Update, September 6th

Fri, 06/09/2013 - 19:23

We've been working on everything we talked about in our last update and I wanted to touch on a few subjects today:

Our next patch will probably be a patch containing a lot of fixes we've been working on and this should happen sometime next week. This patch is independent of our next content patch which will contain the new Skirmisher school, the Duelist. The ETA for this content patch is next Friday, with a chance (depending on how testing goes) that we may want to wait until after the weekend to launch the school. I posted an introduction to the Duelist today that describes its skills and purpose.

The Korean/Japanese beta is going well, but we couldn't help noticing comments on the forums some of which have been complaining that they get more stuff than we do, mostly about some "fluff" items that were visible in the Asian gameplay videos and screenshots. I mentioned before that the Asian version is a co-development. This means that to a certain extent we are developing parts of the Asian version together with Mgame. It's also a first beta test, meaning that we are trying out a lot of things that may not make it into the release, and others that will make it into both versions of the game. I've also mentioned that the western version will benefit from everything the Asian version has to offer and the gameplay features will be the same in both versions (where that applies).

Having said that, I should mention that development on Darkfall Unholy Wars is one single effort, and everything we're working on right now is going towards improving the game as a whole.

There was also some speculation on the forums that we aren't as diligent as we should be where it comes to real money transactions. This notion couldn't be further from the truth. We unfortunately have to spend a lot of time fighting against RMT. We have a zero tolerance policy and we actively enforce it daily investigating even what one may be tempted to call "minor cases". We feel that RMT is a cancer on the game economy and we are very dedicated in not allowing it to do damage. This week alone we banned hundreds of accounts associated with real money transactions. In short, we're doing everything we can on our end. If you want to help in our effort, please don't use these services.

Thank you for reading