My name is Torgrim Eiriksson, and while I am neither the wisest nor the most powerful man on Agon, few have traveled as widely as I have. Due to a combination of displacement, wanderlust, and a slightly debilitating fondness for Mirdain sunwine (you know, the white stuff), I have seen more villages, wildernesses and dungeons than I would care to count.

But now my days of exploration and wandering are over. While the wonders of Agon are countless, I feel that I've seen my fill of them, and that it's time to grow some roots. As I write these words, I'm lounging like a well fed, pipe smoking cat in front of a fireplace in our recently constructed clan keep, with a feeling that my new life is going to be rich and satisfying. Wandering has it's rewards, but so has the settled life.

In the coming months, I plan to indulge in the occasional bout of chronicle writing. Why? Because it goes well with a glass of wine in front of the aforementioned fireplace, and because I hope that Agon's next generation of travelers can benefit from my insights and observations. At the very least, my readers will learn how to avoid making some rather cataclysmic mistakes or, failing even that, how to survive the desperate escapes that tend to follow.

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