Quests are coming soon

Mon, 11/08/2014 - 19:22


Agon has stories to share and, this Fall, we aim to begin unleashing them upon you! Our first batch of quests aim to tell the first tales of the Unholy Wars and let you explore the first chapter of Agon's recent history (as well as a fair glimpse into its ancient past).  New players and old alike will find a host of new journeys and adventures to unlock and discover, from the readily available to the hidden and obscure! 

This latest quest system has allowed us to craft some fairly open-ended journeys for you to discover however you please.

The Vale of the Watcher will be getting a small overhaul and there will also be a number of "Novitiate Quests" aimed at helping new players get acquainted with aspects of the game such as crafting. We're also working to have a number of player created quests from the recent contest in with our first batch as well.


We'll start by showing you some of the quest elements starting with: 


Suspicious Altar

In a world so rife with dark magic and darker intentions, one may stumble upon any number of altars and mystical devices connected to some nefarious plot that, more often than not, requires a fair amount of unraveling.

Concept art for the Suspicious Altar can be found here: