Patch Notes January 29th

Wed, 29/01/2014 - 14:14

This patch contains the new Duel System, the Weather Effects System, new Environments, Performance Fixes, and various other fixes and changes. 

The next patch, among other things, will be about the Villages, and the New School, both currently in testing.

New Duel System

  • A player can now initiate a duel, by interacting with another player and selecting the “Duel” option. The duel window comes up and a wager can be added (optional). If the recipient of the challenge accepts, the Duel Banner is placed where the duel is initiated, and the participants will have a visible 70 meter radius around it to fight in (only visible to those involved in the duel). If one participant steps out of the circle, they have 5 seconds to return.
  • Gold required for the duel needs to be available in your personal bank (Winners are paid directly to their personal bank).
  • Auto-revive is fast when the duel takes place in protected areas.
  • Duel in protected areas is interference free from 3rd parties (heal, damage etc.), which isn't the case in open areas.
  • You will not be able to initiate a duel if you or your dueling partner or target are already involved in combat (time needs to pass without receiving or dealing any kind of damage).

Weather Effects & Environments 

  • Weather effects system has been implemented (The weather effects are the same for all players in the same area)
  • 74 new environments have been added all around Agon, related to the weather effects and adding a more diverse visual variation to the game.

General Changes

  • Added game option to enable/disable queuing of actions while charging. It is “on” by default. This is a potential fix for the “archery” delay bug.
  • When using a mount the selected skills now reset to default attack.

Performance Fixes

  • Progress circle performance optimizations for both party and player buffs.
  • Improved performance of the map by changing the way markers are handled.
  • Improved performance when changing weapons.

General Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when sometimes a player would not keep his selected booster after logging in the game.
  • Fixed a bug where when a clan member tried to build/upgrade a building (when the building could not be built/upgraded) the modules got removed and then placed back again in the casket of spoils.
  • Fixed a bug so that a member that has permission to place siegestones, can now properly do so.
  • Tab options window now has a scroll bar for the channels list when the window doesn't fit the screen (This would happen for 720p resolutions depending on the location of the chat window).
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases the client would crash by selecting chat tab.
  • Changed the terrain in Tiquiya Player City so the broken guard tower will have the line of sight to hit.
  • Added chat message filtering on ignored players.
  • Fixed a bug where: when the “Perform default attack when the skill is not available” skill option was disabled, executing that skill would unsheathe the equipped weapon.
  • Fixed a bug where the clan/party kick command would allow you to kick yourself from your clan/party.
  • Corrected the text for the feat “Master the Erodach killer” (It now shows correct number of kills)
  • Gnome NPCs have returned to their post inside the market cage.

World & Monster Changes

  • Revamped Ghoul Devourer and Fleshcrafter Models (and tweaked some of their abilities).
  • Updated Graveyard, Kobold and Gnoll prop sets.
  • General Prop and Terrain Fixes in the following areas: