Patch Notes August 12

Mon, 12/08/2013 - 16:49

In this patch we have added Sea Fortresses, two new large Warships, and among other things, fixed the "chat bug" and potentially fixed a conquest timer issue. There was a developer insight article about this patch posted that you can check out here

New Content
Sea fortresses
 have been added to the game. You can look at screenshots of them here.

Sea Fortresses drop:

  • Big chunk of Gold

Chance for:

  • Lodestones, Sunstones
  • Every ship figurine in the game
  • Advanced Ship Modules (Sea Fortress unique drop)


  • Advanced crafting materials
  • Ship Modules
  • Ship Cannons
  • Runestones,
  • Portal Shards
  • Black Powder

Sea fortress Details:

  • One will become vulnerable every 6 days
  • The other will become vulnerable every 11 days with approximately double the loot
  • Sea fortresses have been designed to go vulnerable on/near prime time.

Two new warships:
Screenshots here

  • Frigate: Moderate speed warship with 14 side and 2 rear cannons.Can be crafted with Shipbuilding Mastery at Shipyards only . Requires: Compass, Sunstone, Ship Modules and Leenspar Ship Modules. (Shipbuilding Mastery 75)
  • Ship of the line: Slower speed warship with 24 side and 2 front/side cannons. Can be crafted with Shipbuilding Mastery at Shipyards only. Requires: Compass,Sunstone, Ship Modules and Leenspar Ship Modules. (Shipbuilding Mastery 75)

New materials:

  • Sunstone (Extremely rare material used to craft high end ships,can be found sea-scraping or in sea- fortress loot)
  • Leenspar ship module (Advanced ship module used to craft Frigate and Ship of the Line)

Combat Changes 

  • Activating an item from the quickslot will now automatically cancel any skill that is being cast, in order to activate that item. Examples:
  • If you select a melee weapon from the quickslot while loading up an arrow, the latter will get automatically cancelled, and the melee weapon will be equipped.
  • If you select to equip your sword+shield from the quickslot while casting a spell, the spell will get cancelled and your sword and shield will be equipped.
  • This will also occur if potions/spawnables are used in that way.
  • Added flat 100 milliseconds to Parried Melee Swing
  • Added scaled 100 milliseconds to Parried Melee Swing depending on weapon used
  • Increased Stamina Drain on Parried Melee Swing by 2.5 at 150 damage
  • Slayer “Barrage” skill revamp :
    • Added Knockback Invulnerability in the first few seconds of Barrage skill
    • Added the Knockback Invulnerability effect icon

General Fixes

  • Fix for the infamous chat bug. All instances of this bug should now be fixed.
  • Added separate map marker for Player Villages
  • Fix for health-to-mana spell not giving mana if spirit bond was active.
  • Added a flashing indicator in the feat tray bar, when completing a feat
  • New “Exit game” dialog box
  • Implemented the visual part of the stealing on the world map
  • Fixed for wrong icon appearing when selecting particular items in the market in a particular order.
  • Fixed a bug where Vampiric Strike was not working inside safe zones
  • If trading a house to a player fails, there will now be a message explaining the reason.
  • Fixed several feat typos
  • Potential fix for an issue with conquest timers, that could, in some circumstances, cause siege-stones to not become vulnerable at the correct time


  • Revamped brownie models

Sound Changes

  • Fix for crushing blow second sound being heard from long distance
  • Fix for “Barrage” skill sound effect, being heard only to the person casting it.
  • Slayer Vampiric strike loudness changed
  • Player spells max distance reduced by 5m