Conquer Empires

Clan wars and conquest - sieges
Experience the true chaos of epic warfare through clan battles and sieges! Hundreds of allies and enemies are able to charge into the fray as you vie for dominion over each other's cities and territories!
Territory control
Conquer your enemies, see them driven from their cities and expand your control over the territories of Agon! Experience the shifting power struggles of a land burning with the chaos of clan warfare!
Form clans and fight for dominance
Form clans and forge alliances to achieve true dominion. The world is a safer place when you have your clanmates with you (though that does not necessarily mean it is safe for anyone else!)
Lead your team to glory as a clan or party leader
Hone your skills of leadership as the head of a party or clan!
FInd your true worth by leading your allies to fortune and glory!
Form strong alliances or betray and be betrayed (Politics)
Experience the politics of a war torn land. Forge your alliances, betray them,
and punish them when they, inevitably, betray you in return!
Group with other players or clans against your enemies
Meet new friends and allies as you team up to defeat your enemies be they bestial or mortal!