Patch Notes March 18th: Combat Changes

Wed, 18/03/2015 - 15:08

Greetings Agonians.

Here are the patch notes for today:


Added Toxic Rain as earth Ultimate: Large Radius (smaller than blizzard), Poison damage (bypasses armor)
Note that: It deals the least amount of damage from any (ultimate) aoe in the game, however it debuffs Infliction Protection (poison/bleeding etc), so that if synced with 2+ players it deals the most damage on medium/heavy armored players.

Salvo: Slow movement debuff removed.
Damaged reduced by ~10%.
Added Piercing debuff penalty (about 6points) while you are under its effect. 

Movement Slow effect removed.
Damage reduced by ~5%
Lightning protection debuff halved.
Added "Ice storm" SFX. This will create a "smokescreen" effect that can serve multiple purposes (for example: concealment while trying to escape) 
A screenshot while testing blizzard:Name:  DFUW 2015-03-16 16-16-41-27.jpg<br />
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Movement changes:
These changes make movement more fluid and responsive, however there is a 'side-effect' that bunnyhopping needs tighter timing in order to pull off. We expect your overall feedback on this change, however it is something that needs to be given time in order to be evaluated better.

We expect this to affect archery to a degree, but that was the reason the arrow speed/exploit weakness were increased in the first place.

Strafing (top) Speed reduced by 5%.
Note that strafing is much more "instant/responsive" now.

Skill Changes

Attunement to Air: Piercing debuff reduced by ~ 6 points. Mana/Stamina cost halved.
Exploit Weakness: Piercing debuff reduced by ~ 5.5 points. Duration reduced by 2 sec.

Flurry: Piercing debuff reduced by ~3.5 points.
Cone angle halved, in order to promote more skillful play/targetting
Melee slow effect greatly reduced.

Cone angle greatly reduced in order to promote more skillful play/targetting (It has same angle as flurry now)

Bastion: Cooldown reduced to 3.5 seconds (down from 7.5)
Primal Surge: Cooldown reduced to 3.5 seconds (down from 7.5)
Someone trying to buff his teammates will have an easier time doing so.

Caustic Bolt: Acid debuff increased by ~1 damage. This means you will do 5more damage when having all 5 stacks up.
Battle Rage: No longer consumes your health in order to cast it.
Staff Bolt: Casting time increased by 0.2 sec.
Soul Flay: Added moderate damage effect (To living targets).
Virtuous Wrath: Now castable using 1 handed melee weapons.
Lacerate: Range reduced (still bit longer than polearms)
Cone angle greatly reduced in order to promote more skillful play/targeting (It has same angle as flurry now)

Cooldown slightly reduced.

Crushing Blow:
Stamina drain slightly reduced.
Blinding effect duration reduced by 1 sec.
No longer slows casting/archery speed. 

Mounted Combat:
Damage done by weapons while on mount increased by +10 more points of damage (flat).

Skill stat costs:

Normalized the stat cost requirements in several skills:

Salvo, Stoic Defense, Wall of Righteous Force, Bastion, Primal surge, Repel, Leap, Blizzard, Virtuous Wrath: Stat costs reduced. (in some cases like Salvo, the cost was greatly reduced. This was because it cost almost the same amount of stats as it did damage to a player)

Maelstorm, Power attack, Crushing Bow: Stat costs slightly increased. 


Spyglass range has been doubled
(sea-scrappers beware!)

Begone no longer damages structures.

Portal Chambers summoning sickness set to 20 minutes per hop.

Thank you for reading!