Patch Notes September 16th

Thu, 17/09/2015 - 14:10


Today we applied our latest patch. This includes some changes in combat, outposts and economy. Also, we altered our hotbars, for better and easier usage! 

Chaos Outposts

Added 2 chaos outposts in Banegorge and Heneldon areas. These outposts are equipped with mastery workstations. Players can enjoy their benefits but at the risk of getting killed by anyone around.

Hotbar enhancements

You are now able to drag+drop skills directly onto your hotbars.
Skills placed on the hotbar (or custom roles window), no longer require “activation”. Instead they enter a 30second default cooldown.

You are now able to cast skills in the right hotbar, using the “Left Action Trigger” Binding (default LMB). You can do this by clearing the “Right action trigger” binding, in the options.

Note that new players will have “right action trigger” cleared by default. These changes are aimed at improving the controls’ learning curve for new players, and Quality of Life for older players.


  • Added Blueprint direct selection default keybindings (F1-F10)
  • Changed default keybindings for hotbar slots related bindings:
  • Select Radial Slot 1-8 changed from keybind 1-8 to LAlt+1 - LAlt+8
  • Select Left Radial Slot 1-8 changed from keybind LCtrl+1 - LCtrl+8 to 1-8
  • Select Right Radial Slot 1-8 changed from keybind LAlt+1 - LAlt+8 to LCtrl+1 - LCtrl+8

Combat Changes


Debuff magnitude reduced by about 60%

Virtuous Wrath

  • Magnitude increased 5%
  • Holy damage now drains Stamina/Mana for 45% of health damage done (up from 35%).

Bolt Of Bedlam(Spell now serves different purpose/situations)

  • Magnitude reduced ~15%
  • Cooldown removed. Faster Casting speed by 30%. Range doubled. Mana cost reduced by 33%
  • Missile speed slower by 90%


Range increased 50m


  • Fixed cooldown/casting time so they are properly reduced.
  • Ultimates now require 10 ultimate reagents per cast. Ultimate reagents weigh reduced.

Eco changes

Golems: Faster respawn time so you can stay and ‘farm’ the spot, however with more risk at being ambushed.

  • Leenspar Golem 15% faster respawn time. Rare drops slightly reduced.
  • Neithal Golem 60% faster respawn time. Rare drops reduced accordingly.
  • Veilron Golem 75% faster respawn time. Rare drops reduced accordingly.

Increased loot for Theyril/Leenspar/Neithal/Veilron/Selentine chests.

Updated several terror loot tables:

  • Greater/Lesser Air Elemental
  • Greater/Lesser Earth Elemental
  • Greater/Lesser Fire Elemental
  • Greater/Lesser Ice Elemental
  • Crypt Guard
  • Gnoll Butcher
  • Greater Matayin
  • Hill Giant Slugger
  • Khamset Child/Chosen
  • Malaut Beguiler
  • Menhir Custodian
  • Raven standard Officer
  • Winterbound

Additionally, base materials are heavily distributed to these monsters:

Apple - Forest prophets
Bass - Minor Sarnakh
Black powder - Bandits, Hobgoblins, Malauts, Raven standards
Blueberries - Goblin
Carrot - Kobolds
Cod - Sarnakh
Cotton - Bandits
Crab - Arctic Bear
Egg - Akathar, Windlords
Empty bottle - Darkbrood, Goblins
Fossil - Rockbanger, Stonelord
Lobster - Greater matayin
Meat - Bears, Kobold scrounger
Nacre - Serpentine
Onion - Gnolls
Potato - Goblins
Salmon - Matayin
Seaweed - Bandit Cutthroat
Shells- Salamander
Spices - Wildtribe
Stone - Rockbanger, Stonelord
Strawberries - Centaurs
Swordfish - Vile Sarnakh
Timber - Forest Prophets, Sarnakh, Skeleton archer
Trout - Heielhim
Wildberries - Sadayels

Misc changes

  • Fixed Bonescale armor attributes/protections.
  • Removed rust from Sturdy Militant Bow recipe
  • Changed recipes so that all Common, Sturdy and Superior bows also require a rugged leather.
  • Camera selection now persists after logout (both melee and ranged)
  • Fixed a bug where special event keys would not open special event caches
  • Fixed digging skill not working properly
  • Improved digging drop probabilities (x5 on all items)

Thank you for reading