Epic World


Enjoy a seamless, massive, uninstanced persistent world

Enjoy a seamless world, massive and persistent with no zones or boundaries!

Everything you see is within your reach.

There are no artificial barriers In Agon, if you can see it, you can reach it. No artificial barriers or invisible walls will hinder your exploration or search for interesting places to slaughter each other!

Travel by mount, ship, or magical means

A host of options are available to help you travel the lands and seas! From a diverse navy of boats and ships to exotic and fearsome mounts or even powerful artifacts and magics to whisk you to the far-flung corners of the world!

Encounter over one hundred unique monster types equipped with superior AI

Encounter (and possibly even survive) hundreds of unique and bloodthirsty monsters and powerful beings with incredibly complex and cunning Artificial Intelligence more eager than the next to help you kick that nasty habit of living!

Dynamic lighting and shadows

Dynamic lighting and shadow effects bring the world leaping out of your screen. Explore dazzling sun-lit forests and stalk unwary victims through the darkest shadows Environmental sounds and music create the ultimate immersive environment. Unparalleled environmental ambience and music immerse you into the richest gaming environment you will ever encounter!

Different ecosystems and unique locations to explore

Each corner and land of Agon is a unique locale, teeming with it’s own unique denizens, legendary monsters and rich, personal climate!

The world is handmade from scratch

Every item has been hand-placed by the Unholy Wars designers. The world of Agon is built ground-up completely from scratch. Every single item, object and tree lovingly hand-placed by the Unholy Wars design team!

Compete with other players and use skill, teamwork, and territory knowledge to complete Darkfall Unholy Wars’ challenging quests and feats

Challenge fellow adventurers and use your finely honed skills, teamwork and knowledge of the lands you discover to unlock and complete a host of challenging feats and quests written to immerse you in the stories of the Unholy Wars!