Play it your Way


Take a moment before you crash through into the wilds of Agon

You may take whichever path you wish to the epic legend that your prowess will carve! Hone your skills in the tranquility of areas protected against the havoc and mayhem of the lands beyond! Join allies and discover the basics of battle at any pace you enjoy.

Learn to play the game at your own pace

Discover the world to come at whatever pace you enjoy with neither a limit to how long you stay in relative safety or a constraint to rushing to meet the great beyond as soon as you arrive!

Take your first steps in a specially designed location for new players

Enjoy the learning  the game in relative safety and tranquility afforded to you by locations designed especially for those fresh to the dangerous world of Agon!

Get a grip of the basics while experiencing a narrative related to the lore

Learn the skills you will need to survive while discovering the story of the world you will soon meet.

Enter the game in a protected tutorial area

Enter the adventure in an area protected from the outside world and designed to teach you all you will need to know!

Learn how to harvest, craft and trade in safety

Discover the skills you can use away from battle, away from battle! Learn about harvesting and trade, crafting and gear.

Join groups, fight monsters and complete feats without worrying about PvP

Discover friends and forge alliances. Team up to accomplish feats and battle local monsters with no worry of PvP or nasty surprises!