Updated Patch Notes, March 19th

Fri, 14/03/2014 - 19:10


 These are the patch notes for today's patch

New Content

Clan Markets
Set up shop within your clan city with your very own Market to bring home the bacon.
Allow your clan members to exchange goods or turn your holding into a trading hub with the new Clan Markets. Permissions that adjust who can access the market at each holding allow for greater customization. You can read more about them here: Darkfall Unholy Wars Clan Markets

Realistic weather effects
From now on, snow and rain will affect everything visually, from landscape to monsters and characters. Check out the video

Monster faces on parade. Hide yourself behind garish masks that will delight and terrify friend and foe alike.

General Fixes

  • GUI various performance fixes. This includes a fix for the “party lag”
  • Fix for disabled holding structures being enabled after server restart
  • Fix for building being allowed in a holding with an active conquest challenge, after a server restart
  • Added party and clan monitoring for the player connected to the control point during village requisitioning
    • Now, if the player connected to the control-point leave/joins a clan/party while still connected to the stone, the system should update accordingly
    • Also, the GUI progress bar should update for other (previous/new) party members immediately
  • All existing Duel notifications have been reassigned to a separate “Duels” channel
  • Fixes for intermittent requisitioning timer resets when a village is captured
    • Timers no longer “reset” when a village becomes “free”, they simply stop ticking
    • The only point of reset now is if a “free” village, with a zero requisition timer, becomes captured
  • Fixed the status of the world-map markers when a clan that owns a village disbands (It wasn’t reverting to the “free” marker, or removing progress bars)
  • Fixed the visibility of the requisitioning window, when a clan that owns a village that is available for requisitioning disbands (It wasn’t closing previously)
  • You now can switch between video settings quickly.
  • Fixed a bug where some feats would not complete even if all their prerequisites are complete (i.e. The Passionate Fisherman, The Enthusiastic Fisherman, The Extremely Prolific Shipwright)
    • Characters with already completed prerequisites will get the feats completed automatically and get their prowess points as intended
  • Fixed a visual bug with Studded Leather Shoulderguards on Human Male characters (only one was visible)
  • Fixed trade channel to send messages to all character races
  • Clan names will not be allowed to contain consecutive spaces (any space at the start or end of the clan name will be removed).
  • Effect Added for the Disabling Parry Debuff
  • Removed the requisitioning skill from the skills GUI
  • Fixed Antidote's description
  • Player can no longer damage another player's mount inside the protected area by just requesting a duel with its owner (the mount owner did not have to accept for this bug to occur)
  • Fixed brownies not awarding prowess points on kill
  • New run/sprint character animations
  • Removed enemy clan overhead indicators
  • Fixed a bug where using panacea or clean mind potion while silenced by Pall of Pandemonium it would make the character unable to use any class skills.


  • Reduced the max distance radius for all crafting sounds
  • New sounds for Fire, Earth, Ice and Air elementals
  • New sounds for Frostjarl, Icejarl and Beastman devastator
  • Various Gnoll monster audio additions
  • New sounds for Fire and Ice dragons


  • Various fixes and additions to all clan holdings.
  • General Terrain and Prop Fixes in the following areas:
    • Evigvanger
    • Helungar
    • Qattenhal
    • Grivendar
    • Brush up to the City of the Dead Props

Due to a fix implemented to solve some issues with clan holding structures being incorrectly enabled/disabled after server restarts, any structure that was lower than 5% of its maximum health before the patch will, unavoidably, be restored in a disabled state after the patch.

This is a one-time issue, and with this fix now in-place, all structures will remain in their correct states after server restarts, from now on.