Patch Notes May 21

Wed, 21/05/2014 - 14:59

New Content

Economy Related (Harvesting)
This is one more of the steps we are making to the game economy in which we are addressing the passive harvesting rewards.

High Yield Nodes
In order to promote more active harvesting activities we introduce new special harvesting nodes in selected monster spawn points that are more lucrative than the normal harvesting nodes. These nodes are going to be always full as long only one player is harvesting it. They drop the new rare materials we are introducing instead of the essences in order to give them better harvesting value. By harvesting a special node you can completely skip the rare essence conversion step (see below).

New advanced tools

We introduced new more expensive rare tools (pickaxe, wood axe, sickle, skinning knife) available through construction crafting. These tools offer faster harvesting and less stamina consumption and they also offer 50% of the chance to get the next level rarity material and 100% chance to get the same level and previous materials, for example:

  • With the normal pickaxe you have 50% chance (of the existing selentine chance drop probability) to get selentine essence from the normal mining nodes and no chance at all to get veilron essence.
  • With the Selentine pickaxe you have 100% chance to get selentine essence and 50% chance to get veilron essence.
  • With the Veilron pickaxe you have 100% chance to get selentine and veilron essence and 50% chance to get neithal essence etc. etc.

Of course, the tool chance probability multiplier works on top of the existing node, zone and territory probabilities.

Another special note is that this mechanic is applied to the new high yield nodes as well but for the new rare refined materials instead of the rare essences as the new high yield nodes do not drop essences. The mechanic is also applied on holdings harvesting buildings and on houses harvesting attachments.

The rare skinning knives also use this mechanic on the new special leather node, however, when skinning a monster you will only get the speed and stamina bonuses.

New materials
We are introducing 4 new basic harvested materials Inferior Ore, Inferior Cotton, Inferior Timber, Inferior Rawhide. Normal harvesting nodes will now drop the inferior version of the material (which you can upgrade to the normal material through the conversion crafting skills smelting, weaving, tanning, woodcutting).

The nodes in safe areas drop abundant inferior materials and the ratio to the normal material gets better according to the danger of the zone.

We also updated all the loot and skinning loot tables of the monsters to reflect the new inferior rawhide addition. The stronger the monster the more chance for normal Rawhide you will have.

We are also introducing 4 new basic materials that drop exclusively from the normal and special harvesting nodes.

  • Quicklime: Used for Leather Conversions and is harvested from metal nodes.
  • Coal: Used for Metal conversions and is harvested from rock nodes.
  • Lye: Used for Cloth conversions and is harvested from tree nodes.
  • Linseed: Used for Wood conversions and is harvested from herb nodes.

These materials drop more in safer zones and less in the dangerous zones as far as the normal nodes go. The high yield nodes have specific chance of dropping these materials.

Finally we are introducing the new rare refined basic materials

  • Selentine Ore - Theyril Ore,
  • Selentine Timber - Theyril Timber
  • Selentine Rawhide - Theyril Rawhide
  • Selentine Cotton - Theyril Cotton

These materials can be crafted from normal materials and rare essences, a step you can skip if you harvest those materials directly from the new high yield nodes.
As a consequence we changed the crafting recipes of the rare materials of

  • Selentine Ingot - Theyril Ingot
  • Selentine Wood - Theyril Wood
  • Selentine Leather - Theyril Leather
  • Selentine Cloth - Theyril Cloth

to use the new refined rare materials instead of rare essences.

We reverted the rare essences drop chances we made in the last patch as we now introduced the advanced tools mechanic.

Monster loot rebalancing
The loot of most Horror, Monstrosity and Scourge rank monsters had been redone. As a general rule, the world has been split into 4 sections. Niffleheim and the NW part of the mainland provide leather related products, Yssam and the NE wood related, Cairn and the SE Metal related and Rubaiyat and the SW cloth related. This is the first step in redistributing monster loot with more steps to follow.

We added the new spyglass item in the game which can be crafted through engineering using the new Quartz material that drops from Raven monsters. This item can be used by double clicking it in the backpack and it will reveal the spawned ships on the map in a radius around the player. The radius will be bigger the higher the player is, so climbing a crow's nest on a ship will give you much bigger revealing distance.

Crafting Orders
Players can now place and fullfill crafting orders at crafting stations. For more details on how the system works follow this link:

Any player can bring materials to a crafting station and request an item to be crafted.

General Changes

  • Added minimum number of required characters in map search window (3 characters) and maximum (30 characters)
  • Made the tracker main menu button be disabled when the game has just started and the tracker window is empty (With the exception of Starting feats).
  • Removed the previous feat notification messages and added the following new ones:
    • feat [<feat name>] unlocked. <+/->
    • feat [<feat name>] progress <current progress>/<total progress>. <+/->
    • feat [<feat name>] completed.
  • The ± button adds/removes a feat to/from the tracker.
  • Whenever you make progress in a feat you are not tracking it will now show up as a suggestion on the feat tracker so you can add it (The feat suggestion feature can always be toggled off in the feat tracker options).
  • Mostly every marker in the world map (normal view) can now be tracked (there are some intended exceptions).
  • Feats tracked can now be rearranged in the tracker via drag-n-drop.
  • Repeatable feats completed are now kept on the tracker by default (You can toggle this off from the feat tracker options)
  • Increased market slots from 30 to 100
  • Made some market category rearrangements
  • Added 3 New Headpieces. These work like masks, but are full helmets.
    • Stoic Headpiece (Darkbrood General and Cabalist)
    • Militant Headpiece (Apostle and Maiden of Malaut)
    • Barbaric Headpiece (Sadayel Chief)
  • Online mentors with the least apprentices will now have higher priority on getting one.
  • Monster loot boosts:
    • Imperator Jabaoth
    • Shorax the Flame-wrought
    • Vykersis the Crystalline
    • Baradron
    • Celestial Prime
    • Grimdrake
    • Kraken
    • Leenspar Golem
    • Theyril Golem
  • Roll command will now display the player name
  • Tweaked player character movement

General Fixes

  • Fixed map search in combination with political map. The map search window searched and opened the markers for the political map when the polical map was not open, thus causing double markers and double tooltips. Now, when the political map is toggled on and off, the map search results are cleared.
  • Fixed state of left menu world map marker group button when the group is made visible.
  • Fixed the search result indicators visibility when the marker group is made visible/invisible when the search map window was open. Previously, if a search result indicator was visible on a marker and the group was hidden, when the group was made visible the search result indicator did not appear.
  • Fixed clearing of the search results when the map search window is closed. Previously when the window was closed, the search results were not cleared.
  • Fixed the name text input on the chat options window. Previously black rectangles appeared instead of the chosen font after the valid status of the name was changed.
  • Fixed the map search text input text after the text input lost focus. Previously the background text appeared even if the text input had some characters.
  • Fixed a bug where the tracker window could not open after closing it and logging out.
  • Fixed initial size of tracker window.
  • Fixed a bug where the feat completed "link" would also show for feat goals completed
  • Fixed a bug where the feat tracker would not update feats correctly from one computer to another
  • Fixed the feat window to appear quickly when shown for the first time.
  • Fixed a bug where hiding and unhiding the helmet would make it appear as white

World Changes & Fixes

  • Revamped the Minotaur Prop Set
  • Applied many changes to Sinspire Cathedral in order to cut exploitable pathways and force direct conflict with Davos in all cases.
  • Fixed a hole in a lavafall in Flamming Skull
  • Collision Fixes to Sunthrone Clan City
  • Covered exploitable terrain entrances in the following Clan Cities:
    • Ul'Hamra
    • Tiqu iya