Patch Notes September 11th

Mon, 14/09/2015 - 13:44

New weapon in game: The mighty Tyrantsmight! Name:  Tyrantsmight.JPG<br />
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Feel like nuking foes/allies/entire cities into oblivion? Look no further than this BFG equivalent of magic staves!

Hitboxes: Reduced prediction effect when character moving ( Hitboxes will be smaller when player is moving compared to before )

Role Skills: Increased number of Role skills in a build to 10 (up from 8). Increased number of common skills in a build to 16.

Heightened Reflexes. Duration reduced to 12 seconds. Spellcasting speed bonus removed. This is supposed to be a archer/melee style buff.
Pulverize: Blind duration halved.
Impale: CD increased by 25% . Casting time added.
Stoic defense: Base duration increased to 7.5 sec (up from 6sec)
Toxic rain: Damage increased by 8%. Range increased by 10meters.

Blizzard: We're attempting to give a unique flavor to this underused spell: Projectile speed reduced by 70% (this is near the same speed as DFO spell 'Confusion') . Damage increased by 30%. Range doubled. This spell can be used to control areas, to make people 'get out of the way' before the spell lands, or risk stay but take significant damage.

Lightning Bolt: Changed to "line" spell that can hit multiple opponents. Screen shake reduced by 33%. Screen shake duration reduced to 2.5 (down from 3.5 sec). Range increased by 25%. Cooldown reduced by 3 seconds. 
Dragonbreath: Changed to line spell. Damage increased by 10%
Puncture. Changed to line spell. 
Frostbite. Changed to line spell. 
Acid Rock: Changed to line spell. Range slightly reduced. Damage reduced by 10%
Exalted sacrifice: Changed to line spell. Healing increased by ~ 10%
(All these changes are to reward better aiming)

Bitterstep: Base CD reduced by 5 sec. Slide duration slightly reduced.

Pummel: Damage increased by 15%. Blind duration halved.

Eye Rot: Blind area halved. Duration reduced by 10%. Intelligence/Dexterity debuffs (effectively) removed. Damage increased by 15%

Evade: Increased distance traveled by ~16%. Now a common skill.
Begone: Now a common skill
Stampede: Base Duration increased to 4 sec (up from 3).
Thunderbolt: Damage reduced by 10%. Casting speed increased by 8%
Attunement to fire: Duration reduced by 10 seconds. Casting speed bonus reduced by 20% (Was giving too large window of opportunity)
Fireball: Now also debuffs target's fire protection.

Needles: Base CD reduced to 10sec (Down from 15). Faster casting speed by 25%
Power attack knives: Poison damage increased by 30% (to match 2-handed power attacks)

Reinforce: Duration Increased to 120 seconds (up from 90). Stamina cost increased to 25 (up from 10)
Spellbane: Duration Increased to 120 seconds (up from 90). Protection bonus reduced by ~3points. Stamina cost increased to 25 (up from 10).

Bastion: Protection bonuses reduced by ~4.6 points at leenspar level. Base Cooldown increased to 6sec.
Primal surge: protection bonuses reduced by ~4.6 points at leenspar level. Base Cooldown increased to 6 sec.
(these skills were rather strong, especially with more slots opening up for selection)

Arrow knockback removed.
Polearm knockback re-introduced.

Trueshot: Mana drain removed. Stamina drain halved. Damage increased by 28%. Cooldown increased by 15%. Range tripled.
This will make it more interesting sniper shot spell and less boring 'stat drain' skill. (Overall stats drained reduced by 30% or ~32 at leenspar level)

Heart of stone. Health given increased by 40%. Mana/Stamina given increased by 20%

Mana leech. Reduced magnitude by 22%

Reduced Stamina Drain caused by lightning damage to 20% (down from 30%) of damage caused. This will effectively reduce Thunderbolt stamina drain by 33%.


Thank you for reading.