Territory Control Patch Notes, April 7th, 2014

Mon, 07/04/2014 - 20:08

Last week we spoke about the exciting changes today's patch brings to Darkfall Unholy Wars and showed you a video that illustrates how Territory Control is changing the face of the game. Here are today's patch notes:

New Content

Territory Control
Areas of Influence, introduced with today’s patch, are the cornerstone of Darkfall’s Territory Control System. The in-game map offers an overview of clan conquests. Darkfall is taking a significant step towards more conquest and political activities in the game, by making them more strategic.

Levy Collector
Levy collectors have been placed in the vicinity of all clan holdings (cities, hamlets). Activity in the clan area of influence will fill up these collectors. Their fill progress can be seen on the map and once full, any player can use requisitioning to claim their contents.

Improved Feat Window
A new feat window with enhanced functionality accompanied by repeatable personal and party feats. A small number of PvP feats have also been introduced, with more to come.

General Changes

  • Feat marker on the map has been removed in preparation of the new feat window and the rest of the upcoming feat system changes
  • A new map marker for nearby monster locations has been added (A red dot will show the position of a monster in your map and minimap)
  • Increased loot for Imperator Jabaoth, Vykersis the Crystalline (Ice Dragon) and Shorax the Flame-Wrought
  • From now on Watery Grave SFX tweaked to improve performance.
  • Player will now be detached from a cannon (and cannot re-attach to it) when all of its shots have been fired.
  • New masks added:
    • Zombie
    • Kobold Strongman
    • Malaut Cultist
    • Malaut Minion
    • Darkbrood Mystic
    • Sarlid
    • Beastman Warlord
    • Shadow Spirit
    • Dark Drake

General Fixes

• Fixed a bug where monsters would not aggro players who were “attached” to objects like deployable cannons and ship helms
• Fixed a bug where the blind effect from the Pall of Pandemonium skill would not apply to the other character when dueling inside the safe area
• Changed the duration of the Stampede visual effect to fit the actual duration of the skill
• Fixed an issue with invulnerable village control-points registering damage
• Fixed a bug with the “Cancel Crafting” confirmation window that was switching to action mode when pressing ESC and no option could be selected after a server-restart
• Fixed a bug where the chat window would not restore its original position if placed at the top of the screen and then starting a trade
• Having “War” status between two clans will now show each others clan name in red again
• Fixed a bug where in some input areas and in certain cases text would appear as square symbols
• Fixed tooltip descriptions for Wood and Alchemy
• Wearing a mask will no longer cause hair loss for some players.


• Revamped all the Centaurs Spawns with the addition of a new Centaur Prop Set
• General Terrain and Prop fixes in the following areas:

  • Targaus
  • Gul Jarnath
  • Mar Shral
  • Zaghuroth
  • Unelak
  • Ehetil