still want more housing

  16. Nobody died?! That’s not very Darkfall of you.

  17. I like the alignment changes, I don’t think it’s gonna be as simple as throwing gold at a vendor to get alignment back. I’m sure they’ll highlight it more in the spotlight they mentioned. They mentioned it would be tiered, so I’m thinking perhaps now you have to do something at the chaos church to repent your negative status, but then must do something further for your racial cities to regain blue.

    This could also spell a complete rework of the alignment system in general where red/blue is no longer the key to it.

    I think it will greatly cut down on blues killing blue gatherers, and will greatly disrupt the trade ganking clans at war with the server who just live penalty free in NPC towns.

    Nice going AV!

  18. Fight the infection, and the subs defecting to all the other games being released this year AV. Good luck.

  19. > Stats will be added to meditation

    OK, good, but what about speeding the stat gain up so it matches skill gain again? Also I’d like to see the same treatment you gave HP for stamina and mana.

  20. Matthew Zint says:

    unpottied trained monkey*

  21. wow you are stupid matthew if they write code so fast and bad. then why dont you make a better game yourself?

  22. wow dude.. your a fucking asshole, give these guys a break they are sick. If your waiting for a jesus patch to make the game right for you, you might aswell leave now. I’m not implying that future patches will be bad, I’m just saying if the game isn’t fun for you now.. it won’t be later.

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