Patch Notes Dec. 16th

Mon, 16/12/2013 - 19:24

This is the first of our scheduled patches before Christmas. 

New Dungeon
It’s time to meet the Erodach and Davosh in this new epic dungeon. 
We've posted some screenshots of the new Dungeon on Darkfall Unholy Wars' Facebook page.

The Dungeon:
Sinspire Cathedral is a new epic dungeon that has It's entrance located in the Banegorge area of Agon. Sinspire is an epic dungeon in size, difficulty as well as denizens. Players will navigate through a huge environment inspired from Gothic style cathedrals, with the ultimate goal of reaching the dungeon Boss. A new dynamic door system will require players to perform certain kills to proceed or even escape. On the way to the dungeon boss players will encounter the Erodach, the dungeon's mini boss. The Erodach is a high rank caster monster that uses some special attacks and custom AI to challenge the players.

At the dungeon's finale, players will need to defeat Sir Davosh the Damned to claim their reward and escape the Cathedral. Sir Davosh is a monster of the highest difficulty that uses many new and devastating custom skills. Players will need to pay attention to their surroundings and employ new strategies as well as impeccable coordination to succeed.

Dungeon Lore:
Sinspire Cathedral - Inspired by sin of the deepest depravity, the hallways of this once holy place have warped and twisted to reflect its dark history. Once the cathedral was a bastion of light, a holy place where the good and pure enjoyed a place of respite from the chaos without. But, as with all things that bask too long in piousness, it's own blindness allowed the darkness to enter. 
Sir Davosh, one of the mightiest champions of light, fell prey to dark whispers of an agent of Sin, his mind slowly filling with paranoid jealousy and rage, and blanketed by a thin veil of self-righteous zeal. On the very eve of his wedding these dark machinations came to fruition. Blind rage born of paranoia transformed Davosh into a dervish of mad violence, slaying the congregation and wedding guests in a terrible bloodbath. Finally, even his own bride to be fell to his blade, a dark and withering curse on her last, dying, breath. 

Now and till the end of time, Sir Davosh the Damned eternally roams the dark corridors of the Cathedral, with the cured souls of his congregation as his only company. It is rumored that the Erodach, the agent of Sin whose machinations brought this unholy blight into being lurks in the shadows, ever adding fuel to Davosh's rage.

Sir Davosh the Damned - Once, a holy champion of the light, Davosh swayed to far into piousness and believed himself untouchable by the darkness. Thus it was that the Erodach, the highest agent of Sin, was able to influence his deepest thoughts. Eventually, paranoid rage and madness caused Davosh to slaughter his own bride and congregation on the eve of his wedding, forever cursing him unto undeath.

The Erodach - The highest agent of Sin, the Erodach roams places twisted by his machinations, ever desecrating the land around him to twisted versions of it's former self. 

Clan asset damage protection
Clans can now protect their holding structures from damage

  • Asset damage protection is available as an additional option when applying conquest protection to a holding (in the holding overview GUI)
    • It can only be applied in addition to conquest protection and not separately.
    • The same restrictions and time-limits apply, as with conquest protection
    • Including asset damage protection, with conquest protection, incurs an additional cost for the protection
    • The cost of asset damage protection is based on the power level of the holding being protected
      • Power level is, literally, the number of building modules that it took to build the structures that are currently in the holding
      • For each power-level-point, asset damage protection costs 10 Dominion, per-hour
        • Example: In a holding that only has the bank built (10 building modules), applying asset damage protection will add 100 Dominion, per-hour, to the cost of basic conquest protection
    • When asset damage protection is active, all structures in the holding will show the word “Protected” in the HUD, when targeted by a player
    • When asset damage protection is active, structures cannot be damaged/built/upgraded

General changes

  • Reduced Spirit Bond cooldown by 50%
  • Treasure map drops from fishing have been reduced to 25%
  • Removed Small Treasure Maps from Sea Scraping
  • Treasure Maps from Sea Scraping only drop on the 3 top danger areas.
  • Large Treasure Maps from Sea Scraping only drop in the top danger area.
  • Reduced chances to get any treasure map and Ship Modules from Sea Scraping.
  • Greatly increased the drop rate of monster dropped treasure maps.
  • Sea located top danger areas tiles have been trimmed to not overlap to adjacent tiles.
  • Building modules spent on holding construction are now taken from the clan-vault, not the player’s backpack
  • Reduced broken gear weight by 80%
  • Added feats for fishing, ship building and the new dungeon
  • Clan holdings and villages are now considered Danger Area III
  • Added Skymane Silk in Theyril Chest
  • Fixed the indestructible clan walls bug
  • Fixed a bug where the crafting skill level was not being updated when creating many items in one crafting session
  • Added repair shards to the loot tables of all villages
  • Changed the base cost of conquest protection
    • For Cities, increased to 500, from 100, Dominion, per-hour
    • For Hamlets, increased to 250, from 50, Dominion, per-hour
  • Clan kick/ban permission changes:
    • Managers and members, with the permission, can kick/ban other members only
    • Leader can kick/ban anyone
  • More updates and additions to player, monster, and environment sounds

World changes

  • Fixed the Terrain under the Sea Fortresses.
  • Prop and Terrain Fixes in Andruk
  • Revamped all the Shadow Knight spawns
  • Revamped all the Ghoul spawns