Patch Notes February 14th

Fri, 14/02/2014 - 20:44

These are the patch notes for today's patch. We apologize for the delay today. We were experiencing issues with our build machines and it was touch-and-go whether it would go out today or if we would need to hold it for Monday. It seems to be fixed now, so we should be fine for today. 

In today's patch we have major changes to Villages and the new Primalist School, as well as Elementalist and Primalist changes, along with several other important updates.

Village Requisitioning

  • Village capture/ownership is no longer restricted to clans who own territorial holdings, all clans can now capture any vulnerable village control-point.
  • Village reward generation/retrieval, for both owner clans and players wishing to "steal" rewards, is now done through a single unified system... Requisitioning!


  • Requisition crystals (required to craft requisition gauntlets) can drop from the following monsters:
    • Kobold Strongman
    • Goblin Warlord
    • Ogre Bully
    • Hobgoblin Officer
    • Black Knight
    • Shadow Knight


  • Globules of Greed (required to power requisition gauntlets) can drop from all Bandit monsters

For a complete description of the new village system and requisitioning skill, see here 

NEW Primalist school (Chaos)
Chaos has descended upon Agon! These powers of pandemonium, available to any primalists with a penchant for discord, will bring a significant dose of mayhem to the field of battle! With a plethora of entropic tools at their disposal, Chaos Primalists specialize in disrupting, relocating, and general face-melting any foes foolish enough to face them.

  • Bolt of Bedlam - A fast-speeding, long-range bolt of randomized pain! Pure, chaotic, chance decides the type of damage you shall deal.
  • Seizure - None can resist the lure of chaos. Targets up to a medium range away within a cone shaped area will be grabbed and drawn towards you!
  • Havoc Blast - Blast anything in front of you, be it foe, friend or even the ground itself, with unholy damage and a very powerful push-back. Screenshot
  • Soul Flay - Soufflé your victims soul! On a dying foe, this spell can gank and send them into oblivion! The spell damages a living foe and you will gain health every time your target deals damage for the duration. Screenshot
  • Pall of Pandemonium (Ultimate) - A miasma of pure chaos boils out of the ground where you target this spell. All within will find their school skills ineffective, their vision blocked, and will suffer unholy damage over time. You will harvest their pain and reap the rewards as health!

General Changes

  • Increased Crouch Speed by 25%
  • Increased Run Speed by 11%
  • Increased Strafe Speed by 43%
  • Reduced “Break Fall” cooldown by 33%
  • Increased camera shake effect for several spells.

Elementalist Changes
Attunement to Air

  • Removed damage reflect mechanic
  • Added Piercing Protection
  • Added a very short Movement Speed buff when cast
  • Increased Lightning Protection by 66%
  • Increased Cooldown by 71%
  • Increased duration by 213%

Lightning Bolt

  • Reduced Targeting Cone width by 30%

Static Field

  • Reduced Mana cost by 20%
  • Reduced Stamina cost by 50%


  • Reduced Magnitude by 2.5%
  • Reduced Mana cost by 40%
  • Reduced Stamina cost by 20%
  • Reduced AoE Radius by 1 tier


  • Reduced Mana cost by 33%

Attunement to Fire

  • Increased Fire Protection by 40%


  • Reduced Cooldown by 30%
  • Reduced Casting Time by 80%
  • Reduced Magnitude by 14%
  • Reduced Mana cost by 33%
  • Reduced Targeting cone width by 20%


  • Reduced Cooldown by 20%
  • Reduced Mana cost by 17%
  • Reduced AoE Radius by 1 tier

Heat Stroke

  • Changed the Instant Stamina Penalty to Instant Fire Damage
  • Armor protections and Shield block can now reduce the effects of Heat Stroke
  • Completely removed knockback
  • Reduced AoE radius by 2 tiers
  • Added a Stamina penalty AoE that lingers after the initial impact.
  • Increased Cooldown by 25%

Magma Bomb

  • Increased Cooldown by 50%
  • Reduced Knockback force by 25%
  • Reduced Mana cost by 25%
  • Reduced Stamina Cost by 20%

Attunement to Water

  • Increased Cold Protection by 13%

- Frostbite
Reduced Targeting Cone width by 22%
Reduced Lightning Protection Penalty by 50%

  • Reduced Mana cost by 29%
  • Reduced Stamina cost by 50%
  • Reduced Cold Damage by 30%
  • Reduced Lighting Protection Penalty by 25%

Primalist changes
Healing Blast

  • Reduced Stamina Cost by 50%

Item durability changes

  • There is no longer a durability loss on armors when dueling if you get hit from your duel opponent
  • Increased the durability damage on all armor pieces by 50% from PvP damage only.
  • Added 10% durability hit (on item Max Durability), on all equipped items when the player gets ganked.

General Fixes

  • Server performance optimizations
  • Fixed some skills not working correctly while dueling
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases a whisper would not be sent and reporting an “Invalid Command.”
  • Player flags are now interactable and can be destroyed from any ranged attack

World Changes

  • Brushed-up Kobold and Gnoll monster families


  • New footsteps for player characters. Hearing old footstep sounds will indicate monster movement.