Patch Notes February 2015 - Advisory System

Wed, 04/02/2015 - 16:37


Today we're applying our newest patch. This patch includes some visual updates, gameplay fixes and our new Advisory system. More info:

Advisory System

A new active help system aimed at providing information about specific game features and interactions, when they are most needed. The system is designed to be non intrusive as it does not require player action to be closed and the available information can be accessed beforehand, at the time it is presented, or after the fact, at the player’s leisure.

Basic information is on the system, with more entries being added with each patch until all gameplay aspects are covered. 


Certain materials have been redistributed to achieve better localization.

Ranked refined materials (wood, ingot, cloth, leather) drop from the ranked golem in specific spawns.
Ranked base materials (timber, ore, cotton, rawhide) drop from the ranked orbs in specific spawns.

Maps now drop only gold and deeds. 

Additionally, base materials are heavily distributed to these monsters:

  • Apple - Forest prophets
  • Bass - Minor Sarnakh
  • Black powder - Bandits, Hobgoblins, Malauts, Raven standards
  • Blueberries - Goblin
  • Carrot - Kobolds
  • Cod - Sarnakh
  • Cotton - Bandits
  • Crab - Arctic Bear
  • Egg - Akathar, Windlords
  • Empty bottle - Darkbrood, Goblins
  • Fossil - Rockbanger, Stonelord
  • Inferior cotton - Zombie shambler
  • Inferior iron ore - Goblin Scout
  • Inferior rawhide - Bears, Hivekin
  • Inferior timber - Brittle skeleton
  • Iron ore - Hobgoblins, Goblin Warlords, Kobold Strongman
  • Lobster - Greater matayin
  • Meat - Bears, Kobold scrounger
  • Nacre - Serpentine
  • Onion - Gnolls
  • Portal shards - All Elementals and light distribution on Shadow Knight, Troll Shaman, Deathless Mage
  • Potato - Goblins
  • Rawhide - Bear, Gnolls (Note that Rawhide is also available by skinning several monsters)
  • Salmon - Matayin
  • Seaweed - Bandit Cutthroat
  • Shells- Salamander
  • Spices - Wildtribe
  • Stone - Rockbanger, Stonelord
  • Strawberries - Centaurs
  • Swordfish - Vile Sarnakh
  • Timber - Forest Prophets, Sarnakh, Skeleton archer
  • Trout - Heielhim
  • Wildberries - Sadayels

Gameplay Changes

  • Potential fix for skills' interruption while casting.
  • Adjusted damage magnitude of “Snowball” to not affect some player skills incorrectly.
  • The Immolator’s health, stamina, and mana buff is now “split” between the number of current Immolators in the game.
  • The seas have had their danger zones “repainted”. Most of the sea is now danger zone 3. Various patches have been designated as danger zone 5. Narrow “Waterways” that connect those areas are also danger zone 5.
  • In order to start the requisitioning process players now need to have at least 1 globule of greed on them (even if you control the Relic of Greed).
  • Sprinting will now slightly alter the Field of View - added sfx while sprinting(This feature can be disabled/enabled via the options menu).
  • This feature can be disabled/enabled via the options menu.
  • The hitboxes of Duneshaper mob are now fixed.

UI Changes

  • When targeting a monster, you will now be able to see its rank.
  • Fixed the minimum size of chat windows so that the window buttons are always fully visible.
  • Updated the chat window input channel selection; each tab remembers the selected input channel.

Visual Updates

  • The Immolator Buff will force a Visual Armor on the Player in order to stand out and be graphically distinctive.
  • Revamped Pine Trees for the Mercian Area. The rest of the world will be populated as we go with these new trees in later patches.
  • Brushed up the Chaldean Prop Set.

Thank you for reading.