Patch Notes January 17th

Fri, 17/01/2014 - 16:30

This patch contains some duelist rebalancing and various other changes

Duelist changes:

  • Lacerate bleed portion of damage reduced by 30%
  • Lacerate/Pummel range reduced by 12.5%
  • Lunge range reduced by 10%
  • Uncanny focus reset cooldown (for other schools) increased to 50% (up from 20%)
  • Uncanny focus cooldown increased by 19%

These are not the only changes planned for combat balance, however we will be keeping an eye for how these particular ones play out
General changes:

  • You can now place waypoints inside dungeons
  • When adding a feat to watch on the feat tray it will now take priority over any starting feat that is not being tracked
  • Improved randomization of weather effects

Chat changes:

  • Fixed whispering system to be more user friendly
  • Emote messages are now being sent to their own channel under System\Character\
  • You can now clone a chat tab by pressing Ctrl while dragging it
  • You can now link skills and items in the chat

General Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where when moving a chat tab it would not get all of its settings correctly
  • Fixed a bug where timestamps would not save the actual message time
  • Fixed /party_invite command that was not working
  • Fixed sizes for modifiers and member role icons
  • There is now a small delay between emotes
  • Fixed an issue with death/revive/gank sounds being heard globally for clan/party members (regardless of distance from the source)
  • Fixed an issue with combat-log notifications and sounds occasionally being repeated numerous times
  • Changed party icons for different roles.

World Changes
General Prop and Terrain Fixes in:

  • Xirdak
  • Serpenton
  • Obad
  • Loriedain